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What do you value most in a college: top-ranked sports programs or top-ranked academics?

Response Percent Votes
78% 670
21% 184
Total 854


Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

i love sports-- i'm very much of a fan-- but college is a SCHOOL. hello??.... school.... books.... teachers, students.... catch my drift?

Tony Kisner 8 years ago

I valued interested professors and an all encompassing educational experience. What I and most receive is teaching performed by recent grads only concerned about finding a better job and professors who in large part are focused on the next grant, with a willingness to cancel class at any opportunity. It is a strange buyer/seller experience where the seller touts the intangible including athletics (do those guys really go to the same school as me?) over the substantial. Lucky for most colleges the purchaser is too young to legally drink and is not the person forking over the cash, thus has no direct link to the product other than a place to hang out for four to six years.

CreatureComforts 8 years ago

To me, college is different from school. School is the learning, college is the experience. You need both to mature into a successful adult. Going to parties and games with your friends is party of learn how to interact, come out of your shell, and get some common sense. College is more than just need a well rounded experience, not just a well rounded education, to be successful.

I know plenty of people who went to schools that focused ONLY on academics...after all, I grew up in Boston, so I know plenty of Harvard and MIT grads. They may be experts on particle physics, 11th century british history or amino acids...but they cannot interact with another person, learn how to finance a house or balance a checkbook.

No, I am not saying that going to a basketball game teaches you how to balance a checkbook...I am saying that there needs to be more to college than academics.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Are you chosing as a fan or as a potential student or student athlete? Student athletes - find the best pick academically, and then find the sports program that fits (even top recruits should do this, but we know they don't) Students - academics (then again, I chose my school because its the one I always followed, was nearby, etc.) Fan - well you usually chose it for sports, unless you are an alumni. then again, sometimes the school does something really cool and great academically and socially, and then you just become a fan.

BorderRuffian 8 years ago

Instead of top-ranking in academics or top-ranking in sports, I think most KU students would rather have top-less dancers..Go Anna!!!

Belinda Rehmer 8 years ago

Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind would say sports are more important? But they sure don't hurt!

beatrice 8 years ago

Academics people, academics!

Without academics, there would be no college sports, but without college sports you would still have the academics. Academics first, everything else comes after.

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