Concealed carry sponsor concerned about privacy of records

Should records of people who get permits to carry concealed guns in Kansas be concealed from the public?

That issue was raised in a Journal-World online chat Thursday with the main sponsor of the new law, Sen. Phil Journey, R-Haysville.

Journey, the self-described “quarterback” of the new law, said the privacy issue hasn’t yet been addressed – but that he would work to protect the privacy of those who get permits.

“This was not contemplated in the drafting of the bill and shall be dealt with as fast as possible,” Journey said during the chat.

The new law goes on the books July 1, but the first permits aren’t expected to be issued by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office until January.

A questioner calling himself “Tim, Oppressive Park, KS” asked if concealed carry permit records would be accessible to the public, including anti-gun organizations and criminals.

Journey said he would try to deal with privacy within the rules and regulations that will be written to implement the law.

“I hope to restrict public access to permit holders’ personal information and expect the attorney general to have the same position,” Journey said.

After the chat, he said if permit privacy couldn’t be addressed in rules and regulations, he hoped the privacy issue could be dealt with early next year by the Legislature.

“I’m concerned about permit holders’ names and addresses being divulged to potential burglars,” he said. “And so I hope that our colleagues in the media will restrain themselves from publishing lists of permit holders.”

Journey responded to about 20 questions during the chat.