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Oriental Bistro & Grill

Rating: 5

ASalau Oriental Bistro & Grill

I just had their fried rice and it was fantastic. I will definitely patronize this restaurant again!!! Can't wait to try other things on their menu....

Rating: 5

JiHsieh Oriental Bistro & Grill

My Family and I go there on a weekly basis!...we love the atmosphere,friendly staff, menu section is wonderful, and most important of all, food is D-LICIOUS and authentic!

Rating: 5

thebrettj Oriental Bistro & Grill

This is absolutely my favorite restaurant in Lawrence. The food is top-notch, the atmosphere is clean and relaxing, and the staff is quick and attentive. I would recommend it to anyone (and often do.)

Rating: 5

penguin04 Oriental Bistro & Grill

We used to go to Wa for our sushi and will never go back. Oriental Bistro is amazing! I would like to try some of their other dishes but their sushi is SO good that I can't bring myself to get anything but it. Atmosphere is great and service is always friendly!

Rating: 5

dk3197 Oriental Bistro & Grill

Best Asian food in Lawrence! Friendly staff and the food is unbelievable!!! We will not be eating anywhere else from now on.

Rating: 5

okbyme Oriental Bistro & Grill

Absolutely tops. Rich and chef know how to give you a great meal! The service is fantastic and there is always something new I can try.

Up until I visited when they first opened, I did not eat sushi. Alan convinced me to give it a try and I've been hooked ever since. Best Korean BBQ I've had in 20+ years.

Go in, let them know what you like and they'll deliver. Outstanding!

Rating: 4

Sunnymay Oriental Bistro & Grill

This restaurant ranks in my top 3 of best asian cuisine in Lawrence!!! I really enjoy the variety they offer here and the food tastes great!!! Not to metion it is very affordable.

Rating: 5

Linda Jalenak Oriental Bistro & Grill

Best Oriental restaurant in Lawrence. Best variety, best staff, best food.