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Facebook to AA: Who let the cat out?

Jessica Schilling

We probably all know someone who's posted a lost-pet flier on Facebook - and maybe even someone who's found their furry friend as a result - but this might be the first time a missing pet has garnered so much attention on social media. And for good reason; who wouldn't ...

It's the future - but where's social media?

Jessica Schilling

Since the future's on everyone's mind right now - by which we really mean the long Labor Day weekend - we thought it'd be a good time to look back at these feel-good AT&T ads from 1993, which depict The Future in some ways that look, from a vantage point ...

Facebook privacy update also brings changes to Places

Jessica Schilling

The social Web has been all abuzz the last few days about the next big wave of changes that are coming to Facebook, and for once the reaction doesn't seem terribly negative. At long last, Big Blue seems to have largely straightened out the increasingly tangled maze of privacy settings ...

Americans get social - but how?

Jessica Schilling

This infographic has been making the rounds on Twitter this week, but if you haven't yet seen it, it's well worth a look (click to enlarge): Essentially, social media marketing firm Hasai took a look at a bunch of pretty standard stats on social media - but then aggregated them ...

A summer of social media

Jessica Schilling

*Note: This is the final of three blog posts from Samantha Schwartz, our super summer social media intern. She's returning to Grinnell College next week, and we'll miss her creativity, devotion and enthusiasm! Best of luck for the school year.* Ever experienced this? You’re talking to someone on your cell ...

Foodies take a bite out of social media

Jessica Schilling

*Note: Here's another post from Samantha Schwartz, our summer social media intern - and an ace foodie.* Before the internet, recipe sharing meant literally scribbling down a copy of your friend's nearly perfected banana bread recipe. These days, if you just Google "banana bread recipe", you'll find over 5 million ...

Complain? Who, me?

Jessica Schilling

If you've ever managed a corporate social media account - or even just a Facebook page for, say, your biking club - you'll already know that one of the most challenging aspects of the job is to be on call 24/7. Sure, your business or organization may not run the ...

Getting glam with social media

Jessica Schilling

Note: Today's post is from Samantha Schwartz, former "Double Take" columnist for who's returned for the summer from Grinnell College as our social media intern. Thanks, Samantha! Have you heard of Blair Fowler? Maybe not, but she has a loyal following of 764,871 fans on YouTube, and her videos ...

Google+ ... impressed or nonplussed?

Jessica Schilling

OK, then! Two weeks of Google+ under our collective belt. Who's got it all figured out? Anybody? Didn't think so. We all know that Google's brand new, mysterious-around-the-edges social network (is it really a social network?) may well be the Next Big Thing. Many of us have clamored madly for ...

Seeing more QR codes in the mail?

Jessica Schilling

If the United States Postal Service's campaign is a success, you very well might be seeing more of those funky, blocky, smartphone-friendly website cues in your mailbox (your real one, not your email inbox). The USPS is currently running a two-month summer campaign offering a 3 percent discount to businesses ...

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