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December 31, 2007



1. All about 2006 prep football: 3281 hits

2. Race relations at LHS: Could the 'Jena 6' happen here?: 1719 hits

3. Mangino rant caught on tape, live on YouTube: 1620 hits

4. Fire devastates Lawrence home: 1528 hits

5. Tribute band creates Pink Floyd Experience: 1524 hits

6. Lawrence man arrested after gun incident: 1345 hits

7. Heavy rains close roads, leave some stranded: 1335 hits

8. Bank robbery hits grocery store: 1304 hits

9. Will Lawrence residents have to pay for KU's maintenance?: 1299 hits

10. Feels like a Fiesta in here: 1235 hits

11. Baldwin City man killed in two-vehicle accident: 1209 hits

12. KU band director Lynch, heading for Georgia, reflects on career at Kansas: 1168 hits

13. KU student faces new criminal charge: 1086 hits

14. City faces budget troubles: 1011 hits

15. Who is Lance Kinzer?: 974 hits

16. Lariviere's appointment to KU Hospital board questioned: 972 hits

17. Pipe bomb causes scare in East Hills business park: 966 hits

18. New form of sex education approved by Kansas School Board: 943 hits

19. End of the high school basketball seasons: 926 hits

20. 26th Annual Mexican Fiesta brings spice to weekend: 911 hits

21. Married rival coaches talk about city swimming: 867 hits

Blog Entries

1. New Mizzou shirts invoke image of Quantrill's Raid: 20710 hits

2. Sometimes a crack pipe is just a crack pipe: 9633 hits

3. Brownback would require ultrasounds before abortion: 5521 hits

4. Illegal immigrants discovered during traffic stop: 5073 hits

5. Yello Sub death ruled an accident: 4907 hits

6. Does KU's Self make too much money?: 4363 hits

7. KU recruit says Lawrence better than 'boring' Kansas: 4261 hits

8. Band wants help after Lawrence incident: 4258 hits

9. Escapee from juvenile center captured by police: 4253 hits

10. Anti-abortion protesters arrested at Tiller's church: 4240 hits

11. State senator's daughter on 'Big Brother 8': 4089 hits

12. CU won't play KU after all: 3724 hits

13. University of Florida police Taser student: 3722 hits

14. KU gets Hollywood snub - again: 3659 hits

15. Rash of car vandalism, thefts hits west Lawrence: 3555 hits

16. KCMO PD: Think twice before going for goalposts Saturday: 3411 hits

17. KU prof defends sportscaster amid charges: 3276 hits

18. Man hit in face with rock, hospitalized: 3258 hits

19. Lawrence tornado part of KC TV weather debate: 3201 hits

20. More gun and drug arrests at Last Call: 3179 hits

21. Former KU cheerleader charged with sexual assault: 3147 hits


1. Highway 59 accident: 4893 hits

2. Local storm chasers catch Greensburg tornado on film: 4881 hits

3. Statement about fatal accident: 4408 hits

4. West facing four misdemeanor charges: 3864 hits

5. Videoset: The Border War 2007: 2179 hits

6. Women charged in fatal accident: 2012 hits

7. 2 men killed in hit and run: 1900 hits

8. Women led police on 11-mile chase: 1860 hits

9. Lawrence woman among 25 bachelorettes looking for love on national TV: 1600 hits

10. Matt Elwell's weather forecast: 1437 hits

11. Family and friends mourn the loss of Justin Emmons: 1317 hits

12. KU student found dead in dorm room: 1275 hits

13. 6News Now for July 16: 1209 hits

14. Simple sweets - Mennonite bakery: 1191 hits

15. Bomb threats: 1128 hits

16. Kane accused of having contact with student: 1109 hits

17. 6News Now for March 19: 1108 hits

18. KU senior charged with multiple crimes: 1084 hits

19. Bomb scare: 1078 hits

20. View slideshow presentation: 1068 hits

21. Authorities respond to pipe-bomb scare outside a Lawrence business: 1025 hits


1. Author Truman Capote wears a hat given to him by Skipper Williams of Lawrence in this 1966 photo. Capote loved to dress outrageously and adopted a lot of Western wear when he spent time in Kansas doing research for his book "In Cold Blood." 22477 hits

2. Last year, Meredith Kane was in her first year of teaching at Lawrence High School. She pleaded guilty in July to one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Kane apologized on July 2, 2007, for her actions. 16750 hits

3. Bryce Druessel plays tag with his sister, Mariah, in the basement of the former Clutter home, now owned by Leonard and Donna Mader. They're playing in the corner where Kenyon Clutter was found dead on the morning of November 15, 1959. 13123 hits

4. The former bedroom of Bonnie Clutter is now a bright and cheerful guest bedroom in the Mader's farmhouse. 12300 hits

5. Nancy Clutter's photo in the 1960 Holcomb High School yearbook. 12022 hits

6. Prison guards accompany Perry Smith, at left in suit coat, and Richard Hickock, right, as they head to the federal courthouse in Topeka to make their last appeal. 11732 hits

7. Author Truman Capote and Jonell Williams of Lawrence socialized during parties at her house in 1966. 11653 hits

8. Donna Mader shows off a chute for sweeping dust and dirt into a bin under the kitchen floor in her farmhouse. The system was designed by the house's builder and first owner, Herb Clutter. He also designed built-in dish racks and step stools for the kitchen. 11526 hits

9. The graves of the four members of the Clutter family who were killed in November 1959 remain a consistent attraction for readers of "In Cold Blood." James Hahn, the longtime sexton of the Valley View Cemetery, says a few hundred people visit the grave site each year. 11480 hits

10. Herb Clutter used to hold 4-H meetings and dances for friends of his children in his home's large basement. 11437 hits

11. The old Clutter family farmhouse today is a substantial home enlivened by a family with children and grandchildren. 11147 hits

12. Donna Mader pauses in Kenyon Clutter's former bedroom - the largest bedroom in the house - while giving a tour. 10584 hits

13. Kenyon Clutter's photo in Holcomb High School's 1960 yearbook. 10566 hits

14. A faint red-orange stain on the wall of the basement of the former Clutter farmhouse is supposedly a blood stain, though owner Donna Mader says it's never been proven. 10561 hits

15. Meredith Kane, a former Lawrence High School English teacher, face five to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. She's shown Monday on her way to court. 10534 hits


1. Former LHS teacher pleads guilty to sex with student: 59062 hits

2. Unexpected images: 47585 hits

3. School officials respond to bomb threat: 35800 hits

4. Buying into the gun culture: 23392 hits

5. Police declare 'no evidence of threat' on campus after report of gunman: 22154 hits

6. Lawrence and several area schools cancel Tuesday classes: 21615 hits

7. Body found at Yello Sub is identified: 20902 hits

8. SLT topic of online chat: 20270 hits

9. Two construction workers killed in hit-and-run on U.S. 59; two women taken into custody: 19600 hits

10. Sheriff's officer unlocks handcuffed bride, groom: 19249 hits

11. Name change sought for holiday, but mayor says it's up to legislators: 19232 hits

12. Several area schools cancel today's classes; hundreds left without power: 18898 hits

13. Unusual hearing follows traffic stop: 16772 hits

14. Sisters, family: Surviving Clutter daughters hope to preserve their parents' legacy: 16695 hits

15. 45-day jail sentence brings Hilton to tears: 16593 hits

16. Brandon Rush taken into custody on traffic warrants: 16300 hits

17. Police: Bomb threat arrest made; schools cancel evening events: 16245 hits

18. The book that changed a town: 15900 hits

19. Flood warning issued; North Lawrence watched closely by officials: 14520 hits

20. High school sweetheart recalls the day his life changed forever: 14452 hits

21. Teacher charged with indecent liberties: 13607 hits


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