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Former LHS teacher pleads guilty to sex with student

Meredith Kane, 24, was in her first year of teaching at LHS when she was arrested

July 2, 2007


Last year, Meredith Kane was in her first year of teaching at Lawrence High School. She pleaded guilty in July to one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.  Kane apologized on July 2, 2007, for her actions.

Last year, Meredith Kane was in her first year of teaching at Lawrence High School. She pleaded guilty in July to one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Kane apologized on July 2, 2007, for her actions.

A former Lawrence High School teacher pleaded guilty Monday to one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a student in Douglas County District Court.

Meredith Kane, 24, who was in her first year of teaching at LHS, was arrested March 16 for having sexual relations with the 15-year-old boy.

Prosecutors said the acts occurred between August and mid-March.

"During that time period, I did have sexual intercourse (with the victim) in Douglas County," Kane told Judge Stephen Six.

Another count of aggravated indecent liberties and two counts of criminal sodomy were dismissed.

"We agreed to take a plea in the matter," said District Attorney Charles Branson. "Simply put, she plead guilty to the most severe charge she could plea to. We're pretty happy getting a guilty plea to the primary offense."

Kane could face 55 to 247 months in prison. Her attorney, James Rumsey, asked for access to the victim's psychological records. A hearing set for 9 a.m. July 23 will determine whether or not he will have access to those files.

Kane's sentencing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Oct. 12.


justme2 9 years ago

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MyName 9 years ago

Gawd, I feel like I'm reading the ravings of a lunatic. I don't know any of the people in question, but it's not something to get all hyper over. The woman made a mistake. Lots of people make mistakes every year, and there are lots of worse ones that she could have done (like killing someone with her car for example, which happens alot more often than this sort of thing).

There is nothing medically or psychologically wrong with someone in their 20s being attracted to someone in their late teens, and if you say differently, you're full of it. To act on those impulses, especially in her situation, is obviously a big mistake, but you all just need to get some perspective here.

And I don't understand how you blowhards can use this as an indictment of our education system. It may be underfunded and overrun by a lazy bureaucratic administration, but teachers having sex with their students is like right near the bottom of the list of problems that need to be addressed, simply because this is a fairly rare occurrance, while finding a young person that doesn't have the knowledge needed to get along in the world is a much more common occurrance.

If you want to talk about the issues, I'm welcome to listen, but if you're just using this forum as a way to stroke your ego or polish your credentials as one of the "morally pure", then I suggest you stop wasting bandwidth and find something better to do with your life. I mean seriously, if you feel the need to convince people you'll probably never meet that you are smarter, or better, or more moral than the rest of us, then maybe there's something wrong with you, and maybe you don't have room to go casting stones at anybody.

Tristan Moody 9 years ago

I actually went to high school with her, sat in front of her in my seminar class...

While I think some of the people are being over-the-top on here (especially the comments on her physical appearance--seriously, if that's the best you can do, that says more about you than anything else), I honestly would not have expected this from her.

Granted, it's been a good six years since I last talked to her, but still, this kinda sets my head spinning a bit.

acg 9 years ago

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Sigmund 9 years ago

She is no Debra Lafave or Mary Kay Letourneau is she.

guapaloca 9 years ago

Come on, leave her alone. You don't know the whole story. If you did, you wouldn't be so harsh.

Steve Jacob 9 years ago

She's not going to jail. She might get put on "the list" and good luck getting another teaching job.

NDNJAYHAWKER 9 years ago

I hope she get what she deserves! I don't feel sorry at all for people who violate any child, she needs to be put on the sex offender list and serve some time to realize what she did was not right and may be hurtful to that boy later in life! Man, there is so many sick people it is just terrible and she is added to it!

jackie 9 years ago

He is 15. There is no lasting damage. He got laid, big deal.

ramsrevenge 9 years ago

Ewwwwwww....maybe he should be the one that's getting into trouble!

guapaloca 9 years ago

WITCH HUNT, WITCH HUNT. everyone's so uptight about sex. Get over it. He's probably fine. Plus... what's this deal about the psychological records? Interesting.

lunacydetector 9 years ago

yet another teacher in our illustrious school district caught doing naughty things with a student? what is it, like one teacher a year gets nailed? pardon the pun.

i thought priests were supposed to be bad? this teacher/student sex abuse pales in comparison. have any lawsuits happened, or are school districts exempt from being sued? what kind of psychological screening do teachers get before they get hired?

CeeTee 9 years ago

I am curious if the bloggers that are so quick to forgive, would have done so if it were a male offender? I agree with NDNJ- she's sick. I feel sorry for any parent and child that would have to go through this ordeal. I am glad she was caught I hope she is punished to the full extent of the law. I hope lawmakers take note of this case and pass tougher laws against child offenders. If children are not safe with their teachers what are we to do?

Sigmund 9 years ago

"what's this deal about the psychological records?" It will help or hurt in sentencing depending on damage or lack of damage to the victim....

costello 9 years ago

"I hope lawmakers take note of this case and pass tougher laws against child offenders."

What "tougher laws" do you think we need, CeeTee?

ramsrevenge 9 years ago

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JimmyJoeBob 9 years ago

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BigDog 9 years ago

I hope she gets what she deserves.

And I am sure the boy isn't bragging to his friends about this one.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

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guapaloca 9 years ago

Some of you make me absolutely sick. Is it true that all you have to do is sit on the computer and harass someone you don't know? If you have something thoughtful and insightful to say, say it... otherwise, shut your mouths. By making mean, hateful, and ugly comments, you just show how trashy and ignorant you really are. I happen to know her and she's really an awesome person. Everyone ADORED her at LHS and she was a wonderful teacher. I feel sorry for her.

local_support 9 years ago

Right thinker is correct. She clearly has some psychological problems and I hope she gets help for them.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

That was weak LJW. She must have a friend that works there. All I did was make a joke that other people have already made in other ways. Weak I tell ya!

Hey guapaloca, I understand that you want to protect your friend, but she made a huge mistake! Let her take her licks and learn form it. Any other criminal would have to do the same thing. You try to use that same logic you're using now when a male teacher has sex with your 15 year-old daughter and see if it still holds up in your mind. Tell me then if being "nice" is required when you fall on the other end. You said we were ignorant. What is ignorant is expecting the public to turn a blind eye when a teacher in our schools is sexually abusing a student. Totally ignorant!!!

bambi 9 years ago

We should be able to send our children to school and trust their teachers will protect them. Do you really believe a 15 yr old having sex with their teacher would not have lasting implications? As for Ms Kane, did she not think about what this would do to her career? I guess she is young and has plenty of time to find a new career, but, what kind of job can she get now that she has a record?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

So, tell us the whole story guapaloca! If it will change our minds.

manyblessings 9 years ago

You aren't a "good teacher" if you are not respectable and a good example to your students. A 20 something woman sleeping with a young teenager is hardly acceptable, let alone someone who is in a position of authority whom parents are entrusting their children's education to. Regardless of whether this young boy had a crush on his teacher, it is her responsibility to behave as an adult and not take advantage of him. She should be treated the same way a male pedophile would be. No one who is smart enough to graduate with a teaching certificate is too stupid to know that sexual relations are not allowed with their students. She knew full well what she was doing was wrong and deserves to suffer the consequences of the law.

bookemdano 9 years ago

What about this story makes it justifiable to make childish comments about this person's weight? It appears to have absolutely nothing to do with the story and unfortunately only serves to illustrate how a lot of adults never leave behind their junior high school mentality.

As for the actual case, this woman should receive the same punishment a man would for the same offense (all else being equal). Whether the boy who was molested enjoyed it or not is not relevant to the case--which is of a teacher abusing the "teacher/student" relationship.

I don't know what it is about these cases that causes people to lose all sense of logic about them. Yes, it is a common fantasy of young males to screw their teachers, but that's all it should be--fantasy. A teacher actually having sexual relations with an underaged student (whatever the genders involved) is against the law for many good reasons and has a solid legal precedent for justification.

So this woman broke the law and should be looked upon no differently than a man who did the same. Folks in the "armchair jury box" should leave their own fantasies out of it.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Pardon us, bookemdano. We shall strive to pursue a more proper course of commentary. Thank you for the enlightenment. Oh, and piss off.

Unfortunately, the rest of your comments are true so I can't bash those.

katiep 9 years ago That's her myspace.

trinity 9 years ago

yes this woman needs to be dealt with-severely.

but as for you morons who have made personal, denigrating comments about her appearance? yeah, keep hidin' behind those keyboards. losers. several of you i'd held in fairly high regard until just now; now, not so much.

Jamesaust 9 years ago

It will be interesting to compare/contrast the sentencing from the infamous J. Martin case of a few years back. Given the "clarification" presented by the Kansas Supreme Court in that case, I believe that there won't be any pooh-pooh-ing over the contribution (or lack thereof) by the minor. The law is absolute on the point of statutory rape. It would, however, be of some interest to know just how much of a predator she is versus someone with some serious mental/personality issues.

There are no facts disclosed that wouldn't point to a sentence at the bottom of the scale, with some mandatory counseling and follow-up. Of course, I can't imagine a school would allow her to teach again.

jayhawk1234 9 years ago

maybe she just misunderstood the true meaning to being a "hands on, teacher"

guapaloca 9 years ago

Not that this makes what she did any less severe, but he wasn't even her student and he is in love with her. She made a mistake... give her a break.

ModerateOne 9 years ago

guapaloca (Anonymous) says: I happen to know her and she's really an awesome person. Everyone ADORED her at LHS and she was a wonderful teacher.

IMO, if you are a teacher who has sex with a 15 year old boy, then you are neither an "awesome person" nor a "wonderful teacher."

introversion 9 years ago

I think this whole thing is pretty rad. When my girlfriend was 24, I was like, 11.

guapaloca 9 years ago

She is an awesome person. They wouldn't have hired her at LHS if she wasn't really special. They hardly ever hire first year teachers. She's an EXTREMELY smart, outgoing, funny, girl. Something was going on in her life where she was struggling to the point of losing control. Life isn't black and white. The law doesn't take that into consideration. Obviously neither does the public.

jumpin_catfish 9 years ago

moderateone, apparently words don't mean what they once did.

again guapaloca she is neither awesome nor wonderful period! maybe you would think its ok for teachers to have sex with even younger students! our society must be tough on this kind of behavior.

sweettrue2 9 years ago

Do half of you even have children? And if you do; would you feel this person to be awesome or wonderful, or would you be able to justify any of this if it happened to your child? Would accept that slap on the wrist penalty? Or would you feel comfortable with sending your child back into school with someone like this? No offense to the hiring abilities to the school system, obviously they had no idea. But who does? Can you predict this sort of thing coming back looking at someone? All in all she KNEW the student was underage and she did it. BIG PROBLEM. Out in the streets 9 times out of 10 you can't tell by looking at a person that they are underaged. But a school teacher, SICK she knew.

DonnieDarko 9 years ago

NDNJAYHAWKER (Anonymous) says: Man, there is so many sick people it is just terrible and she is added to it!

Perhaps Meredith can help you with your "grammar" before she goes to prison.

katiep 9 years ago

This happened awhile back at Southwest Jr. High when my sister went there. The teacher was a 30-something male and the girl was 15. They're married now.... this kinda stuff happens all the time. It doesn't make it right... but I can see how it happens. Imagine, a 23 year old teacher who is used to spending all her time with her peers, is suddenly placed into a high school setting where the students act and LOOK her age. She is going to make connections with the people she has the most in common with (which are usually not her co-workers). No wonder this happens all over the country. I don't think she's a pedophile or a predator... but she did cross a line and should face some consequences. I don't think prison is the answer though.

katiep 9 years ago

BABBOY... who said she abused her position FOR sex?? All she admitted to was that she had sex with him. It may not even been about sex. She probably wasn't out searching for 15 year old boys to have sex with. Plus, she was originally charged with 4 counts... and it was brought down to only one.. so obviously it's not as serious as they originally thought.

sweettrue2 9 years ago

Or obviously she had a well paid lawyer who did their job

armyguy 9 years ago

Van Halen, 1984, sounds good to me...

geekin_topekan 9 years ago

Bookemdano's is a strip club near Ottumwa Iowa. Which coincidently has a very hands-on policy as well.

Carry on.

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

And none of you are even considering that she may have pled guilty because she knew she didn't have a snowball's chance of being found not guilty in court?

Considering how the "court of public opinion" is being played out right here on this forum, gee, I wonder why she might have thought she couldn't receive a fair trial...

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Thank you (someone) for posting the myspace page link. Led to even further enlightment on her "personality" and "qualities". Always good for a teacher to have "friends" on myspace posting drinking pictures and flipping off the camera. How mature of a person is/was she really? I'm leaning towards "not very if at all". Keep her away from my kids. Glad to have her gone before she savaged one of mine.

But, I could be wrong because a "friend" said she was a great person and super teacher. My kind of teacher!

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

How many 23-year-olds do you know, I_have, who are not teachers, who don't still think it's funny to post drinking pictures and flipping off pictures online?

How many "mature" 23-year-olds do you know who are not teachers?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Many, many, many. Teachers are held to a higher standard as well. They are what is called "AN EXAMPLE" to our youth (who by they way are internet savvy and know about myspace and will surely google their own teacher). Black and white, baby, black and white. Game over.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Taking off the gloves and retiring on that easy question.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Besides, I dont think the "she was a good friend and a good person until this happened" argument would have held in court anyways. Oops, I guess she knew that. She plead "GUILTY!".

katiep 9 years ago

wow... I_Have... you're just LOOKING for things to pick on her about. Who cares if she has a myspace friend who is flicking off the camera. She's not responsible for that. Plus... she's 24... that's legal age to have a drink. Teachers are still human beings.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago must be young and on the way to maturity as well. It's simply not OK for a teacher to have that in public where her students can access it. Is it? Surely not, Katie. Tell me our society hasn't dived that deep.

james bush 9 years ago

Just another complementary episode that exhibits the sad state of "western" civilization's/society's degeneration...............rottening from within, isn't it?

sourpuss 9 years ago

Why is it when a 15 year old girl has sex with a 24 year old man, she is the traumatized victim of rape, yet when a 15 year old boy has sex with a 24 year old woman he is fine because he just "got laid"? Shouldn't whatever punishment this deserves be the same, regardless of gender?

A bit of a double-standard here, no?

beatrice 9 years ago

guapaloca, Meredith Kane is far from being an awesome person. Awesome people, and truly awesome adults don't have sex with minors. Period. Awesome isn't the word that comes to mind when thinking about an adult, even if it is a young adult in her twenties, who has sex with a minor too young to have a driver's license.

The word that does come to mind is PEDOPHILE. That is the correct word. The person you are defending might be many things, but she is a pedophile who sexually abused a child and deserves every bit of public humilitation and scorn that can be thrown at her. If we can't protect our children, then we have no worth even calling ourselves a society.

There is no "more to the story." Meredith Kane had sex with a minor. That is the story, in its entirety. The details do not change this. Meredith Kane has admitted to having sex with a minor, thus she is an admited pedophile. It is now time to throw away the key.

Now, if you really believe that a high school would be totally awesome if awesome teachers were having sex with all their awesome students, then you are an awesome fool.

(I feel like taking a shower having just read this story.)

Fatty_McButterpants 9 years ago

Okay, seriously, I understand the whole argument about a teacher being in a position of power, yada, yada, yada. I don't get the whole "he (the victim) is just a child" argument. Do none of you remember being in high school?? All you ever wanted to do was get some action. This kid finally does - with the TEACHER no less - and people start worrying about the psychological trauma he suffered. The kid had the time of his life and, though she's a bit heavy in the hoof, he's probably revered by his classmates. "Dude! You nailed the teacher! Teach me, Obi-wan!"

katiep 9 years ago

Public humiliation... hmmm. Reminds me of a book... The Scarlet Letter. Sounds familiar. Have we really not progressed from the Puritan times?

Fatty_McButterpants 9 years ago

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Linda Aikins 9 years ago

I also find it sad that she went through all the work to be a teacher, got hired right away, then blew it. (no pun intended).

Bad deal, gal.

CindiCat 9 years ago

I have NEVER seen so many "posts" deleted because of violation. Whoa Buddie. What did you guys say?? Never mind:.I do not want to know.

I am throwing my 2 cents in::::.I am sick and tired of reading about teachers taking advantage of and sexually abusing/assaulting/having sex with their students. It's repulsive beyond words.

What the H*** are these teacher's thinking? I get it:.they AREN'T thinking.

This young woman can kiss her teaching career good bye. All that time and money spent going to school to become a teacher and it is evident that she didn't learn one flippin thing.

To the young woman (guapaloca) who is defending this teacher::.You got that LOCA part right. I suggest you have a little "sit down" with YOUR PARENTS and let them know that YOU think this teacher is "awesome" and that you see no problem with this at all. Please let the rest of us posters know how that conversation went.

"valid opinions @ 5:32", "bambi @ 5:33"and "beatrice @ 8:32" hit the nail on the head.

And yes, I do have children:.I am speaking from a Mother's point of view. If something like this would have happened to ONE of my children, I would be one angry MUTHER in more ways than one.

packrat 9 years ago

She should be in jail for rape for 5 to 10 years and be a registered sex offender for life. She should never be allowed around teenage boys again.

shirinisb 9 years ago

a 15 year old is a child. children shoudln't be getting laid whether they want to or not, that's still abuse. this woman should have an example made of her like NO other.

sick sick sick sick woman

hypatia 9 years ago

I wonder if these comments are from actual Lawrence citizens or from Farkers. Yeah, this made Woo!

dagopman 9 years ago

SB 324 was recently passed in Kansas and signed into law effective 7-1-07. The new law says if you are a teacher and have sexual relations with a student, regardless of age, regardless of consent, because you are in a position of power, authority and trust, you have committed a felony.

dagopman 9 years ago

Crossfire 9 years ago

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lubyloo 9 years ago

Meredith Kane's myspace page unapologetically says "Call me Hester Prynne" (implying that the community is puritanical for having laws against having sex with children). Hester Prynne had sex with an ADULT. Meredith had sex with a CHILD. That's the difference. Also, it sounds like Guapaloca may work at LHS -- I sincerely hope not though because Guapaloca seems to think that what Meredith Kane did is ok as long as you're "awesome." I hope that's not the consensus over there.

justme2 9 years ago

I do believe that guapaloca is actually M. Kane. It wouldn't suprise me at all.

She will never teach again-she's now a felon. And the student was only 14 years old when she started messing with him. And what more can there be to the story? On the six oclock news she alluded to the fact that there is more to the story. What more can there be? She had sex with a child.

cellogrl 9 years ago

okay guapaloca, I am a teacher and I believe what she did was sick and wrong. It doesn't matter if "he wasn't even her student and he is in love with her." It's off limits to date students no matter what their age or if they love you PERIOD. She may have a wonderful personality, but she seriously needs some help if she thinks that what she did was okay, and apparently if you do too, you need help as well. I can only hope that you also are not a teacher since you seem to think that this behavior is all right. I hope she gets the help that she needs but she does need to be punished for what she did.

cellogrl 9 years ago

I_have, in some ways, I have to agree with you here. If she has those pictures, she can at least set her profile to private. It's not difficult.

Kaie11 9 years ago

It matters not how nice of a person she is, or if she is supposedly a "good teacher", the point is she commited a crime. Sex with a minor, is still sex with a minor whether with or without consent.

She was obviously hired because they thought she would do well. And maybe she was a wonderful teacher, but the fact is, she ruined all of that knowingly. She's an adult, she knows right from wrong, or at least she should.

dagopman 9 years ago

This teacher must be met with the full force of the law. There is never any justification for a teacher to have sex with a student (child). That type of conduct cannot be tolerated in our society.

cellogrl 9 years ago

By the way, her teaching license will be revoked. She won't be able to teach again. What a waste of an education.

Christian Hinton 9 years ago

Wow. So many deletions.

I have to say that although I believe that comments about her physical appearance are egregious and unnecessary my first thought upon seeing her picture on the front page was something along those lines. Shame on me.

I agree with most of the other posts here - this case is pretty much cut and dry. She had sex with a minor and admitted to it. She should be (justly) punished. I was in high school not to long ago, and even though most 15-year-old boys "just want to get laid" they are, in fact, just that - boys. They are not adults, and are not mature enough to make such decisions. Meredith Kane is an adult, and clearly abused a position of trust and authority.

Sorry if none of that was new.

vatoloco001 9 years ago

As a MALE survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, I find it highly offensive that so many posters here think that the 15-year-old child in question "wasn't harmed". The fact that this occured inevitably will invoke harm -- the court hearing, the entire situation, the guilt this child will face for the perpetrator's punishment, etc... and that doesn't even begin to address the sexual issues this child will have as he lives his life. He's not free to develop his youth any longer. He's had to face the most cruel of crimes one human can inflict on another.

Guapaloca, tambien yo hablo espanol y me da mucho, mucho coraje y rencor saber que tu defiendas a esta mujer... Es que tu tambien eres una violadora de ninos y jovenes? No importa si es una santa en frente de Dios... Jesus Cristo dijo que "El que dana a los ninos contestara frente a mi.". Asi, Guapaloca, mejor piensa bien lo que haces desde ahorita para adelante.

As an adult I have worked with others who have endured abuse as children - both women and men, and there are many more men than you'd imagine who were sexually abused by women when they were children. The damage is reflected in greater hostility towards women when they are adults, an inability to form healthy relationships, issues regarding intimacy, trust and self-esteem. It's not just about age differences, it's also still about power. Meredith held power over the 15 year old, more power than if she was his boss at a job. She abused that power and she took it to the point where this child will suffer greatly as a result of her "indescretion".

My own situation resulted in going to court and it was a year and a half of disgusting, revolting and humiliating appearances in court. The person who sexually abused me ultimately plead guilty after many attacks on my character by his attorney and using loopholes to extend the process. I was abused from the age of 7 until about 13. The person who abused me was on the verge of getting his teaching credential. He also sexually abused other children at the junior high school where he worked at. He was also the boy's volunteer basketball coach.

I survived and I healed though the scars of my experience are still visible to me, on my wrist and in my heart. If I could go back to those days, to the last time I was sexually abused, I would have followed through with what stopped the abuse when I pulled a knife on the abuser. I wish I had killed him -- I would not have been tried as an adult and all of the abuse would have come to light when I was 13 and not when I was 15 after numerous suicide attempts.

vatoloco001 9 years ago

I am Latino, Mexican-American, born in the U.S. I graduated high school with a 3.935 GPA even though I went through hell. I graduated from college with high marks (not honors) and I also helped to form a student-run organization that advocated and provided support groups for others who had suffered sexual abuse as children. And I currently work in the psychology field helping families that have had to deal with domestic violence, child abuse, and other like issues. I help the families that can remain together stay together and when it is not possible, I help protect the children from futher harm. I don't work with pedophiles -- and female pedophiles are worse than male pedophiles because of the comments made by such people as Guapaloca show. It's far, far easier to "excuse" the acts of women when it comes to this and simply look the other way and "believe" that the boys are "getting something cool". But I can guarantee you, Guapaloca and others who think like her, these boys are not "getting something", they have a hard road ahead o them and many (like yourselves) who want to try to run them down. And those like Meredith who have pretty much destroyed most of their chances to live a healthy, fulfilling, and rewarding life.

I'm in my mid-30's now, not married, no children. Unfortunately, because of a disease I was given as a child by the person who abused me, I cannot have children. Thankfully it wasn't HIV, though if it was I would be dead by now and would not have the memories to deal with. I've had girlfriends, but I have been extremely cautious... I didn't even date until I was 24. I'm told I'm "good looking" but I have a hard time believing it though objectively I know I am OK. I have been blessed enough to have loved and been loved, but the issues related to what I went through made those relationships impossible to sustain.

I only hope that the child involved in this situation with Meredith gets the help he needs and deserves. Chances are very good to excellent that he will not become a child molester -- it is a myth that most boys and girls who were sexually abused become abusers themselves. Most of them turn that anger inward and harm themselves. Others turn it outwards in violent ways, but not as child molesters. There are a few who do and if Meredith herself was sexually abused as a child, then it is doubly sad. It is an extra responsibility for those of us who were abused as children to NOT abuse in the same manner. The reason is simple -- we know better, we know more than anyone else how damaging and vicious childhood sexual abuse is and for that simple, straightforward reason we are not to harm others the way we were hurt ourselves. Sexual organs are never to be used as weapons...

vatoloco001 9 years ago

If you could read all of this and got to this point, I hope you take the time to speak to your children clearly about the dangers that exist. The sexual abuse of children is generally done by someone known, loved, and trusted by the child -- a family member generally. Members of the clergy (as many court cases document) and teachers are another group that have easy access and power over children. Female babysitters are the other often never mentioned group that do a lot of the abusing of both male and female children. Please take the time to speak clearly about sexual reproduction with your children in an age-appropriate manner and in ways to help them prevent sexual abuse or at least to limit the amount of time they are sexually abused. If your child tells you of something that happened to them that could be abuse, don't silence them. Hear them out and investigate or report it if it warrants it. The sooner you stop the abuse, the sooner your child will heal and the less will be the damage to that child's soul.

Meredith and Guapaloca, I will continue to speak for those children who cannot because they live in fear or embarrassment and for those who are no longer with us who were overcome in the struggle. Jamas me vas a callar, Guapaloca... people like yourself will NEVER silence those like me. We are not all dead, you and your kind have failed to stomp the life out of all of us.

To any other teacher (male or female) out there who is trying to seduce or molest a student try to remember that there are so many of us ADULT survivors out there and that one day some of us will snap and just take pleasure in taking out our feelings of anger and hatred at what happened to us upon you. I am not speaking for myself, of course, but I know of others who have murdered their abusers and the abusers of other children. This goes for the priests as well. You have been warned.

KEITHMILES05 9 years ago

Every teacher in the state of Kansas knows it is illegal to have sexual contact and/or relations with a student. Why somebody would be so naive and careless to go ahead and knowingly violate the law is bizarre.

I can only assume that is the power of sex.

Christian Hinton 9 years ago


First of all, since when does 15 qualify as late teens? Late teens, i.e. 18-19 year olds, are legally responsible for their own actions as adults. 15-year-olds aren't even adult enough to have a driver's licence. This is a crime for a reason.

Furthermore, you may want to get down off your soap box before you start lamenting the people who come here "as a way to stroke [their] ego[s] or polish [their] credentials as one of the 'morally pure.'" The ignorant rest of us might think that you are doing the same.

Christian Hinton 9 years ago

Y vatoloco001:

Me gustó leer algo aqui en espanol. Pero, se puede asumir que guapaloca habla espanol? Tambien es muy posible que ella no vea el comentario de usted por ser demasiado escondido en el resto del texto.

Vamos ver.

guapaloca 9 years ago

wow... all I said was that as her friend, I know she is a good person and doesn't deserve to be treated the way she has in this forum. If you could have read some of the comments before they were deleted, you'd probably agree with me. She committed a very serious crime and has to take responsibility for it, but she doesn't deserve to be burned at the stake. Knowing her well, I can tell you that this just doesn't fit her character and there is more to this story than just the surface level facts. I'm not defending what she did and saying it was "awesome" for her to have sex with a 15 year old student. I am saying she was an "awesome" person and this is really a tragedy for her. There's a difference how you feel about someone when you know them personally. All of you who are ready to throw away the key obviously don't know her or have a relationship with her. Because I do, I'm a little more hesitant to judge and hate. I hate the crime, but I don't hate her. She's been hurting for a long time... struggling with severe depression and bipolar, including suicide attempts within the past year. She's typically an outstanding student, friend and teacher. She's not a pedophile... she's never dated younger guys before and she's not attracted to children. She did not go after this young man. She made a mistake and she'll definitely pay for it for a long time. AGAIN, I DO NOT think what she did was OKAY and "AWESOME," but I do love her as a friend and will do whatever I can to support her during this time. She needs someone on her side.

Christian Hinton 9 years ago

I think her "relationship" was what got her in trouble in the first place.

Michael Capra 9 years ago

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purplesage 9 years ago

This stuff is getting epidemic. What's the matter with our teachers?

cheer67 9 years ago

Would this even be a big deal if she wasn't a teacher? I have a friend right now dating a 27 year old, and she's 17. Yeah I think it's pretty gross, but no one else has said anything about it. There's probably alot more teenagers dating people in their 20's & 30's, but everyone looks past them, unless they're in the public eye, of course.

acg 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Dixie Jones 9 years ago

at one point her friend on here said the BOY was in love...omg give me a break hes 14-15 does he know love? yes it is a epidemic now days, and sometimes its happening right under administrations noses and they don't do a thing about it cause the teacher hasn't went ALL THE WAY with the student ..I not only blame the teacher, but the administration for this lil court case. don't tell me someone in the school didn't see this coming.. too many teachers too many students to not see something... and bi polar hum was this brought up when she was hired? disclosing information to the administration.... and yes i am a mom and work in the school system and you dang well would bet i would be one hot momma when it came to my 15 yr old being a sexual release for a teachers mental issues,,,, Its a shame..

costello 9 years ago

"I_have, in some ways, I have to agree with you here. If she has those pictures, she can at least set her profile to private. It's not difficult."

I doubt if she'll have a MySpace page much longer. They pull the accounts of registered sex offenders.

cheer67 9 years ago

peaches, maybe the boy was in love, or maybe he was just out to get laid.

acg 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Aileen Dingus 9 years ago

Yikes. What a mess.

I'm going to hazard a guess that guapaloca is a student, and she seems like a very caring, outgoing young girl. Kudos to her for sticking up for what she believes in.

That said- I come from a line of "wonderful" teachers, outstanding educators who really went above and beyond to make sure their students learned and progressed as they went through the school system. Their first priority as educators was to make sure that the youngsters and young adults (everyone from K-12) were safe and were learning, even if that meant that my grandmother had to use recycled ballot paper in the classroom because there wasn't enough money to buy notebook paper, or teach the students to read from donated comic books because there weren't enough school books.

Both my grandmother and my mother were considered hard asses by their teenaged students. I can't imagine either one being considered "wonderful" or having a "great relationship" with the kids. But now that all their students are grown, I continually hear from the former students that they appreciate how both of them pushed and worked and taught.

Being huggy and kissy and students' best friend does not make for a wonderful teacher. Behaving more like a student than an adult does not make for a wonderful teacher. TEACHING makes for a wonderful teacher.

I had a student in Miss Kane's classroom. Yes- she's a funny, engaging, friendly outgoing young woman. However, I had my doubts about her ability to teach, and was glad at the semester teacher change. Now, after reading all of this mess, I am even more glad that my student has moved on, if for no other reason than all our students should be experiencing the best, not the basest.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

costello says: "I doubt if she'll have a MySpace page much longer. They pull the accounts of registered sex offenders."

Good point. I guess it will get taken care of one way or another. It's funny (not really) that she shows so much bad decision making. First, the rape of the student. Second, the MySpace page postings. Third, she actually wore that awful mini skirt into a court of law.

She must have a bunch of good decisions stored up somewhere in that head of hers since they haven't been used yet. I wonder when they will start coming out? Maybe when she has to decide if she should bend over to get that bar of soap in the prison shower?

justme2 9 years ago

Guapaloca are you insane? M. Kane "is not a pedophile:" This ADULT woman who was in a position of power, bipolar or not, had SEX with a child! I'm not sure which dictionary you're using, but in my book that is the definition of a pedophile. Maybe Meridith loaned you her dictionary. Bleh! You make me sick.

beatrice 9 years ago

guapaloca, you have let your friendship cloud your reasoning. Meredith Kane is a pedophile -- she is an adult who had sex with a minor. That is what makes anyone a pedophile. Period. "She did not go after this young man." Really? He went after her? So that must mean this is all the boy's fault. In defense of your friend, you now want to blame the victim. Sorry, but it is her fault, she did go after him. She had to, otherwise this wouldn't have happened. And a "good person" doesn't have sex with a minor. Ever. Not even by accident.

Your friend did something terrible with a child. That makes her anything but a good person. Support your friend, I'm sure she needs it. But don't kid yourself or try to convince us that she is a good person, no matter how sad she is now that she got caught.

cellogrl 9 years ago

peachesncream, I'm a teacher and I just have to say, when the school districts are hiring you, they legally CAN'T ask you about mental disorders that you may have. That's discriminatory. They can ask you about past convictions, but that's about it.

concernedparent 9 years ago

If your mini is wider then it is longer, you should not wear it.

Also, I can tell she's really worried about her future, since she's currently logged into mypace.

acg 9 years ago

yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I still can't believe they deleted my comments when they weren't that bad. I still contend that this....woman... (and I use the term quite loosely) knows someone on the jworld staff. I've said much worse about better people.

hawklet21 9 years ago

"And a "good person" doesn't have sex with a minor. Ever. Not even by accident." Bea- Exactly. How could something like that ever "accidentally" happen? Either the act took place AT school, which is completely wrong if you ignore the age factor, or it happened someplace outside of school. How could that be an accident? And I do happen to think that there is something wrong with a 24 year old teacher having the hots for a 15 year old. I'm 20, and I just can't even fathom being attracted enough to a child to get to that level with them. It is just wrong. And she should probably be keeping that myspace page private from now on...

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

acg, that's exactly what I think. My comments got yanked and they weren't that bad. Me thinks someone is just being overly sensitive in the LJW office.

dee66044 9 years ago

This woman ignored the boundaries set by society and I dont see how anyone could feel sorry for her. If it were a 15 year old girl and a male teacher everyone would be ready to hang him out to dry, why is she getting so much sympathy?

Christian Hinton 9 years ago

Most of her sympathy is coming from guapaloca, and I wouldn't call that a lot in relation to the overwhelming majority opinion among posters here.

monkeywrench1969 9 years ago

You know she might be good at teaching but that does not make her a good teacher. Being a teacher includes being a good role model for the students, have strong boundaries and be able to follow the rules (even if you don't agree with them)...That shows disipline. The teachers are doing more than teaching math english etc. they are teaching values. If they break a rule they think the students should follow (or even in this case not follow) it causes confusion especially for the younger kids.

It would have been interesting to see where this case would have gone if it went to trial and what we would have learned about this "awesome teacher". Like why did she fall for a 15 year old...was he easier to control than someone his age, was the age difference "taboo" exciting...

The fact she was in her first year of teaching officially as a teacher and she crossed the boundary so quickly is somewhat scary. You would think maybe a teacher who had been in the system for a while and had to relate to students over years of time woul dhave a better "excuse" for making a "mistake."

Her attorney wanting the kids mental records after she pleas to commiting the crime. What will that prove. she admitted she admitted she had sex with him. If he does have problems all that will do is prove she took advantage of a kid with mental problems.

Suuupertrucker 9 years ago

Jesus, some kid got laid before he graduated high school.....congrats kid.

hawklet21 9 years ago

GitS- That's because guapaloca IS Meredith Kane. Maybe. Possibly. It's just a hunch.

Ragingbear 9 years ago

This article made it onto an Internationally known News site called Rock and roll.

Take a look if you will, some ads may be adult themed, but should be safe for work.

fayrae 9 years ago

this woman taught my son at Raintree. she was very kind and i never feared for his safety while she taught him. she was very responsible. i feel bad for her that she made such a poor decision, and must now face the consequences of her acts. life is full of choices. we all have to live with the results of our choices. all we can do, as individuals, is choose our own path and show kindness to others along the way-

Christian Hinton 9 years ago


I am skeptical that guapaloca is Meredith Kane. I guess that would take a lot of guts. Also, the way she talks is too convincingly third-person. You may be right, though.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

shirinisb 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

beatrice 9 years ago

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acg 9 years ago

Do you have children confederate state?

Christian Hinton 9 years ago

Man, have really been hit by the censorship on this one.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

I think what guapaloca is trying to say is that we (posters) do not know all the facts about the story. There are a lot of assumptions and rumors, but we don't know the facts. NO one condones her behavior, even guapaloca, but perhaps we shouldn't judge her, as some have been, based on the lack of knowledge about the case.
We all agree what she did was wrong, but NONE of us know why (or the circumstances) it happened. I don't believe we can fully judge her character when we don't know her, based on her actions on this incident. And that's what some people are trying to say.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

She may not be a bad person (I don't know her and haven't met her, so I can't judge that), but she did make a BAD DECISION....

Bone777 9 years ago

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always4ever 9 years ago

Confederate - I know his parents. They are fine and responsible people who stepped up and did the right thing. They deserve our support. It's been a terrible struggle for them and I admire them for hanging in there. We should be able to trust our teachers. No way should the finger be pointed at the parents!

monkeywrench1969 9 years ago


Your child was probably the wrong age range. Still you have to look at how quickly the boundaries were blurred once she got her first real teaching gig at this level.

acg 9 years ago

I personally don't give a rat's a** about her "fragile mental state" or whatever other psycho babble problems this person might have. She had sex with a child, end of story. There's no other story to it as far as I'm concerned. I get so tired of people blaming their perversions on mental problems. You got mental problems? You have anxiety issues? Boo freakin' hoo! Get over it, get some help, get some drugs, go somewhere and check yourself in or whatever. But you don't have sex with kids. She's a pedophile. And she should be treated as such. Regardless of how many guys want to high five each other because this boy "nailed" a teacher, it's sick and wrong.

ConfederateState 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

shirinisb 9 years ago

Well obviously the child molester is reading this blog, as support FOR child molestation isn't removed, but anything spoken out against it is.

Hi Meredith, aren't sex offenders supposed to stay off of the internet?

Laura Watkins 9 years ago

mom_of_three (Anonymous) says:

She may not be a bad person (I don't know her and haven't met her, so I can't judge that), but she did make a bad decision:.

I completely, 100% agree. I DO know her, and I DO know that good people can make mistakes. I think that most of you would still be angry but not as harsh towards Meredith if you knew what really happened.

Also, I'm assuming most of these comments were removed because they weren't adding anything to the conversation-- they were just plain offensive. I know this because I suggested removal for one of them. What Meredith looks like has absolutely nothing to do with this case and you guys are complete a**holes for even bringing that up.

Laura Watkins 9 years ago

Ah, you got me there Shrinisb. Obviously because I'm supporting a friend, I must be a child molester. Good one!

shirinisb 9 years ago

No, because you're supporting a child molester. This woman has NO excuse for what she's done. None. Even if she is bi-polar and sucidal she should be put in an asylum. How do you think this child's parents feel knowing that ANYONE would stick up for such behavior.

shirinisb 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Laura Watkins 9 years ago

I am supporting a friend, actually...not defending her behavior.

acg 9 years ago

If one of my friends admitted to molesting a child, they wouldn't be a friend of mine anymore. I don't get that whole "support your friend" mentality on something like this. She didn't make a bad snap judgment. She took the time necessary to procure a place where she could do it and then did it. It obviously involved some forethought on her part, planning and execution. She didn't have too much to drink at the company party and make out a little with a coworker. She raped/molested a kid that was too young to make the necessary sound judgments regarding that behavior. If she's your friend, you should distance yourself. My grandmother always said you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

katiep 9 years ago

no one's sticking up for her behavior... they're just sticking up for her and giving her a little respect. I get it. She's still a human being. We are all sinners in the eyes of God. I wonder how many of you are so quick to judge but call yourselves "Christian." Instead of being so hateful, how about taking a step back and looking at the whole picture? Forgiveness, understanding, love, acceptance, kindness. Even she deserves that.

beatrice 9 years ago

Let me re-phrase my last comment, as I feel it is a valid one. I suspect suuupertrucker's note of congratulations (and several others as well) would be different if the child was a girl instead of a boy, especially if you knew the child.

But because it was a boy and not a girl, it is okay? What if it is a boy the same age, but instead of a teacher it was a preacher? Or a male teacher? Would you still be saying "congrats kid"?

Laura Watkins 9 years ago


Meredith did have friends who just heard this information on the news or read the paper and instead of discussing this with her, they automatically "dumped" her. I actually do know what heppened in this case and after taking all of that in, I decided that I needed to help my friend. Meredith is aware of what happened and she is now trying to get better. She needed the support of her family, which she thankfully has, and she needed the support of her friends. I don't support her decision-- it was wrong and she knows that. I'm not patting her on the back for "getting laid" or whatever crude language you choose to describe what happened here. It's going to take a lot for her to get better and I want to do what I can to help her get there. I believe that it's detrimental to someone to read really awful comments people make about the way you look and that's why I asked for that comment to be removed. That doesn't help out anyone. Your grandma is probably right, but I was also taught by my family about the importance of being there for someone in their darkest hour and that's what I'm going to do.

Laura Watkins 9 years ago

And since I've already been called a child molester by shirinisb and I don't really want to also be called "stupid", yes... I realize that happened is spelled with an "a", and not an "e". Sorry, I was angry and typing.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

ihatejohnttravolta, you are wrong that her looks and maturity level don't belong in this conversation. I don't know any high school age boys who wouldn't rather have sex with a young, thin, attractive girl their own age than an older, chunky, not-so-attractive teacher. The physical facts lend themselves to this being even more predatory on her part. She used her "status" and control to her advantage. If the other facts matter so much, please share them with us. Otherwise, this is what we will go on believing:

An older teacher preyed on a young (read: illegal to have sex with, even consensual) student. This happened over a period of time, not just once. Obviously it wasn't an "oops, I tripped and it just landed there" situation. She did it, had time to think about what she had done, and did it again. She's only sorry because she got caught.

Katiep: what she deserves right now is to be punished and over time rehabilitated.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

"older" as in relation to the student. not "old" as in ancient.

msbear83 9 years ago

ihatejohntravolta... you rock. i love you and your kitty wink too.

acg 9 years ago

Sorry folks but you can't rehab a child molester. Recidivism rate for this type of crime is extremely high, and the ones that come out of prison supposedly "rehabbed" just offend again and again. Now, if this were a male molester, more folks would be with me on the hang 'em high bandwagon, but because this is a female molester folks want to hear her side, or give her some moral support, blah blah blah. To me there is no difference. A molester is a molester is a molester.

For those of you that are friends with this rapist and say that we don't know the whole story and are being too harsh, well, she told her story in court yesterday by way of pleading guilty. Case closed! Now throw the book at the rapist so we can all move on.

Laura Watkins 9 years ago

For my last comment for the day.... :)

Opinions, I said nothing about her maturity level. Maturity level is one thing, looks are another. The comment I asked to be erased was a crude comment about the way she looks. I only saw that as harmful towards her. I still do not think that that belongs in the conversation. For example, if...say...we were talking about BTK and I make a comment about how gross I think he looks, how does that add to the conversation? If I comment on how he's "no Ted Bundy" (although I've never seen him as attractive...) does that add to the conversation? I'm sorry if people are upset about my efforts to have that comment, which I saw as irrelevant, removed. I'm not sorry for supporting my friend. I don't believe that I have done anything wrong.

righthand 9 years ago

yep, nothing will fix a sserious problem like hot, dirty sex!

wow - lame, illogocal excuses abroad...

acg 9 years ago

But ihatejohntravolta, in a conversation that involves people's opinions, which is what a blog is, all sides should be welcome, regardless of whether or not someone else supports those ideas or opinions. A free exchange of ideas should be just that, free. And narcing to the jworld staff is like telling on someone in elementary school "teacher, he called me a poopy head!". The blogger that annoys me the most is RightThinker. He knows it, and he's cool with it. His opinions burn me up so bad I stomp around my home or office ranting about that guy quite often (don't get all moist RT, I know you love that, too), but regardless of how I feel about him or his opinions I would never ever narc him out to the staff because then we're falling into censoring someone's opinions and I, nor you, nor anyone else should have the right to do that.

beatrice 9 years ago

So, you say we are wrong for hating a woman who slept with her student. How are you right in hating John Travolta, when all he did was practice Scientology and made Battlefield Earth?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

chemegirlie 9 years ago

I love how you assume that she can't get "man love" because of her size. I am about her age and almost her man thinks I am the sexiest thing on the planet!

What she did was wrong and should be punished...her mental state probably has something to do with it, but don't go assuming us girls with meat can't get lovin'.

Jaminrawk 9 years ago

I'm sure the punishment the kid is getting from his classmates for having slept with her is worse than anything she could be sentenced.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Have fun guys. I've said my piece and it's all black and white anyways. LJW doesn't like my piece anyways, so they won't let me say anything. I don't know what they are thinking. It's like if they censor us saying she is overweight that it won't be true all of a sudden.

One thing I haven't said yet is that I hope the high school guy involved is doing well and is coping with all of the negative attention of the situation and possible embarrassment.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

If people here really knew what happened, why won't they "spit" it out here and let us know? I think they don't know but are just blowing hot air.

What could possibly have happened that made this even the least bit OK?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

I think they are her supporters and they think her supposed "mental problems" made her irrational or something. That's all I can read from their comments. I would think those kind of "mental problems" would keep her from being a teacher, but I guess not.

Maybe someone held a gun to her head and made her do it? A few times, over several months.

Bone777 9 years ago

Apparently Meredith Kane has found employment already...

LJWorld Internet Police

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Good observation, Bone777.

They must have had to buy a large office chair for her with an accompanying medicine cabinet for her meds. Don't let her lead any LJW student field trip tours!

(now my guess is that this post will be gone in 5 minutes or less)

TheOriginalCA 9 years ago

This is not the first kid screwed in Lawrence Schools.. both figuratively or litterally and won't be the last.

katiep 9 years ago

in the other article, someone wrote a post that said he was stalking her and sleeping outside her house. this is all crazy.

lawrenceofkansas 9 years ago

How in the world a female can force sexual intercourse on (with) a male victim is beyong my imagination?

shirinisb 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

guapaloca 9 years ago

justme2- Not that it really matters in this case, but he wasn't 14 when she had sex with him. She DID student teach at Central last year with a teacher who was apparently his 9th grade English teacher, but she never directly taught him. He was unstable and suicidal and she was always really worried about him and would ask us what she should do. I remember him calling her constantly. She said he was never her student at Central or at LHS but would always hang around her (along with ALL the other students).

Leave her family alone... they are great people who are VERY involved in the community and are well-known and respected. They are just as shocked and are having just as hard of a time with this as anyone else.

Look up the definition of pedophile. There are three criteria in the DSM-IV. " 1. The sexual interest is toward children, either prepubescent or at the beginning of puberty (generally age 13 or younger). 2. The sexual interest is the primary one, that is, exclusively or mainly toward children. 3. The sexual interest remains over time."

She is not a pedophile. She's never dated younger guys before (she's actually only dated older guys). She had sex with a 15 year old, yes... but that does not necessarily make her a pedophile. Just HAVING sex with someone younger does not make someone a pedophile. She didn't have sex with him based on the fact that he was young or a student. She has emotional and mental issues right now (she's finally getting help for them)... but pedophilia is not one of them. She's an EXTREME perfectionist who was struggling with bipolar in her first year teaching, but refused to let anyone see... and she finally cracked. No one really saw it coming... not even her best friends (she did, however, start withdrawing herself from hanging out with us. We didn't see her very much last year. We thought she was just really busy with work). Just stop acting like you know what you're talking about.

Again... I'm not defending her behavior... no one is. I'm just saying that some of you are looking at this in completely black and white terms and you can't. There are many dynamics to the situation. She's just human.

Another note...

....... "notice, again, she pled guilty .. not "guilty by reason of mental defect" or whatever other watered down, no one is responsible for their own actions, kinda plea or, taking it to court trying to get a jury to buy her "diminished capacity crap".. but, a black and white "guilty"."

EXACTLY... she plead GUILTY. She's taking responsibilty for what she has done and she's going to face the consequences. Pleading guilty is the most responsbile thing she could have done.

I'm not saying what she did was OKAY, so don't start bashing me for being a child molester-lover. I'm just giving you a little perspective of where she was coming from and what she's dealing with right now.

shirinisb 9 years ago

she still had underage boys on her myspace friends list until they deleted her profile.

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

Well, there you go, people...never, ever have anyone under the age of 18 as a friend, just in case. They might start accusing you next.

westernksgirl 9 years ago

katiep (Anonymous) says:

BABBOY: who said she abused her position FOR sex?? All she admitted to was that she had sex with him. It may not even been about sex. She probably wasn't out searching for 15 year old boys to have sex with. Plus, she was originally charged with 4 counts: and it was brought down to only one.. so obviously it's not as serious as they originally thought.

Are you kidding me? "not as serious" . .but yet, she pled to the most serious charge. Obviously, katiep, you have a lot to learn about criminal law, plea bargains and such. If it wasn't as serious, they may have pled it down to the lesser count of "criminal sodomy", or, even lower count of just abuse of a child, without any sexual connotations whatsoever .. but, she admitted to the more serious charge of "aggravated indicent liberties" . .not just "indicent liberties" but AGGRAVATED Indecent Liberties . .and for the person that posted after that commenting on the fact that she had a good lawyer .. ought to look up the history on her lawyer .. who's been disbarred. The DA charged with what I'm sure they thought that they could prove, and accepted the plea ON THE MOST SERIOUS CHARGE, so that the CHILD wouldn't have to go through the trauma of a court battle. So, to recap . .Ms. Kane is an admitted pedophile, whether she thought a 14/15 year old was "in love" with her or not. It happened multiple times, and she KNEW his age as he was a STUDENT in high school (not, like she met this kid in a bar and he had gotten in with a fake driver's license and she was going on that information to gage his age.) Nope, she knew it, and she abused it . .and him. And, she pled to that fact to avoid even MORE jail time by adding multiple counts of the same crime. Furthermore, just b/c you may have mental issues yourself, does not give you the excuse to harm other people without expecting to face the consequences. Whether it's a criminal punishment (jail) or, civil commitment (a state hospital facility, or equivalent .. for which, there really isn't a set "sentence"), or, some kind of combination of the two, society and the victim, deserves the pedophile to be punished for her actions. Oh, and "bleh" to the comments that the kid was stalking her, etc. SHE WAS THE GROWN UP, she was responsible for her actions . .notice, again, she pled guilty .. not "guilty by reason of mental defect" or whatever other watered down, no one is responsible for their own actions, kinda plea or, taking it to court trying to get a jury to buy her "diminished capacity crap".. but, a black and white "guilty".

lawrenceofkansas 9 years ago

Wake up to the real world folks, don't some jonior high students have sex already? Did this teacher use force or weapon to threat this 15 year old student to have sex with her multiple times? He could have reported her the very first time. Does "aggravated indicent liberties" mean "sexual intercourse rape"? I feel sorry for this 15 year old student but most of you guys trivalized those real sex crime victims out there!

justme2 9 years ago

soothing_dragoon (Anonymous) says:

westernksgirl - don't disagree with you on most points, but I really wonder about your comment on Rumsey being disbarred. Really? How did he represent her then? That is a pretty serious statement you made.

He was disbarred and then readmitted. Everything westerksgirl said is completely correct. Everything.

Oops! Hope I don't get censored again. Sorta funny how many of us are being censored for discussing a rapist. Maybe it's her family's standing in community that LJW is concerned about. Money always talks doesn't it?

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

I think the LJW could delete 99% of the comments here... including this one of mine... and the world would have lost pretty much nothing...

The idea of a 15 year-old being a "child" is mostly a cultural thing... and I've known people to flip-flop on the idea, depending on the issue. Like, when 15 year-olds commit violent crimes, a lot of people insist that they be tried as adults.

justme2 9 years ago

stuckinthemiddle, it may be a cultural thing, but it's also a legal thing here in our country. Anyway, the victim was 14 years old when Meridith began raping him.

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

justme2 I'm not disputing the law... but I do wonder how you know for a fact that "the victim was 14 years old when Meridith began raping him". We also have laws regarding libel.

costello 9 years ago

Rumsey wasn't disbarred. He was disciplined and given a one year suspension. (In the Matter of JAMES E. RUMSEY, ORIGINAL PROCEEDING IN DISCIPLINE) (In the Matter of JAMES E. RUMSEY, ORDER OF REINSTATEMENT)

justme2 9 years ago

Yes there are laws regarding libel, but it's not libel when what is said is the truth. Sorta hard not to know the details in a such a small town.

costello 9 years ago

"Sorta hard not to know the details in a such a small town."

I don't know the details. And I don't want to know. It's not my business, and there's a child involved. I'm glad she decided to plead guilty, so this kid doesn't have to go through the ordeal of a trial.

stuckinthemiddle 9 years ago

justme2 I've heard some "details" from various in-the-know sources, but nothing that I'd state as fact in a public forum.

soothing_dragoon Some folks around here get pretty loose with some of the finer points and facts, eh?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago that the truth? You know that for fact? I'm sure the court wouild not allow that if they knew. How do you know that?

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

guapaloca says..."I'm not saying what she did was OKAY, so don't start bashing me for being a child molester-lover. I'm just giving you a little perspective of where she was coming from and what she's dealing with right now."

I'm sure your friend loves that you go around calling her a child molester!

guapaloca 9 years ago

haha... you find something negative in everything I say. Nothing I could possibly say could be okay with you. If I support her, I'm a child molester-lover. If i say I'm not okay with what she's done, I'm not supporting my friend.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

guapaloca...If you are indeed a close friend of hers, I will admit that you have taken on a lot of responsibility in your choice to stand by her despite what she has done. As long as you are her friend, and people know what she has done (no matter the "excuse" why she did it), you will have to endure the barrage of questions and people who don't understand how you can support her. You are walking a thin line of acting like you condone what she has done and trying to seperate yourself from her and her actions. I wouldn't want to be you.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

Guapaloca... don't take too much of this negativity to heart.... some of the bloggers on here are like volchers waiting in the sky for a helpless prey.... anyhow....when stories come out about possible "mistakes" that people might have made, they usually side with the police and believe everything they see in the news, no matter what the circumstances are.

I had a friend a few years back that was 18 and had a 14yr. old girlfiend. The police came to his house and questioned him without his attorney or anything and he admitted to everything because he didn't think anything was wrong. She was his girlfriend..... I think at 14 and 15. I don't see him as a "pedafile", but I know he will be listed as such from now on. kids have had sex ed in school and are old enough to understand what sex is and if they decide to have it under their own will then that should relieve SOME of the harshness of the penalty for the older party. Anyhow..

The sad thing is, if you are someone "important" in the community, the LJW will exploit you to make money. If she had been a nobody, this probably wouldn't have even made the paper.... Like Mrs. Gentry getting that DWI, or the Yellow House people...

Just keep in your mind that in due time, these big ordeals don't seem so overwhelming. Tell your friend to hang in there. I bet they give her a half way house time or something since it's her first offense. This will probably be harder on her family than her.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

It wouldn't be an issue if she was 39 and he was 30

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

You are an idiot, mutpuppy. It's mostly because of who she is, her position as an educator who parents have entrusted their kids to, that makes this so much worse than an average case. Get some freakin' common sense. This is nothing like the Yellow House ordeal. What a flippin' moron.

It's vulture, not volcher. I bet you can't spell your own name either...its "S...T...U...P...I...D".

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

soothing_dragoon: I know that's how she(?) makes it sound. The only way that it is the childs fault in a case like this is if the child physically rapes the teacher. Otherwise the teacher, elder person, adult is at fault for allowing it to happen. It doesn't matter if she had to coerce the student or if the student was willing, it's still rape. I would love to have a one-on-one conversation with Meredith and ask her exactly what she was thinking when she did this. Was she lonely, psycho, delusional, horny, or what? She had to feel something much stronger than what her moral compass was telling her.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

I don't believe that you can say its worse than any other case just because she's a teacher. What if she was a janitor, or librarian, or girl that he met downtown while he was out shopping. Are you saying then it wouldn't be as bad?
Why are you name calling? Are you in high school too?

And if you read carefully I didn't say this was the same things as the yellow house or the principal case, I said that the bloggers like to bash people who are in the spotlight of the community and used those two cases as an example.

I still believe 15yr old knew what he was consenting to. p.s. I really don't care if I mispelled something, you obviously knew what I was saying and wasted your time correcting me.

guapaloca 9 years ago

I can guarantee you that she does not think that this is his fault at ALL. She has taken responsibility for what she's done and knows that it was her place as an adult to say no even if he was initiating it. She does care about him a lot... I can tell that by how much she worries about his safety and well-being. He cares about her too. They both struggle with the same emotional problems and really leaned on each other during hard times. I think she just cared too much and made some bad choices. Really bad choices. She definitely doesn't BLAME him though. I've seen her have numerous meltdowns over how awful she feels. She doesn't feel like the victim. It's also not him vs. her. They did this together... but as the adult, she should have stopped it. She didn't.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

soothing, I know you're right that the law is the law, however, someone who breaks it with the circumstances above (15 yr old) I do not believe deserves as bashing as recieved on this board....

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

Yes, mut, calling you stupid because what you said is ridiculous (but you did call us "volchers" first). Yes it is worse because she was a teacher. It's bad in any case no matter who does it, but when it is someone parents particularly put in charge of their child every day to teach them and better them for life, it is much worse.

Your article doesn't make sense. You say that the story only made the paper because of who she is in the community (like Yellow House, you think she is decidedly someone important in the community - your words not mine). Then you turn around and say that it isn't any worse than anyone else in society. She holds a more important place in society than other because why? Because she is a teacher (that was your argument). Because she is a teacher makes this all even worse. You can't argue both sides.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

mutpuppy (Anonymous) says:

"soothing, I know you're right that the law is the law, however, someone who breaks it with the circumstances above (15 yr old) I do not believe deserves as bashing as recieved on this board:."

Your right, she deserves to be punished more than just verbally as done here. Her decision was life altering for both of them and career ending for her. And that doesn't even warrant some scolding and public humiliation? The public has every right to come down on her. We paid her damn salary while she was doing all this crap. Now we will have to pay her way in prison or where ever she ends up. You should be pissed too, but you're too busy arguing both sides of the story.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

For some reason when I read my post, it makes sense to me, but when I read your second paragraph summarizing what you think I said it makes no sense to me. :) Let me see if I can clarify.... I said bloggers were "like vultures" (spelling better that time?) Using the world "like" makes that a similie... don't worry, I am a science geek, not an english major, I shall stop my showing off there....

anyhow, to clarify... the LJW and the bloggers seem harsher on people when they hold positions in the community. Like teachers, principals, business owners etc.
I don't agree with this and think that no one person should recieve more bashings than another because of who they are.... I know it doesn't quite fit.. but this quote comes to mind from Animal Farm "All pigs are created equal, but some pigs are more equal than others" Some people get a worse punishment because of their jobs and I don't think that's fair. I don't think that because she is a teacher it makes it worse....I looked back up at my posting and I don't see where I argued that point.

mutpuppy 9 years ago

mutpuppy (Anonymous) says:

soothing, I know you're right that the law is the law, however, someone who breaks it with the circumstances above (15 yr old) I do not believe deserves as bashing as recieved on this board:.

DOES NOT DESERVE... you are not reading carefully

i_have_only_valid_opinions 9 years ago

That's alright, I don't expect you to understand it all. After all, you're not an English major. But, it is worse because she is (sorry, WAS) a teacher. You will see that that opinion is the most widley held, as apparent by the postings here. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Your's just happens to be wrong. :)

beatrice 9 years ago

guapalace: I checked the dictionary -- pedophile: an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

Notice that there is no room in the definition for the adult's mental or emotional issues at the time of the sexual attraction. Meredith Kane was attracted to a child. She acted on that attraction. She had sex with the child. Or are you saying she had sex with him because she wasn't attracted to him? This all seems pretty black and white to me, bi-polar or not. As far as her cracking, how do then explain the second time, the third time, the fourth time ...? Did she crack just before each liason?

As far as your statement, "I remember him calling her constantly." This can be taken two ways -- one, you are trying to blame the victim and act like it is his fault for pursueing her. It isn't his fault. It can't be. Two, what you describe sounds like the act of an immature and impulsive boy. As the adult it was her responsibility to stop it. She didn't. By taking his constant calls, she encouraged the behavior.

Finally, pleading guilty wasn't the most responsible thing she could have done. Not having sex with a minor would have been the most responsible thing. Pleading guilty would be a distant second for acting responsibly.

Support your friend -- that is a good thing. But please, don't try to justify her actions to us. Just ask yourself, "What if this were my son?" Would you be so forgiving, so understanding? There is no justification, be it this case or one when a priest has sex with an altar boy.

CheyannesMomma 9 years ago

I agree, it's very immature to make comments about her weight, that has NOTHING to do with what she has done. I agree also that it's wrong, I don't care if she was in love with him, 24-year-old TEACHERS do not "fall in love" with their 15-year-old students. I understand that she's made a mistake, and she should be forgiven, but I personally living in the Lawrence School District, am happy to know that she will no longer be teaching. I would never want my children in a classroom with a teacher who had a history like that.

What she did was wrong, but those of you who are personally attacking her appearance, should grow up, and QUICKLY because that's pathetic.

janeb 9 years ago

The real question here is; How does USD 497 plan to address this kind of situation on a preventative level? There has been a trend in the past several years of such boundries being crossed both with Students and in personal lives outside of the job. Too often Teachers and other Staff establish personal relationships with Students, drinking and other social activities have become a norm. Just last week I witnessed a display unbecoming of a school staff member at a local theatre. This is a person known to me who works at one of the High Schools. Many Students and Parents were there to witness the spectacle. The woman was cuffed and arrested on the scene. I couldn't help but wonder if she had ever become that aggressive with the Students in here work. Last years incident where the Principal was arrested for DUI and cases such as Mary Kay Latornue who was convicted and married her student/lover upon release show very little is being done to prevent such situations from being repeated. Too often Teachers and other Staff become socially involved with Students outside of the school setting. Most Parent's do not blink an eye at this until a situation such as the current one is exposed.
This particular Teacher was quite openly Socializing with Students both male and female outside of the parimeters of the School setting. How many Parent's have checked her myspace page to see if their child was on her Friends list? You may be surprised at what you find. The buck does not stop here, rather it requires serious consideration on the part of School Officials and Parents alike.

katiep 9 years ago

I guess it just shows that teachers are people too. You put a 23 year old teacher in a classroom with 15-18 year olds, there's bound to be boundary issues... especially when the students are closer in age to her than any other staff member and have much more in common. Most high schoolers nowadays do not ACT and LOOK like they are young children anymore. I agree there needs to be more education on how these types of events happen and how to prevent them. I don't think this is a case of a pedophile out to have sex with young children, but more a case of boundaries getting blurred.

katiep 9 years ago

Also... this isn't the first teacher to do this. When I went to school at Free State, there were several teachers, a few who are still there, who would drink and party with their students. I know, because I was there. One teacher bought us a keg once. There were also other teachers who slept with students but didn't get in trouble because the students were over 16 and, because they were winning coaches, people turned a blind eye. I have a best friend who slept with a male teacher (who is still at Free State) when she was in school. They still go out to bars with him. It happens WAY more than anyone knows. Again... how about that 34 year old male teacher who taught at Southwest who had sex with a 14 year old girl? He MARRIED the girl right out of high school. This sh*t has been happening for decades but people are just now looking into it.

lawrenceofkansas 9 years ago

Beatrice, it's "pursuing" not "pursueing" i_have_only_valid_opinions didn't catch your error, I wonder why? LJWorld should add an auto spell check on this board.

guapaloca 9 years ago

Yeah, teachers did stuff like that when I was in school too. BUT... Meredith didn't drink with students and she never bought them alcohol. She never "hung out" with groups of students outside of school. There were a few times we'd run into students downtown or something and she'd stop and talk to them for awhile... but she never partied with them. Because we're all from lawrence and lawrence IS a small town, a bunch of her students would end up at parties their older brothers and sisters would throw (who she was friends with). She flat-out stopped going to those. She DID have a few high school myspace "friends," but that's just myspace. It's not a big deal to young people- just old people who don't understand it. She also DID blur the line between teacher and student in a few cases... with this boy inparticular... but that's just because she was so outgoing and funny and fun to be around... students wanted to be around her all the time. We couldn't go anywhere without students running up to her and yelling her name. She definitely made a point not to party with them though. I know that doesn't make having sex with a student any better, but just know she wasn't out drinking and partying with them. She did get very involved in their lives and cared (probably too much) about what was happening to them. She always made herself available to them and definitely made herself seem more like a big sister/friend type than an adult authority-figure type. That blurred the line for sure and led to this situation.

Just some info so you can stop generalizing.

booze_buds_03 9 years ago

We know that she is a creep, hopefully they will give her and the youth the much needed help they both need. Guap-she is guilty end of story. Just quit feeding these people.

rachydid 9 years ago

He loves her. I am friends with him and he still loves her vary much. At school they were always 2gether and they were so funny. It was like they were the exact same person. It was almost scary how much the same they were. They were always joking around and finishing eachothers sentences and singing songs and laughing. They were both really crazy. Everyone knew that there could be something going on 2 bc they acted like an old married couple who have known eachother forever. I think they were really in love and it was consentual. I would not be suprised if they got married someday. He was always with her and adored her. He's really hot 2 and did not look 15 at all. Ms kane was really cool and we were pissd when she left. Some kids even went on strike. I hope shes ok. Hes ok so dont worry about him. Hes just pissd this is happening and he misses her. I think this mess is hurting him more then their relationship and having sex with her did. You wanted to know how he feels about her so thats my answer.

janeb 9 years ago

Well guapaloca your last post indicates you don/'t know everything there is to know about your friend. I will leave it at that.

Bubbles 9 years ago

BTW this teacher student relationship is legal in Arkansas. Or it used to be.

shirinisb 9 years ago


she admitted to it, it wasn't a false accusation. perhaps you should read the story....

acg 9 years ago

Wow I take a few days off and when I get back ya'll are still arguing about the rapist. Are people still defending her? grumbling in disgust

concernedparent 9 years ago

I'm guessing rachydid could be the boy....

janeb 9 years ago

Another thing is too many staff at the schools are on psycotropic medications. I believe that makes them unfit if they cannot muster a days work without medication. That applies to teachers and school office staff alike.

janeb 9 years ago

I wonder how often psch evals are done on school employees. Code of conduct manuals are clear written yet are they followed short of a court battle. I browsed a few manuals and found clear codes of conduct which protect anyone who has a concern about district employees. Parents should read these and act as needed to overt any future problems.

beatrice 9 years ago

guad: "She also DID blur the line between teacher and student in a few cases: with this boy inparticular ..."

I can't believe you wrote that. Blurred the line?!? Are you kidding me! Blurring the line indicates that you still think there is some right in her actions, that what she did wasn't that bad, and that it is questionable as to whether or not this is really that bad. She did not blur the line! She boldly knocked the wall down, shattered the barrier and crossed the line, with the right way to behave with children on one side and her standing on the other side. She crossed the line of right and wrong, without question.

Your excuses and defense of this person's actions are disgusting and go far beyond just supporting a friend who did a bad thing. This is a matter of what is right and wrong, and what she did was absolutely wrong. If you can't see that, please don't ever be around children yourself.

francobollo 9 years ago

katiep: You're a bit mistaken about the Southwest incident. The teacher and the student did not get married as soon as she graduated high school.

lacoov 9 years ago

I don't care what she has on My Space nor do I care about what she does with her personal time BUT being a parent of an underage male I DO CARE about any one of his teachers not being mature enough to control their behavior. It's not acceptable be it a male or female teacher to become involved with a student no matter what the circumstances may be. This young women was and is not "awesome" and should be held responsible for her actions.

Mkh 9 years ago

janeb (Anonymous) says:

"Another thing is too many staff at the schools are on psycotropic medications. I believe that makes them unfit if they cannot muster a days work without medication. That applies to teachers and school office staff alike."

Exactly! Saddly the same could be said for the students as well. Public schools now solve all their problems with pills. It has become an American epidemic. Drug Free School Zone my a$$.

Not that this has much to do with this story, I don't care to even dignify it with a comment. But this issue with medications in schools is huge.

JobbyJobless 9 years ago

i wish i had a teacher like ms. kane when i was 15....

if you think this kid will be emotionally damaged, you're seriously out of touch with the mentality of 15 year old boys

Dixie Jones 9 years ago

is Rancy actually the young man involved with this teacher??? hummmmm... Well im sorry to burst parents bubble but this kind of action goes on way too much in our schools now days. scary huh?

jonas 9 years ago

I agree with a number of posters that at 15 I would have wanted to have a (cough more svelte cough) teacher like Ms. Kane as my teacher.

Which is exactly why her punishment is justified. 15 year old boys are frickin' idiots. If we work by what they think is good, our society will implode within a couple months, I be thinkin'.

Don't know what else there is to say 'bout this. How did this actually get so many posts?

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

Who said anything about whether she confessed or not, shirinisb?

Somebody else commented on how everyone should have known she was a pervert because she had people listed on her myspace page as friends who were under 18.

So, how many of you know people under age 18 that you consider to be your friends?

costello 9 years ago

"Which is exactly why her punishment is justified. 15 year old boys are frickin' idiots. If we work by what they think is good, our society will implode within a couple months, I be thinkin'."

Thank you, Jonas. I have a 15 year old son. I love him dearly, but sometimes he's a "frickin' idiot." If some teacher - or any other adult woman, for that matter - takes it upon herself to "make him a man," I'll be less than happy. That goes for adults who provide him access to alcohol as well.

costello 9 years ago

"So, how many of you know people under age 18 that you consider to be your friends?"

I'm 45 and personally I don't have any friends that young - or anywhere near that young. I just don't have enough in common with really young people to be friends with them.

I do have a "friend" on myspace who is 18. He happens to be my adopted son's biological brother. A myspace "friend" isn't necessarily someone I'd consider a real friend - as in a person I share confidences with or socialize with.

Linda Endicott 9 years ago

Well, Costello, I don't have any people that young that I consider friends either...but some people do. Especially younger people.

I also don't consider people I only know through the internet as "friends", but a lot of people do...especially young people.

It seems to be part of the new culture of the electronic landscape.

Dixie Jones 9 years ago

havent been keeping up too much but has anyone looked at her myspace acct today its totally different...

justme2 8 years, 11 months ago

Looks like Ms. Kane's picture finally made the KBI sexual predator list!

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