Latest Births

Friday, Jan. 20
  • Karina Soares and Joáo Dregoire, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Bryan and Diane Fishburn, Lawrence, a boy.
Tuesday, Jan. 17
  • Matt Poulton and Kathleen Haehl-Poulton, Lawrence, a boy.
Monday, Jan. 16
  • David and Lisa Hodges, Lawrence, a boy.
Sunday, Jan. 15
  • Tanner David Theilen and Haley Danielle McCoy, a boy.
Saturday, Jan. 14
  • Jascynne Brown and Phillip Martinez, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Hillary Stephenson and Ryan Cook, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Maria and Martin deBoer, Lawrence, a boy.
Friday, Jan. 13
  • Jill Becker and David Ross, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Ashleigh and Jason Pope, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Chad Cerrito and Destinee Hammond, De Soto, a boy.
Thursday, Jan. 12
  • Reem Alanazi and Ahmed Alanazi, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Samantha and Andrew Linenberger, Lawrence, a girl.
Wednesday, Jan. 11
  • Taylor Morgan and Andrew Jones, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Angela and James Smith, Tonganoxie, a girl.