A Concerned Citizen

The pictures of you on the Kansas city school board website really make you all look very intelligent and capable of making rational decisions. You can see why I am baffled at the recent decision you made regarding intelligent design and I therefore call on you to respond to Bobby Henderson’s well reasoned open letter to the Kansas City School Board, since I think his explanation of the theory of Evolution is at least as strong as that of “Intelligent Design.” If you are going to teach competing “theories” there are a significant number of them, and you should teach them all. Just look to greek mythology for one set. Heck, for that matter, read the Lord of the Rings for another theory.

I have no doubt that there is a God. This is a matter of my FAITH. I love my God and I know he exists because I go to CHURCH on SUNDAYS and BIBLE STUDY where I get to learn of him better. I believe the major tenets of my religion are FAITH, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION and RIGHTIOUSNESS (as opposed to self rightiousness, which seems more prevalent these days. especially in Kansas).

When I send my children to SUNDAY SCHOOL, I expect them to learn the glory of God and how he will forgive us our sins, etc.

When I send my children to PUBLIC SCHOOL, I expect them to learn science based on observable facts. All of geometry is based on “Math Theorems” that over time are reinforced again and again. Should we have intelligent design taught in the math class too? “Math is logical because there is a logical being that created it.” It seems ridiculous ad nauseum to assume such drivel.

As a CHRISTIAN and a loving person, I find the self righteousness of intelligent design proponents, who continually try to blur the line bewteen the separation of church and state completely offensive, unGODly, and against God’s Will.

Jennifer K. Rankin, Esq.

Margolis & Associates