You’re celebrating the last stop day, the last prom, the last final and the last day you’ll be a senior.

Graduation day is almost upon us. Soon Lawrence will explode with balloons, grill outs, parents in downtown bars (yeah, we’ve seen you there), cards stuffed with money and students rushing to partake in one last party before they take the next big step.

Duh. Right?

Well, we’re excited for this year’s graduates and want to be a part of the fun. That’s why we’re asking you to share the photos you take on Instagram throughout your graduation festivities. (Keep it PG, though).

It’s called Instagrad. We’re celebrating all of the grads of Lawrence. Grads, moms, friends, little sisters, uncles, roommates and everyone in between can participate.

Here’s the just: Take a photo of your favorite graduate some time during the graduation celebrations with the Instagram app on your mobile phone. Tweet your photo to @LJWorld using either #instagradKU (KU grads) or #instagradLKS (high school and Haskell grads). We’ll be compiling the tweeted photos into an album on the LJWorld.com Facebook page to celebrate all of the graduates in Lawrence.

Until then, good luck on your finals, packing and all that other lame stuff. When the party gets started, don’t forget to Instagrad. (And please don’t laugh too much of my dorky grad photo above.)