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Obama issues statement deploring Tiller’s murder

May 31, 2009


— President Barack Obama says he is shocked and outraged over the killing of an abortion provider at a Kansas church.

Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed Sunday morning while he was serving as an usher at a church in Wichita, Kan. The White House released a statement from the president Sunday evening.

Obama says violence is not the answer to resolve differing opinions on abortion and said the shooting is a murder. Tiller was one of the nation's few providers of late-term abortions. He was the object of decades of protests and attacks.


Amy Heeter 9 years ago

Darn tootin it's an Obamanation!

Godot 9 years ago

Of all the murders that have occured in the US since January 21, 2009, this is the only one that outrages Obama enough that he chooses to denounce it, before there is a determination of motive.

repaste 9 years ago

the right wing kooks are trying to hi-jack the christian religion like they are the muslims. get your gun and ropes and lets stomp it out! (kinda kidding)

tunahelper 9 years ago

omaba is such a hypocrite! 100s die in Washington DC, but when one of his abortionists is shot, he is outraged! what a phony balony!

sfjayhawk 9 years ago

Godot, are you saying that there is a potential motive that would make this murder something that anyone would not denounce? you people are wack.

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