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Plumbing Services / A Plumber, A Parrot, and a Rotweiler...


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A plumber in San Diego arrived at his next job only to find his client was going out. Worried about the clients Rotweiler the man asks if he could come back later.

Noticing the plumber’s insecurity the client says, “Don’t worry about the dog he won’t hurt you, but whatever you do don’t talk to the parrot!”.

Heeding the client’s warning he walks into the house and into the kitchen.

Feeling more confident about the Rotweiler he starts working on the sink. Barely after starting he notices the parrot sitting by the Rotweiler, all of a sudden the parrot bursts out with a bunch of insult’s. Almost half way through the job the plumber starts to get angry, he starts to tell the bird to be quiet. .All of a sudden the bird becomes silent, then very quietly the bird says, “Sick him Rex.”