Births for December 2008

Wednesday, Dec. 31
  • Jason and Lisa Grebe, Lawrence, a girl.
Tuesday, Dec. 30
  • Greg and Angie Bloom, Lecompton, a boy.
Wednesday, Dec. 31
  • Justin and Carlyle Salb, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, Dec. 29
  • David Joe and Ashli Gill, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Matthew and Emily Clothier, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Stewart and Kim Cooper, Lawrence, a girl.
Sunday, Dec. 28
  • Derrick and Kelly Long, Eudora, a boy.
  • Jaimee Simpson and Andrew Brewer, Lawrence, a boy.
Saturday, Dec. 27
  • Brad and Mandy Serafine, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jeff and Jana Tigchelaar, Lawrence, a boy.
Friday, Dec. 26
  • Jeanette Smith and Clayton Atkinson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Kathy and Brian Hughes, Baldwin City, a boy.
  • Rosa Ulloa and Francisco Cisneros, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Gary and Ashley Harper, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, Dec. 25
  • Rosa Long and Brian Sizemore, Oskaloosa, a boy.
Wednesday, Dec. 24
  • Mark and April Bullard, Lawrence, a girl.
Tuesday, Dec. 23
  • Jennifer and James Myers, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Dec. 24
  • Cimarron Evans and Amanda Criswell, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Rob and Cat Monroe, Lawrence, a girl.
Tuesday, Dec. 23
  • JD Lesher and Carrie Bennett, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Amanda Johnson and John Keovomsock, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jody and Kellen Coleman, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Amy and Brian Price, Eudora, a girl.
Monday, Dec. 22
  • Dale and Leslie Hazlett, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Aaron and Stephanie Scurto, Oskaloosa, twin boys.
Sunday, Dec. 21
  • Joyce Worley and Terrance Beer, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Drew Martin and Cassie Martin, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mickey and Jennifer Kimball, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Dec. 20
  • Tim and Chelsea Hibbard, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Aaron and Kimberlee Bell, Eudora, a boy.
  • Ryan Rofkahr and Frances Horvath, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Chris and Kim King, Oskaloosa, a boy.
Friday, Dec. 19
  • Sháera Hickman and Brenden Messick, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jeremy and Tamara Frye, Ozawkie, a girl.
  • Gina King and Ryan Lammers, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, Dec. 18
  • Christina Pringle and Robert Moore, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Ashley Avila and Alejandro Dilone, Barrington, a boy.
  • Jennifer Young and Mike Young, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Tom and Deanna Prisinzano, Lawrence, a girl.
Wednesday, Dec. 17
  • Markell Tolbert and Nicole Henson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Tyler and Chelsea Manwarren, Manhattan, a boy and a girl.
  • Brad and Laurie Hoffmeier, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Andy and Cory Sullivan, McLouth, a boy.
  • Dan and Angie Spurgin, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Raymon and Alona Azure, Lawrence, a girl.
Tuesday, Dec. 16
  • Chad and Jessica Collins, Eudora, a girl.
  • Jonathan Hemphill and Megan Adams, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, Dec. 15
  • Brandy and John Baranski, Baldwin City, a girl.
  • Brooke Hill and Anthony Riley, Lawrence, a boy.
Sunday, Dec. 14
  • Jessica McGinn and Curtis Snelling, Garnett, a boy.
  • Kenny and Jody Brown, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Krystal Gipson, Ottawa, a boy.
  • Jason and Morgan Hoss, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Trish and Eric Neuteboom, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Dec. 13
  • Zsashamica Slappy and Elijah McCray III, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Garrett and Humbelina Harper, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Chelsea and Sutagee Anglin, Eudora, a girl.
  • Tom and Shannon Pool, Topeka, a girl.
Friday, Dec. 12
  • Cody Clark and Mandy Thomas, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, Dec. 11
  • Patrick and Brandi Perry, Eudora, a boy.
  • Ryan and Connie Grimes, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Stephanie and Kent Fisher, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Allen and Karen Schelert, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Dec. 10
  • Kassie Brown, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Angela Patterson and Chet Unruh, Tonganoxie, a girl.
Tuesday, Dec. 9
  • Nick Fulks and Rachel Hernandez, Eudora, a girl.
  • Meka Edwards and Devin Helton, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, Dec. 8
  • Candice Lucero, Eudora, a boy.
  • Misty Rivera and Miguel Zapata, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Megan and Patrick Leopold, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, Dec. 6
  • Jennie Kearns and Jimmie Tesch, Eudora, a boy.
Sunday, Dec. 7
  • Brad Peknik and Kira Alexander, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Alaina Nelson and Robert Gonzales, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Korey and Tabitha West, Lawrence, a girl.
Thursday, Dec. 4
  • Barclay and Dean Hagen, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Danielle Keyes and Rocko Brown, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Dec. 3
  • Shannon and Paula Wunder, Berryton, a boy.
  • Cemetrice and Sadiq Muhammed, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, Dec. 1
  • Cal and Elaina Thoman, Lawrence, a girl.