Latest Births

Thursday, July 24
  • Luis and Christina Salazar, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Tawnya and Adam Johnson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Sloan Beerbower and Kimberly Robertson, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, July 23
  • Tyson and Daphne Mayes, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Justin and Victoria Mance, McLouth, a girl.
Tuesday, July 22
  • Kayla and Kellen Wilhelm, Eudora, a girl.
  • Albert and Nicole Neil, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, July 21
  • Angela and Diego Cardenas, Tonganoxie, a boy.
  • Sadaaki Fukui and Wei Wu, a girl.
  • Michael and Sonja Defoe, Lawrence, a boy.
Sunday, July 20
  • Karen and Matthew Woltersdorf, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Natalie and Jason Mattson, Lawrence, a girl.
Saturday, July 19
  • Gemma and David Matter, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Monica and Steve Alm, Lawrence, a boy.
Friday, July 18
  • Kaitlyn Poff and Quintin Rucker, Lawrence, a boy.