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Directory of World Company's Social Media Accounts

Kris McDonald

The World Company has a number of accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. We encourage active use of these accounts by our staff, and encourage our readers to use the accounts to connect with us both on a business and personal level. We have compiled this directory so ...

Which social technographics define you?

Whitney Mathews

A few years ago Forrester researchers Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff created the Social Technographics Ladder - a system that revolutionized how we look at behavior and interaction in social media by placing users into overlapping categories. Each ladder rung defined a specific set of behaviors, and people can fall ...

Changes for the Social Media Department

Ben Smith

Today marks my 10 year anniversary at the World Company and just over 10 years of living in the United States. A lot has happened here at the World Company over those 10 years. Perhaps the most significant changes are in the technology we have at our disposal and how ...

Lawrence Chamber of Commerce workshops

Kris McDonald In the days of yesteryear, social networking may have been simply a way to meet people who have the same interests as you. But today, social media have turned online social networks into extremely useful tools in the online AND offline business worlds. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube aren't ...

Social media team welcomes new member

Kris McDonald

You might be wondering: Why is this random guy dropping in to write a post on the social media team's blog? Is he a big deal? Possibly a social media expert? Should I even care? To answer the second question, my 6-pound ball of fur Reilly tends to think I ...

Century 21 video localizes social media

Whitney Mathews

I love this video, and consistently come back to it when I'm putting together workshop presentations. This was an entry for an internal, company-wide contest at Century 21 in 2008. Not only is it a great example of taking a free network (YouTube) and adapting it to fit the needs ...

Happy Holidays!

Whitney Mathews

We had a very special helper create our department Christmas card today... what do you think?

Introducing the Free State Social

Whitney Mathews

Today we launched our Web site and began selling tickets for the Free State Social. Below is the press release in our About section. Questions? Let us know. Email or find us on Twitter @FreeStateSocial. **************** Social media is much more than a fad - it's changing the ...

Meet the world's smallest snowman

Whitney Mathews This isn't necessarily about social media, but it's a YouTube video so I'm posting it. Meet the world's smallest snowman, made by the National Physics Laboratory in Great Britain. He is 10 µm across, which is about 1/5th the width of a human hair. He's a wee little guy!

December Social Media Events

Whitney Mathews

Rats - I'm posting this late and already missed two events (the SMCKC Breakfast on Dec. 4 and the Red Balloon karaoke TweetUp on Dec. 5). That's my fault. I apologize. Here are a list of social media-related events for December in the Lawrence, Topeka and Kansas City area. If ...

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