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In-law jailed in slaying of teen-ager

November 14, 1999


— Hours after Thomas Bledsoe was released on bond, his brother was arrested in connection with the death of an Oskaloosa High School student.

On the same day Camille Arfmann was buried, the Jefferson County sheriff arrested her brother-in-law in connection with her murder.

Floyd Scott Bledsoe, 23, was arrested at 3 a.m. Saturday and is being held in the county jail on suspicion of first-degree murder, Sheriff Roy Dunnaway said.

Bledsoe, whose wife, Heidi, is Arfmann's sister, has not been formally charged in connection with Arfmann's disappearance and death last weekend.

Arfmann, 14, lived in the mobile home of Floyd Scott and Heidi Bledsoe, about a mile outside of Oskaloosa. Arfmann, whose mother lives in Winchester, stayed at her sister's so she could ride the school bus to Oskaloosa High School, where she was a ninth-grader.

Arfmann disappeared on Nov. 5. She was last seen getting off a school bus at 4:20 p.m. and walking into her sister and brother-in-law's mobile home at 15200 Fairview Road.

On Monday, when Arfmann's body was discovered, Floyd Scott Bledsoe, who identified himself as Floyd Bledsoe Jr., complained bitterly to reporters about their not reporting Arfmann's disappearance more quickly. He accused them of only being interested in the girl because of the manner of her death.

"It seems like you always jump in after the kill has been made," Floyd Scott Bledsoe said.

He also said he had stopped cars passing in front of his home and asked the drivers whether they saw anything suspicious. Floyd Scott Bledsoe said he had been awake for 70 hours straight searching for Arfmann.

His brother Thomas E. Bledsoe, who was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in connection with Arfmann's death, was released Friday night on his own recognizance, Dunnaway said.

The sheriff declined to say whether information provided by Thomas Bledsoe led to the arrest of Floyd Scott Bledsoe.

Floyd Scott Bledsoe's arrest was based on "just information the investigation has brought out," Dunnaway said.

On Tuesday, District Magistrate Judge Dennis Reiling ordered Thomas Bledsoe held without bond. Thomas Bledsoe's release was arranged between his defense attorney Michael Hayes and County Attorney Jim Vanderbilt, the sheriff said.

As of late Saturday, Thomas Bledsoe still is charged with first-degree murder, Dunnaway said.

At Thomas Bledsoe's first-appearance hearing Tuesday, Vanderbilt described Arfmann's murder as "heinous" in arguing against setting a bond for Thomas Bledsoe.

Vanderbilt had nothing to say about the arrest of Floyd Scott Bledsoe and Thomas Bledsoe's release on bond.

"I have no comment," Vanderbilt said Saturday night as he left the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Center.

Arfmann was reported missing at 12:50 a.m. Nov. 6. Friends, family and sheriff's officers searched various sites in Jefferson County during the weekend, even bringing in bloodhounds from Leavenworth County to aid in the search.

Arfmann's body was discovered at 2:30 a.m. Monday buried beneath trash and dirt in a ditch in a field north of the home where Thomas Bledsoe, 25, has lived all of his life with his parents. Thomas Bledsoe was arrested at 2:45 a.m. Monday.

Arfmann died of a gunshot wound.

Thomas Bledsoe and Floyd Scott Bledsoe were given land north of the Bledsoe home this summer as a bequest in the will of their grandmother Ida Bledsoe.

Thomas Bledsoe led sheriff's officers to the ditch where Arfmann was buried.

Dunnaway said Floyd Scott Bledsoe's arrest does not bring the investigation into Arfmann's death to an end.

"I know it seems like a yo-yo to you guys," he said. "It seems like a yo-yo to us."

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