Kathleen Baker


Rating: 5

Kathleen Baker Douglas County Dental Clinic Inc

I have been using DC Dental Clinic for many years and have always had excellent results. I am retired & without dental insurance, so cannot afford to go anywhere else. I was at first apprehensive, thinking discounted prices meant discounted services, but I've always been very pleased with the work they do. You are treated with respect, & they are happy to answer any questions.

Rating: 5

Kathleen Baker Dale & Ron's Auto Service, Inc.

I've been taking my cars to Dale & Ron's since the early 80's and have always been 100% satisfied with their work. I trust them completely.

Rating: 1

Kathleen Baker The Oaks Apartments

I lived at "The Oaks" for about three years & would not recommend living there the way it is currently being run. For starters the walls are thin & people are loud. They do not seem to have a noise ordinance and that should be made clear when people sign a lease. I had to call the police several times, once because a women kept getting up at night & kicking people's doors. They would not evict her for this! Later in the same apartment someone DIED & it took them far too long to deal with that nightmare. After the body was removed, they did NOTHING to get rid of the horrendous smell which lingered for at least two weeks. I had to put my own fans in the hallway & kept spraying the hall to help get rid of it! When I complained about it the woman in the office just said "I'm really sorry about that" & shrugged her shoulders. They also do not keep the parking lot clean, there is almost always broken glass. The apartments on the west side are like living in an oven until they deem it time to turn on the AC. If the temp drops below 83 degrees, they shut it off at will. So I guess if none of that bothers you, you might really like living there!!