Latest Births

Wednesday, March 4
  • Stacey and Dan Boyce, Perry, a boy.
  • Nick and Louise Krug, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, March 3
  • Jason and Casy Carlsten, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, March 2
  • Samuel and Yuka Billen, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Kayle Pearson and Lance Atkins, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Dave and Allison Tetreault, a girl.
Thursday, Feb. 26
  • Kayla Nilsen, Lawrence, a boy.
Wednesday, Feb. 25
  • Chealsey Jean Walker, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Amanda Wiyninger and Norman Sheridan, Perry, a boy.
  • Elizabeth Shaver and Vernon Hunter, McClouth, a girl.
Tuesday, Feb. 24
  • Jamie and Jay Riner, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Barrett and Wendi Kessler, Baldwin, a boy.
  • Anthony and Natasha Jones, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Kiara and Miguel Ayala, Lawrence, a girl.
Monday, Feb. 23
  • Deondria Smith and Travis Brawnlee, Lawrence, a girl.