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Founded in 2008 StopGap, Inc is a non-profit organization working at the grassroots level with 501(c) (3) status that will work with youth who are aging out of foster care. We are offering a Youth Empowerment Outreach Program to help youth, 15-21 to acquire the necessary skills to compete in society and claim ownership of their lives to become successful.

We provide an Eight (8) week, program Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00p to 7:30pm, interactive program, that consist of such topics as: employment preparation, meal planning and preparation, home maintenance, budgeting, etc.. We provide qualified instructors/volunteers that are conversant in these program areas to instruct youth in skill building techniques to achieve life changing goals.

Our mission: To move youth from dependence to independence; to Encourage, Empower, Engage, Promote, Protect, Strengthen, and Support youth aging-out of foster care in Douglas County.

Our future goal: An 18-24 month intensive supervised transitional living program for youth 16-21 with community-based components. We will have a 4-5 bedroom home which will operate 24/7; we will take 4-5 youth. In addition, the courses we use in our outreach program, will be implemented into our transitional living program. We promote community participation through volunteering, For those who are apprehensive about joining the program, can still access services through the outreach program.

In addition, we want to have an interconnecting web through partnerships with other non-profit organizations that serve this populace and offer Pre-intervention services; giving youth 11-14 the knowledge they need to be successful before exiting the foster care system.

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