Latest Births

Wednesday, May 27
  • Jordan and Amanda Wright, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, May 26
  • Azizah and Abdul Alshehri, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Sarah and Austin Paley, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Russell and Wenting Fulmer, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Samantha Montague and Brian Phillips, a boy.
Monday, May 25
  • Katelyn Todd and Gavin Fischer, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Joshua and Kaylin Burbank, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, May 21
  • Phon and Briana Vilayoune, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jeremy and Kayla Bunnel, Oskaloosa, a girl.
  • Caitlyn Alterman and Charles Timothy Valentine, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Hanna and Brady LaMar, Lawrence, a girl.
Wednesday, May 20
  • Sarah Vertelka and Zach Taylor, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, May 19
  • Maurice Andrews and Kelly Hadl, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jessie and Michael Crawford, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, May 18
  • Kyle and Lori Bartel, Lawrence, a girl.