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Kline promised no sex case attacks

Days later, A.G. changed direction

October 27, 2006


— Five days before holding a news conference to tout unproven 15-year-old sexual harassment claims against his opponent, Atty. Gen. Phill Kline told a newspaper's editorial board he didn't intend to make them an issue or use them in ads.

Kline, a Republican seeking a second term, has for two weeks made the claims a key part of his campaign against Democrat Paul Morrison, the Johnson County district attorney. The claims came from two federal lawsuits filed against Morrison by a former employee, but both cases were dismissed and Morrison paid no damages.

Last weekend, Kline's campaign began airing a television ad about the allegations, and he and his aides have said they're raising a "serious issue" about Morrison's character. Morrison has called Kline's actions "desperate and sleazy" and "bottom-feeder politics."

Morrison's accuser, Kelly Summerlin, issued a two-page statement Friday through her attorney, contesting what Morrison has said about the issue.

She also suggested Morrison invaded her privacy when she and her husband sought to adopt a child after she was fired. Morrison called that statement false.

He expressed anger Friday that her allegations continue to receive attention because of the way the lawsuits turned out and how long ago the allegations were made.

"I'm not going to get in the gutter any more with Phill Kline," he said.

Kline spokeswoman Sherriene Jones said the Republican began raising the allegations as an issue after hearing Morrison make what she called misleading statements about them and Summerlin.

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"It speaks to his character, and Kansas voters should assess this and read Kelly Summerlin's words carefully," Jones said. "We believe her, and we think Kansans will believe her, too."

No response yet

Morrison hasn't yet aired an ad responding to Kline's. Bob Beatty, a Washburn University political scientist, said that without polling, it's hard to tell whether Kline's ad is effective. If it is, he said, Morrison must respond or risk losing.

"The fact there hasn't been a response yet by Morrison means the whole thing has frozen them, or it means they believe they have a lead and they're holding it," Beatty said.

'I'm not. I'm not'

Kline alluded to the allegations during an Oct. 10 debate in Wichita, then discussed them the next day with The Wichita Eagle's editorial board. In a video posted on The Eagle's Web site, Kline provided some details and encouraged the editorial board to review court records. An aide provided the case number for one of the lawsuits.

When a board member asked Kline whether he planned to make the allegations an issue, he said, "I'm not. I'm not."

The board member asked, "So there's not some commercial?"

Kline answered: "No."

At a news conference in Topeka on Oct. 16, Kline and Ron Freeman, the GOP's state executive director, discussed the allegations against Morrison. Morrison's wife, Joyce, attended and denounced Kline's actions.

Within a week, Kline began airing his television ad. His campaign also arranged interviews with Morrison's accuser this week for selected news organizations.

Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton, and the Kansas Traditional Republican Majority, a group of GOP moderates, have called on Kline to withdraw the ad, but he has refused.


The basis for Summerlin's allegations was a November 1990 incident at an after-hours office party at an Olathe bar.

Summerlin worked for Morrison as the victims coordinator in the district attorney's office until February 1991. She filed her first federal lawsuit a month later and the second one in 1992. She also made a complaint to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Summerlin said Morrison reduced her responsibilities and then fired her because she rebuffed his drunken advance.

But, the EEOC noted in January 1992, Summerlin had no witnesses to corroborate her version of events. That same month, Morrison signed a sworn statement acknowledging only that he had told her that she looked attractive, had realized she took the comment the wrong way, and had apologized the next day for any misunderstanding.

Morrison also has said he fired Summerlin because he was displeased with her job performance and that several employees left the district attorney's office because of her.

The EEOC concluded there wasn't sufficient evidence that Summerlin had been subjected to comments of a sexual nature.

A judge dismissed the first lawsuit in July 1992. In February 1993, Morrison and Summerlin agreed to dismiss the second lawsuit. In interviews this week, Summerlin confirmed that she didn't receive money or anything of value.

She said in her statement Friday that she dropped the second lawsuit because she wanted to go to nursing school, and "I needed to go forward."

After her firing, Summerlin said she and her husband were in the process of adopting their first child. She said in her statement Friday that she learned then that Morrison had spoken with one of the child's grandparents, and she "felt violated again." Morrison said the statement wasn't true.

'America's Most Wanted'

In a related development, the executive producer of "America's Most Wanted" discussed the decision of John Walsh, the television show's host, to ask Morrison to withdraw a radio ad featuring his endorsement.

Kline's campaign said Walsh didn't like his remarks being used in a race against Kline, while Morrison said it had nothing to do with that.

Executive Producer Lance Heflin said that after the ad began airing, Walsh learned of Kline's positions on criminal justice issues. Walsh wanted the ad pulled because "both men are good candidates," Heflin said.

"John Walsh has decided that the race for attorney general in Kansas should be decided without his support of either candidate," he said.


LiberalDude 10 years ago

Kline = Phelps Any questions?

Morrison will win.

onceinawhile 10 years ago

The point of journalism is to fact check for readers/citizens.

I do think it's news that Phill Kline used this case against Paul Morrison (in a BIG way) while days before saying he wasn't planning on it.

Shows us his true character.

Shelby 10 years ago

Scenebooster SoundsENTIRELYoriginal is the aribiter of journalistic-ness. LET IT BE KNOWN. He is a rational, reason-practicing human. If you don't believe me, check his posting history.

Shelby 10 years ago

He DOES have "the first clue about journalism" AND what it entails. Such poignancy...

Shelby 10 years ago

He was a journalism student, afterall. Actually, I think he got his masters in journalistic-ness from Wright Business College. Prove me wrong, Scenester.

Shelby 10 years ago

btw, Kline's a dumbass...don't get me wrong...I'd not vote for him had I the opportunity.

oldgoof 10 years ago

In case anyone missed it, you can view the video of Kline at Wichita editorial board through a link on story related resources. . Classic Phill...chutzpah has no bounds. The point being, this behavior of his is evident throughout his conduct, not just this one item. .

Michael Birch 10 years ago

Kline is getting desperate as he knows that he is as good as gone!

monkeyspunk 10 years ago

Scenebooster needs to look up the definition of "ad hominem".

But other than that, I will say it again, it is sadly ironic that the man running for AG of our state has not only thrown out the concept of "Innocent until proven guilty" but has adopted the abhorrent ideal of "Guilty even after proven innocent."

Sorry to repeat myself, but I really can't put it any better in regards to how Kline has no business being AG.

I am a Republican btw.

Godot 10 years ago

Katara, you do not know this. Use your imagination.

Imagine yourself in the position of a young "victim coordinator," and the big, powerful boss comes on to you.

How would you handle it?

Katara 10 years ago

Godot, you are adding way more creative details to this woman's account than what she has. Do you know her personally?

  1. This happened at an office party. They were not alone. What makes you think that a comment on her attractiveness is a come-on? He apparantly believed it wasn't when he made it but then thought it could be taken that way. He apologized for the remark the next day and no other incidents ever occurred.

  2. He may be the DA but there are policies in place to deal with that situation. If she still felt uncomfortable, the EEOC has been in place for quite some time and they are very easy to contact.

You make an assumption that taking him to court 1 year after the incident was her only option. I say she had several options if this was a serious charge for actual sexual harassment.

  1. I'll bite on the Thomas-Hill thing even though I'm not a Democrat. Hill had repeated incidents. This woman did not nor did she have any indication that any form of harassment would (or did occur) during the remaining time of her employment.

  2. And why are you so interested in what I would do? Are you planning on sexually harassing me via the internet? Testing the waters to see if I would report you?

xenophonschild 10 years ago

A thought that should give pause is that Kline might very well win. Senior citizens - particularly the survivors of the Eisenhower era - quietly support Kline . . . and they vote. In droves.

It is absolutely essential for Morrison-backers to get out the vote and make sure their supporters get to the polls.

It is also vital that Morrison respond with a televised ad to the congerie of lies and half-truths that Kline has perpetrated on an unsuspecting public - the sooner the better. He certainly has enough ammunition to destroy Kline.

GOPConservative 10 years ago

schweppy, I suppose there might still be a few crackpot Republicans in JOCO who would favor replacing Morrison with Kline as D.A., but they will get nowhere with that idea.

Times have changed. The voters threw out the crackpots on the KBOE last spring and next month will throw out Kline and the corrupt hypocritical crook Jim Ryun, who made a fortune off of slave labor, prostitution and forced abortions of young girls in the Marianas.

The Republican Party in JOCO and throughout the State now has a mandate to remove these corrupt, big-government, anti-privacy repressive-socialists from leadership in our Party and rebuild the GOP in Kansas.

Most Republicans want to see our Party once again return to the values of free enterprise, limited government, privacy and the other principles that were reversed by the corrupt extremists, like Ryun, Kline and the six goofy KBOE members.

Katara 10 years ago

Godot wrote: Public service announcement. Are you a Republican who fancies a position of great responsibility in public office, but you hesitate to run for office because you might have a skeleton or two in your closet? There is a solution. Change parties. Become a Democrat. Not only will you be forgiven, you will be defended for your dalliance, and your victim will be vilified. There is hope. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you suggesting that Foley changed to a Democrat? Because from what I hear the Republicans are just as guilty about vilifying victims and denying any responsibility.

So to sum up...

Kline brings up a 15 year old allegation that was thrown out of court twice. From what I understand from either one of the articles on this or by another poster commenting on this, the woman did not find out about these commercials until they were aired.

He gets the woman who made the allegations on board & who makes further allegations about Morrison, none which are substantiated.

Morrision declines to respond with showing everyone this woman's HR file and naming employees that left because of this toxic co-worker. I am assuming that he has not asked them for authorization or did & was denied permission to drag their names through the mud as Kline has with this one woman.

And you think Kline is the better choice?

Godot 10 years ago

No, Katara, I am simply trying to make you think outside your partisan democrat box and examine the issue of sexual harrassment in the professional, political workplace as it was in 1991, and to realize that dealing with sexual harrassment , as a victim, has not always been easy. Back in the early 90's, any woman who claimed sexual harrassment or discrimination was automactically labelled as a bitch or a lesbian, or both, and was dealt with accordingly.

Apparently not much has changed, at least from the viewpoint of Kansas democrats, except that the females now have the legal protection gained from the suffering of the women who came before them and fought, and often lost, against the good ole boy network.

Katara 10 years ago


I have been a victim of actual sexual harassment. One where one of my bosses actually put his hands on me and including many questions about whether I was dating anyone and icky questions about what my ex-boyfriend and I did while dating. This happened when I was a college student.

I went through the proper channels and the situation was resolved to my satisfaction.

There is your answer on how I handled it.

emtid4u 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

grubesteak 10 years ago

Sounds like a waffler to me. He can't be trusted. Vote him out.

Godot 10 years ago

Katara wrote: " This happened at an office party. They were not alone."

There were no witnesses, on either side.

Ergo, they were alone.

yourworstnightmare 10 years ago

An ad with an actor portraying Kline saying "I disagreed with an attack ad before I agreed with it." might be appropriate.

The video footage pledging not to run an ad and, three days later, the debut of the attack ad objectively prove that Kline is a liar. It's black and white. He lied. Kline is a liar, and the evidence is there for everyone to see.

This lie is just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how deep Kline's perverse dishonesty runs? And this man is our chief law enforcement officer? Hopefully not much longer.

Godot 10 years ago

"Hill had repeated incidents. "

Really? Thomas denies that anything occurred.

Why is Anita Hill more credible than Kelli Summerlin? Particularly when her harrassor, Morrison, admits to making an apology?

Godot 10 years ago

What is missing from the discussion of this situation is that Morrison was a Republican when he was being protected by his colleagues-in-law about this situation.

It is disgusting that the Repubs kept quiet about him until he turned Democrat.

And it is disgusting that the partisan Democrats on this forum are so eager and willing to blame the powerless female employee, even though Morrison admits he did make what could be construed to be an improper advance.

The fact that, in his attempt to apologize, he blames the woman for "misrepresenting" his statement is proof that he did not truly believe that he had done anything wrong. If he did not believe it, why did he apologize? Because even though, by his code of behavior, what he did was not wrong,he knew other people would see it as wrong. It was simply CYA.

To suggest that three or four people quit their jobs because of this female employee is simply laughable. This woman was a victim counselor, she was not a manager, she was not in a position of power. When a non-managerial employee is a problem to co-workers, they don't quit their jobs to get away from her, they force her out, either by creating such toxic environment for the bad actor that she quits, or by making sure she gets fired. Was Morrison such a poor supervisor that he let three or four "good" employees slip away before he realized what the problem was?

I would like to see this woman's evaluations. Was she given the proper notice that her behavior needed correction? Was she reprimanded, and given time to change? Or was she simply fired because she made Morrison uncomfortable, or maybe because she told other employees that Morrison was a predator? Maybe that is why the other employees left - because Morrison made it bad for them because they knew the score. Who knows? It did not go to trial, so we will never know.

From all that I have read and heard, Democrat or Republican, Morrison may be one hell of a good attorney, but that does not make him fit to supervise, and most definitely does not make him fit to be the AG where he could be called on to prosecute a sexual harrassment case.

Godot 10 years ago

Face it, Dems. You nominated Morrison because you thought the only way you could defeat Kline was with another Republican. But you picked the wrong one.

You should have brought forward your best Democrat, instead.

gyroduck 10 years ago

The ideas of Phill Kline should be subject to de-emphasis in the evolution of humanity. I'm not a Christian although I do believe that if people who we elect would adopt the attiude of Jesus Christ rather than just using his name for self serving modes of control we would soon see a new world.

Godot 10 years ago

When was that, Katara? Was that recently? Or was that 16 years ago when sexual harrassment was considered a joke?

jonas 10 years ago

"Posted by parkay (anonymous) on October 28, 2006 at 11:37 a.m. (Suggest removal)

reality_check, Electing a one-time drunken skirt-chaser like Mutinous Morrison, who is in the pocket of aboritonist quacks, as Attorney General will keep Kansas, the post-viable abortion capital of America, from being laughed at??"

hmmm. . . I seem to remember an interesting mirror of this rhetoric somewhere in the past. . . oh right!

"Electing a one-time drunken skirt-chaser like Dubya, who is in the pocket of anti-aboritonist quacks, as President, will keep America, the post-viable economic superpower of the world, from being laughed at??"

Nice to know you and knee-jerk liberals have so much in common, isn't it?

rhd99 10 years ago

PHILL KLINE PROMISED?! LOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSERRRR! That's why Kansas CANNOT trust KLINE! He's going DOWN in November! He has NO case for why he should be re-elected. NONE! Time for PHILL to initiate a reality check to his campaign. HE IS A LOSER of IMMENSE proportions! Name me one thing that PHILL has done in which the result has evolved into a drop in violent crime rates in Kansas! I'll help you with this one: NOTHING! Bye Bye KLINE!

ryanjasondesch 10 years ago

Truth Seeker: I was brought up Catholic, and in my previous post I was pressed for space and time and scope. I chose Catholicism for its primary role in Christian history and my own experiences being brought up in a faith I no longer share because of its overwhelming hypocrisy. I also chose it for its famous "jihad" as you say agaisnt science in the middle ages. I didn't mean to come across as prejudiced, I'm really an equal opportunist when it comes to criticizing religion. I also forgot Marylin Manson, the easy taget for the root of all evil.

bthom37 10 years ago

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that Phill would stoop this low.

Oh, wait, I'm not the least bit surprised.

oldgoof 10 years ago

Godot at 4:20 p.m. "Then Morrison should reveal what she did that was so "toxic," and specifically name the people who quit because of her."

Katara at 4:21 p.m. I believe that would violate some privacy and Morrison apparently respects that, unlike Kline.

Touche' Katara.

And Morrison also didn't directly deceive (I'll even accept 'misdirect,' or 'take back a commitment made to') members of the Wichita Eagle editorial board while occupying the office of the Chief Law Enforcement Official in the State. How can anyone even dispute this. Whatever happened 15 years ago is almost moot.

Katara 10 years ago

I meant that Hill stated that there was more than one incident to show that Thomas was sexually harassing her. This woman has not claimed there has been any other incident that one remark.


An apology does not mean that he did anything wrong, it means that he thought she took it wrong & he wanted to make it clear and apologize if she took it the wrong way.

I don't know why you are harping on an apology being damning evidence that sexual harassment occured.

He believed that she took it different as to how he meant the statement. He apologized for giving her the wrong impression of his statement.

People do this all the time when they think there is a misunderstanding. It is being diplomatic. It is trying to avoid any further misunderstanding.

I'm willing to bet you have apologized in similar situations where you felt that you were misunderstood.

Anyhow, I am beginning to believe you are being deliberately obtuse in order to engage someone to alleviate your boredom.

Have a nice evening and I apologize if my statements may have offended you in any way whatsoever.

Katara 10 years ago

Godot, as a woman I am fully aware of how it was back then. I was a college student, not a small girl.

One can experience sexual harassment in school as well especially if one is significantly developed as my best friend was when we were growing up.

Please do not presume to think that simply because one was young, one is not aware of what is going on in her surroundings or the impact of those things.

I am also a witness to how the women of my mother's generation were treated. My mother was forced to quit a job she dearly loved & had a college degree for simply because she was pregnant with me.

Godot 10 years ago

Scenebooster, there is no mention in the article that that Morrison was a Republican at the time of the incident.

That is why I pointed that out. Either the reporter did not appreciate the irony, or his goal was to drum up sympathy for a poor, beleaguered Democrat.

Katara 10 years ago

Nope. Not recently. I was a college student in the 90's

Since the harasser was non-stop when I worked my shift (I had witnesses as well), I went to his boss and told him what happened. The Big boss stopped scheduling him the same time that I worked my shifts and provided escort to my car in the parking lot at night.

I was satisfied with the resolution as it stopped the harassment. He was also watched very closely to make sure he did not pull the same stunts with the other females he worked with on his new shift.

Looking back now, I still believe I made the right decision on how I handled it. If the harassment continued, I would have taken it even higher up.

Godot 10 years ago


Did he cross his heart and hope to die? Did he place his hand on a (gasp) bible? Did he swap spit and swear allegiance? Or did he simply respond to a reporter's question and provide an answer that was true "in the moment." That is so lawyer-like, by the way. I am sure Morrison has done that himself a time or two.

Jamesaust 10 years ago

Godot -

Its obvious that you have every intention of purposefully twisting this story. Believe it or not, allegations are not facts and people can disagree on the purpose and interpretation of anything (especially if they have a strong external reason to force a disagreement). That your hyper-partisanship blinds you to this is purposefulless - non-partisans, who of course are the only audience you could possible be trying to persuade, aren't so blind to not see through your mock outrage.

That Morrison admits that his action could be interpreted as inappropriate is a polite way of saying that he isn't willing to call his accuser bt-s*t crazy for having made them and is willing to pretend that her interpretation of events MIGHT be in earnest.

Of course, unfounded accusations, motivated by personal animus, are precisely what undermines valid and truthful allegations made against true predators. Anyone who has ever made truthful allegations or refrained from making truthful allegations because they feared not having sufficient evidence to be believed can thank this woman for creating that kind of doubt.

Morrison needs to begin the final stage of his election campaign - a "morning in Kansas" theme appropriate to an all-but-elected candidate. He should not allow Kline to disrupt his strategy by wallowing in the slime-of-desperation that "Loser" Kline has so willingly jumped into.

BOE 10 years ago

by Godot October 28, 2006 at 6:23 p.m

" That is not really a selling point for me. "


But it is a selling point for many.

He said, "No", "I won't, I won't.", but went ahead and did it only days later.

That's one thing.

But it very much appears that he had every intention of doing so at the exact time he claimed he wouldn't.

That is quite another.

The media didn't do that to him. Phill did that to himself and the media reported it.

ASBESTOS 10 years ago

"The Republican Party in JOCO and throughout the State now has a mandate to remove these corrupt, big-government, anti-privacy repressive-socialists from leadership in our Party and rebuild the GOP in Kansas.

Most Republicans want to see our Party once again return to the values of free enterprise, limited government, privacy and the other principles that were reversed by the corrupt extremists, like Ryun, Kline and the six goofy KBOE members."

HERE HERE!!! I can't agree more.

Katara 10 years ago

And BTW, there is nothing powerless about a toxic co-worker. They usually are the ones that hold the power to manipulate the office environment to suit their needs.

All others are held hostage to their behavior until the toxic co-worker is finally terminated.

ryanjasondesch 10 years ago

Parkay: And Mr. Kline isn't in the pocket of the anti-abortionist quacks? And from my view, the "quacks" are pretty heavily aligned with the anti-choice crowd. In fact, some of them are downright murderous themselves (Rudolph, anyone?). And if people are laughing at Kansas (and some are), they are laughing about other issues, as Kansas isn't the only state that allows abortion. In fact it is legal under Federal Law and is practiced to some degree in all 50 states.

And let me state for the record, if anyone is pro-life, pro-death penalty, and pro-Iraq war, then you have some serious issues.

And remind me how a prove and able prosecutor such as Morrsion can be suddenly called a drunken skirt-chaser when not one of those claims can be substantiated? And for that matter what the hell is wrong with a drunken skirt-chaser anyway? The last time I checked we're human aren't we? I'd rather have a human being as AG who's experienced a life and has some understanding of the crimes he's prosecuting above and beyond what he's read in books.

And furthermore, I've found in my experience that those who finger others for moral wrong-doing with such zeal usually have a few skeletons in the closet themselves, and the reality of their life doesn't exactly mirror the sqeaky-clean image they attempt to portray.

Katara 10 years ago

Godot wrote: To suggest that three or four people quit their jobs because of this female employee is simply laughable. This woman was a victim counselor, she was not a manager, she was not in a position of power. When a non-managerial employee is a problem to co-workers, they don't quit their jobs to get away from her, they force her out, either by creating such toxic environment for the bad actor that she quits, or by making sure she gets fired. Was Morrison such a poor supervisor that he let three or four "good" employees slip away before he realized what the problem was? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You very obviously have not worked in the cubicle world.

Many people quit jobs they love due to toxic co-workers.

Read some of the stories on this website if you don't believe.

While some of the stories are quite humorous, some of them can be very saddening.

And to say that Morrison was a poor supervisor for letting them quit is simply silly.

Many times HR must present the case for firing a worker & that can take lots of times (I've seen years) before the problem worker was terminated. Some of the co-workers may not have been able to deal with the stress of the toxic co-worker while HR is making sure all the details were together & in place to terminate her.

Godot 10 years ago

Then Morrison should reveal what she did that was so "toxic," and specifically name the people who quit because of her.

Godot 10 years ago

Not quite touche, old goof. If Morrison respected the privacy of his ex-employee, he would not have made public, unsubstantiated charges that her performance was not acceptable and that several employees had quit their jobs because of her. He made those charges this week.

If he is going to defame her in this manner, he needs to support his statements with evidence.

As far as saying whatever happened 15 years ago is almost moot, I sincerely doubt that Morrison has changed his ways, particularly since he has never admitted that his behavior was out of line.

Katara 10 years ago

I believe that would violate some privacy and Morrison apparently respects that, unlike Kline.

justthefacts 10 years ago

ryanjasondesch and others who asked/commented on the Catholic church and a link with AG Kline. He is not Catholic. He belongs to the church of Nazarene ( I believe). To all: Please try to stay on point and get your facts straight. If you hate a particular person or church or ideology, please try to keep in mind that not everyone shares your hate. You won't convince someone who is not already with you to change their minds or come over to your side with name calling and anger. One of the main complaints about these "discussions" is that being anonymous tends to embolden bullies and allow uncivil behavior that would not ordinarily occur if the speakers were sitting face to face and talking. Strong feelings and cherished view points are fine. We can't all agree on everything (how boring). But use of free speech rights should not devolve to grade-school play ground behaviors!

GOPConservative 10 years ago


Morrison told her that he found her attractive. So what? Many happily married men say that to women all the time. Morrison's wife was not bothered by it.

The fact that this nutty woman waited so long to "remember" the "incident" speaks volumes. The fact that she waited until after she was fired speaks to obvious retaliation on her part.

When a man tells a woman that he finds her attractive, it is usually considered a compliment. Obviously, even the woman saw it that way at the time, or else she would have made an issue of it right then and there.

Morrison apologized that she took it the way, which shows that he is a gentleman even to a woman who is obviously not playing with a full deck.

Most people can clearly see that by waiting so long to bring up the "issue" and waiting until after she was fired, the woman was simply trying to put Mr. Morrision through hell because he had to fire her for not doing her job.

Godot 10 years ago

Katara, there is the rub. You had witnesses. Had you not had them, you would have met the same resistance and ridicule as Kelly Summerlin. I also suspect that the moron who groped you was not the Big Boss, right?

Godot 10 years ago

Katara, how would you have handled a comeon from the Big Boss, after hours, at a bar, when he and you were alone, and he was drunk?

Godot 10 years ago

And, Katara, how would you have handled it if your drunken, sexually agressive boss was the District Attorney, and your only recourse was to take him to court, where the people who would decide whether your case had any merit were your boss' close friends and colleagues?

Godot 10 years ago

Jamesaust, you do not know that this woman's allegations were baseless. There was no finding of fact in the case.

This is a prime example of why it is such a big decision for a woman to decide to bring a sexual harrassment claim forward, and even more difficult for her to persevere, or prevail. The men in charge, and, now it seems, even the women bystanders, assume the woman is at fault.

I am just so surprised to see so-called liberals jumping to that conclusion in this instance. Where are the feminists?

ryanjasondesch 10 years ago

GOP: Exactly, this should be a NON-ISSUE. I was already planning on voting against this slime-ball for his over-zealous stance on government intrusion into people's private lives, but for most sensible people, this should be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

On a slightly related note, anyone see the article on Drudge about Ryun's wife and her apparent germaphobia? Apparently she and her husband can't shake a voter's hand without applying an anti-bacterial agent shortly afterwards. I don't know exactly what that means, but apparently they don't think much of their constituent's hygene. Or their paranoia is reaching new heights, they're not only about to lose their political power, but they're under attack from an unseen enemy from within their own party. Hold on, my dog is talking to me again. . .

Godot 10 years ago

I really appreciate Katara and other Democrats for educating me on the intricacies of sexual harrassment. I was under the misapprehension that even a single act of sexual oppression/agression committed by a person in power over an "underling" was, indeed, sexual harrassment.

Thank you, Democrats, for enligthening me to the fact that acts of sexual manipulation and pressure in conjunction with one's fulfillment of one's role as a manager of a prominent government office are irrelevant when considering that person's suitability for higher office, as long as said person is running as a Democrat.

Godot 10 years ago

If Morrison had run for AG as a Republican, you Dems would have crucified him for this.

Anyone remember Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill?

Godot 10 years ago

Katara, So sorry you have been brainwashed. We feminists would have appreciated your contribution, considering that your mother suffered for the lack of enlightenment.

MrMister 10 years ago

Many people may not realize that Morrison was a republican until this campaign. He was smart enough not to run against Kline in the primary because he(Kline) probably would have won that race as well as the race against whatever Democrat might have come up from obscurity. Morrison will get my vote for being smart enough to do it right. As far as the harassment suits, one comment is not harassment. Never has been, never will be.

BOE 10 years ago

" Did he cross his heart and hope to die? Did he place his hand on a (gasp) bible? Did he swap spit and swear allegiance? "


"No." and, "I'm not, I'm not.".

There's no hedge in those comments

What did he mean by "No." and, "I'm not, I'm not.", when the commercial is aired days later?

The commercial was likely already in production.

The fact is Kline is his own worst enemy and the media is his enemy only in that they report his quotes. There's no spinning it to "something taken out of context", you can see the video for yourself. -

In reality, the choice for Kansans in the AG race is between two lifelong Republicans.

Nearly a quarter of century of previous Kansas Republican AG's don't want Kline.

They, like most moderate Republicans, and many conservatives, are fed up with him.

Godot 10 years ago

And, Katara, you have not offended me in the least. I appreciate your exchange. Best wishes.

Katara 10 years ago

I had witnesses to one of the touching parts. He got bold and came up behind me as I was talking to a shift supervisor and tired to caress my neck under my hairline & my back along my bra line.

To the constant questions about what I like physically, I had none. It did not matter that I requested numerous times that it was none of his business & for him to leave me alone. He cornered me several times in areas where there was no one (the blocking the doorway move so you have to brush past him to get out).

He wasn't the Big boss. He was just under him.

to be cont'd

schweppy 10 years ago

I have heard that if Morrison is elected to the positon of attorney general that the republican party could then appoint Phill Kline to his postion of DA in Johnson County. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?? Sounds like a lose-lose, Kline stays AG or becomes the DA of JoCo.

Katara 10 years ago


If you are trying to make a point about Morrison being the big boss, you are wrong. He has people above him. He still also has to answer to any HR group.

And this is a government job. Government jobs always have had some form of ombudsman line that you can contact if you do not feel comfortable going along the chain of command.

This woman did not take those routes. She waited until after she was fired for causes unrelated to her termination to bring this charge.

Morrison made a stupid statement to a worker at a party where both admitted to drinking. Morrison realized he made a stupid statement and apologized for it. There were no other incidents according to this woman.

How is that sexual harassment?

Perhaps you should take a look at what sexual harassment actually is.

From the NWLC link: "From 1992 - 1999, however, the EEOC has seen a 45% increase in sexual harassment charges.(6) " which means that 16 years ago sexual harassment was not just blown off.

The link also says on employer liability, "Employers can be legally responsible for sexual harassment against their employees and liable to them for damages. Liability depends on the type of harassment, and who committed it.

Harassment by a supervisor:

* If the harassment results in a tangible employment action (such as firing, demotion, or unfavorable changes in assignment), the employer is liable.

* If the harassment is a hostile work environment, then the employer can also be liable, but it has a possible defense, if it can show that (1) the employer exercised reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any harassment and (2) the   employee unreasonably failed to take advantage of the company's preventive or corrective measures.(12)

This courts that threw this case out 2 times show that her termination was not a result of any sexual harassment and by the woman's own words, she did nothing to take advantage of the preventative or corrective measures that the local government provides.

If I, as a college student, can understand that I should make an attempt to resolve it through my company's corrective measures policy, surely this woman who was older and had enough experience as a "victim counselor" to know that if there is a problem, to go through the proper channels to fix it. Then if it isn't resolved then, take your problem to an attorney & the courts.

Katara 10 years ago

As usual, Jamesaust, you provide a clear and thoughtful view of this.

You are very correct in stating that this type of behavior hurts people making truthful accusations and prevents other from coming forward with actual cases of sexual harassment..

This is not about a "powerless" female employee who had no control & was victimized by her boss.

This is about a employee who felt she could retaliate against a boss who finally had her terminated for her behavior in the workplace.

I just went through the mandatory code of business conduct training (it is required once a year) my employer gives us. Sexual harassment is covered under this. This woman's case was not sexual harassment by all the definitions my employer gives.

And since she would have been a government employee, she would probably have to had some type of training on what constitutes sexual harassment & would have been well aware that this incident would not be considered as such.

She would have also been aware of the process for filing such a complaint. If she was uncomfortable with that process, she could have called an ombudsman line (most places have them) when the incident occurred.

It appears to me that Morrison made a stupid comment thinking he was complimenting the woman and then had second thoughts the next day as to how she took it so he apologized.

Even this woman states that there was no other incidents. Why wait a year before reporting this especially if there were no other incidents? Why allege this was the reason she was fired?

It seems to me that Morrison has way more integrity that Kline ever could claim to have. Have you noticed that even though Morrison could probably reveal what behaviors took place that lead to her termination, he has not. He also has not revealed the names of the co-workers who left because of this woman.

Why? Because it concerns privacy. He also apparently is not willing to try to humiliate this woman even though she continues to defame him. Don't you think she would be incredibly embarassed if the items that were the deciding factors in her termination came to light?

Perhaps she is counting on Morrison not stooping to her level or his committment to privacy on records?

Do you think Kline wouldn't have tried to release her entire employment history if the shoe was on the other foot? I think he would if it suited his needs.

Perhaps this woman should be careful about who she aligns herself with. Kline may end up releasing some personal embarassing info about her if it suits his political needs to do so.

Remember he said he wouldn't bring this old case up but then he did because as Godot said it was true at the moment. I'm willing to bet any promises Kline may to this woman were "true at the moment" as well.

Godot 10 years ago

I was a democrat when those quarter of a century of previous Kansas Republican AG's were in office.

That is not really a selling point for me.

rhd99 10 years ago

Maybe the RELIGIOUS ZEALOT KLINE needs to stop making promises HE CAN'T KEEP!

jonas 10 years ago

Is Godot a face over satire? I begin to wonder. . .

GOPConservative 10 years ago

It's obvious that the woman, who was fired for incompetence, a year later "remembered" something that she claims occurred two years prior when she was sloppy drunk at a party.

Clearly, she was seeking revenge for being fired by making up this lie. When her lie was obvious to even her own attorney, she had to agree to dismiss the case.

For Kline to dig up such a non-issue demonstrates not only his desperation but his complete lack of morality and ethics.

Kline is the most immoral and unethical politician I've ever seen. I hope all real Christians will pray for him and ask God to help Phill discover the teachings of Jesus Christ, turn away from evil, and ask Jesus to forgive him for his wickedness.

In the meantime, I'm voting for Morrison, who has proved himself to be a very kind and Christian man.

I don't blame Paul for choosing not to play in the mud with an immoral, perverted pig like Phill Kline.

Godot 10 years ago

Public service announcement. Are you a Republican who fancies a position of great responsibility in public office, but you hesitate to run for office because you might have a skeleton or two in your closet? There is a solution. Change parties. Become a Democrat. Not only will you be forgiven, you will be defended for your dalliance, and your victim will be vilified. There is hope.

Godot 10 years ago

Katara wrote: "If you are trying to make a point about Morrison being the big boss, you are wrong. He has people above him. He still also has to answer to any HR group."

Katara, you do not know what it was like back then.

Thank women like Kelly Summerlin who put it all on the line to make things better for you and your sisters.

Godot 10 years ago

"didn't intend" is not a promise. You so-called journalists are so full of yourselves.

The LJW has now established itself as the print/internet arm of the Morrison campaign.

Godot 10 years ago

What is the economic value of an article like this to the Morrison campaign? Does this violate campaign finance laws?

Godot 10 years ago

Morrison is the poster child for the need for sexual harrassment protection; the fact that the good ole boy Kansas judges ruled in his favor against the female complainant because, "there was no evidence," gives proof to the need for protection against sexual harrassment/discrimination by male power figures over their female employees. That is the point. There rarely is evidence, yet it occurs, time and time again, and is met with a wink and a nod by the male colleagues who determine the worthiness of the complaints of the female.

Based on this report, and Morrison's own testimony regarding his "apology" the day after his sexualy agreesion, along with his demeanor in debates and radio interviews, I believe that he should be eliminated from public office, altogether. He is full of his own power, he is belligerant, he is a manipulator, he is a predator; he is all about control.

No more Morrison.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

Except that it displayed only that you know little more about the case than that it was thrown out of court, that was a very convincing closing argument to the jury, Godot.

deedee5555 10 years ago

Godot, just put all your useless comments on one post and save the trouble. Blaming LJ World gets you no where - it's AP story run all over the State. Are all the papers now arms of the Morrison campaign? Face it, using a 15-year old lawsuit that went no where has backfired and getting caught lying about it is even worse. The ad had to have been out of production and on the plate when Kline sits there and says, "no" when asked if there's an ad and "I'm not, I'm not" when asked if he's going to make the lawsuit an issue...5 days later he's at the zoo making it an issue - and a couple of weeks after that, what's he doing? arranging interviews with a snivleing "victim" who can't even show her face, whose demeanor is, at best, disingenuine and is consumed with drumming up more unproven allegations that are just plain stupid. Is she seriously asking us to believe the grandparent thing? Is that the best she's got? Unbelievable. Mr. Kline is a fraud and a liar. I can only hope the naive folks who are gullible enough to believe Kline's lies are outnumbered by folks willing to take 5 minutes to find out the truth. Go back to preachin' Phill - oh wait he's not even a real preacher, is he?

ryanjasondesch 10 years ago

Denial denial, blame blame blame. Abortion is the cause of all evil. Welfare is the cause of all evil. Being against the illegal Iraq War is the root of all evil. The desire of gays to marry is the root of all evil. Clinton is the cause of all evil. The media is the cause of all evil (minus the righteous Bill O'Reilly. The desire of blacks to be treated equally is the root of all evil. The desire of women to vote is the root of all evil. The desire of interracial couples to wed is the root of all evil. The desire of slaves to be liberated is the root of all evil. The desire of workers to be treated humanely is the root of all evil. The desire of children not to be forced into labor is the root of all evil. The desire of colonists is the root of all evil. The desire of free-thinking scientists is the root of all evil. The helio-centric universe is the root of all evil. The acts of anyone who thinks a thought counter to Catholic Church teaching is the root of all evil. Anyone see an f'n pattern here?

ryanjasondesch 10 years ago

For people that pride themselves on personal responsibility, Republicans sure do a lot of blaming others.

Evan Ridenour 10 years ago

It is good to know that if someone files a baseless lawsuit against you that is dismissed not once but TWICE that it will be thrown up in your face if you ever try to run for office.

Never mind that you didn't do anything and those two pesky dismissed lawsuits... nor should one pay attention to the phrase innocent until proven guilty.

This is pathetic and while I was going to vote for Kline, I will no longer be doing so.

BOE 10 years ago

by Godot Oct 27, 2006 at 10:09 p.m " 'didn't intend' is not a promise. You so-called journalists are so full of yourselves. "


Kline never said, "didn't intend".

=== * " When a board member asked Kline whether he planned to make the allegations an issue, he said, "I'm not. I'm not."

The board member asked, "So there's not some commercial?"

Kline answered: "No." "


TruthSeeker 10 years ago

ryanjasondesch, Maybe I am misunderstanding but why the jihad against just the Catholic Church? You had a good argument until you singled out a sect of the population. You now come off as someone who wants others to join you in condemning people of certain religious beliefs. You know there are other religions, besides Catholicism, that have had their fair share of extremism and scandals. Is Phil Kline Catholic? If so then he is one of many Catholics. Some Catholics I hear even give stuff to the poor, are against the death penalty, do not molest children, give their time to the sick and old people, forgive other people even when they've been mistreated, try to love their enemy, and even want world peace. Play fair.

rhd99 10 years ago

All's fair in politics & war, RELIGIOUS ZEALOT KLINE uses his office for RELIGIOUS PURPOSES & now he LIES about conducting a clean CAMPAIGN! Clear your Desk, NOW, KLINE, cause you're GONE in NOVEMBER!! BYE BYE, ZEALOT!

Katara 10 years ago

Godot, the claims of this woman were shown not to be considered sexual harassment. It was dismissed twice.

Women bystanders have a problem with a woman who is making it much harder for other women to come forward with real cases of sexual harassment. By doing such things as this one woman is, she is making so much more difficult for all other women to be taken seriously with their claims.

This is such a slash & burn thing for her to do.

Godot 10 years ago

Definition of an abuser/manipulator: Someone who commits an abusive act, then apologizes to the victim while simulatenously blaming the victim for misperceiving the abusive behavior as being wrong.

This is my own definition. No need to google it.

xenophonschild 9 years, 12 months ago

Morrison has begun airing an ad that squarely calls Kline a liar, with clips from newspapers around the state disparaging Kline as a liar and "bottom-feeder."

The senior-citizen church goers will still vote for Kline, but maybe enough others will see the truth and dismiss him from public office.

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