Questions and answers from Kline following Tuesday’s AG debate

Q: Is it true that the allegations of sexual harassment against Morrison have never been substantiated?

A: “I’m not sure what that means. He (Morrison) can say they’re false. He was there. He needs to explain what transpired to cause him to fire an employee who he had just promoted not soon after this incident.”

Q: In legal proceedings, it’s never been proven what she said actually happened?

A: “They settled the case out of court. It never went to trial.”

Q: Is it ethical to do this kind of ad when these allegations have never been proven?

A: “Sexual harassment is a very serious issue. These allegations are in a federal court pleading. The victim states that they are true and he (Morrison) has never answered the question as to what happened.”

Q: So it’s fair game to bring this up even though the allegation has never been proven?

A: “They settled the case out of court.”

Q: Who did you fire (for sexual harassment)?

A: “I’m not going to speak to that.”

Q: Was it proven or just an allegation?

A: “I’m not going to speak hypothetically.”