Latest Births

Monday, Aug. 3
  • Joshua Spain and Lau Canelos, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Mitch and Jordan Lehn, Tonganoxie, a girl.
  • Lydia Thao and Chris Goodspeed, Lawrence, a boy.
  • James Bradshaw II and Michelle Steffen, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, July 30
  • Heather and Michael Rossi, Perry, a girl.
  • Jinnine and William Miller, Lawrence, a girl.
Wednesday, July 29
  • Caitlin and Robert Reed, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Brett and Sarah Anderton, Lawrence , a girl.
  • Aaron McClung and Abby Bird, Eudora, a boy.
Tuesday, July 28
  • Curtis and Jessica Wood, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Hanna and Albert Moews, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, July 27
  • Elizabeth and Adam Hiatt, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brian and Jamie Davis, Tonganoxie, a girl.
Friday, July 24
  • Hongyi Cai and Dongmiao Wang, Lawrence, a boy.
Thursday, July 23
  • Mr. and Mrs. Austin James Schmidt, Lawrence, a girl.