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Be fair about theories

August 23, 2005


Kansas School Board,

If y'all are going to teach Intelligent Design Theory, then really, you should also teach Henderson's "Flying Spaghetti Monsterism". It is only fair. At a minumum you must explain to him why your fairy tale is so much better than his. Frankly, I do not see a difference.

In fact, I am inclined to support the Flying Spaghetti Monster over your god, as it is new, fresh, and, let's face it, fun. I think the kids of these days will flock to it like sheep! But you might want to change it to the Flying "Pizza" Monster, as I think people tend to prefer pizza to spaghetti.

Oh, and a question for the Board: are you going to insist that geography courses teach the "Earth is flat" theory along side that audacious "round" idea?


Jason Tockman

81 Central Avenue

Athens, OH 45701


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