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So long, seniors

Graduating Teen Board members picked up real-world newspaper experience, confidence

May 16, 2006


Four members of the Journal-World Teen Board will graduate Sunday from high school. When they first became members, they said they hoped to learn more about journalism and how the newspaper business works. Their highest hopes were to have stories published in the Lawrence Journal-World. Sarah Kelly, Lindsey Kennedy, Tiffany Kwak and Laura Parkinson accomplished that and more.

Here's a look at their achievements:

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Sarah was a Teen Board member only during her senior year at Lawrence High School but has accomplished a lot in that year. Sarah wrote a story about the band Jump Rope for Heart and her spring break trip to Rome and contributed many ideas. Besides attending meetings and learning about the newspaper, she became an intern. She helped archive newspapers and assisted reporters.

"I learned about how valuable collaboration is and a whole lot about how a newspaper works," she said. "I would encourage anyone to join because it's an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other kids, and it's very rewarding to see those ideas come together in print."

In addition to Teen Board, Sarah was a member of Young Democrats of America and Graffiti Magazine and is president of LHS Latin Club. She also was a copy editor for The Budget, the high school newspaper. Sarah plans to attend Arizona State University this fall and study print journalism. She is the daughter of Kris and Lia Kelly, Lawrence, and Sandra Kelly, Lawrence.

Her advice to underclassmen: "Use every minute to its full potential. Don't waste time with things or people that don't make you happy. Relax and remember how unimportant most of whatever you're stressed about really is."

Lindsey Kennedy

Lindsey Kennedy

Lindsey Kennedy

Lindsey, daughter of Christy and Kevin Kennedy, Lawrence, also joined Teen Board during her senior year at LHS. Lindsey brought lots of ideas to meetings and is particularly proud of one: Club Couture, a new fashion club. Her idea led to a spread on the cover of the Pulse section and lots of kudos from fellow Club Couture members.

"I really wanted to get the word out about such a unique group," she said. "The article really gave the group some visibility."

Besides contributing ideas, Lindsey also wrote a story about her spring break trip to South Padre Island.

She said during the past year, she learned about the journalism process and how an idea in discussion becomes published.

"I would encourage anyone to join because you get a well-rounded view of how the media operates," she said.

Lindsey also is a member of her school's Key Club, Spanish Club and Young Democrats of America.

She plans to study political science in the fall at the University of Wisconsin.

Her advice to underclassmen: "Get involved because when it's time to fill out your applications, you'll be surprised at how much room they give you for extracurricular activities."

Tiffany Kwak

Tiffany Kwak

Tiffany Kwak

A political enthusiast, Tiffany said she joined the Teen Board in 2004 just in time for elections. She wrote an opinion piece about presidential candidate John Kerry for the Pulse section.

"My John Kerry article was so much fun," she said. "The 2004 elections were amazing."

Tiffany, daughter of Miseon and SooJong Kwak, Lawrence, also wrote a Battle of the Bands story and contributed ideas during her membership. She advises students with opinions or a knack for writing to join the Teen Board.

"It's pretty exciting to see your articles in the paper," she said.

At Free State High School, Tiffany is a member of Scholars' Bowl, Model United Nations, Social and Political Awareness Club, Latin Club and Baking Club.

She plans to attend the University of Chicago this fall and double major in classics and Near Eastern languages and civilizations.

Tiffany's advice to underclassmen: "Get your eight hours of sleep every night. You definitely need it. Stay in school. It all pays off in the end."

Laura Parkinson

Laura Parkinson

Laura Parkinson

Laura joined the Teen Board in 2002, its inaugural year, to explore journalism and get hands-on experience. As a member of her Southwest Junior High School yearbook staff, she said she started thinking about journalism as a career.

Besides contributing ideas and stories to the Journal-World, she has been a staff member of The Budget, the LHS newspaper. This year she was editor.

Despite a busy schedule at school, which also included Key Club, National Honor Society and Club Couture, she found time to write articles for the Journal-World. She recently wrote an opinion piece on the proposed food policy for Lawrence schools. She also was the go-to reporter for fashion. She said she has written stories on everything from scarves to jewelry to back-to-school clothes. Laura also reviewed performances at the Lied Center.

"I learned how to sharpen my writing skills for a real newspaper. I am walking away with actual samples that I can include in my portfolio," she said of being a Teen Board member.

Graduating seniors who were on the Journal-World Teen Board clockwise from bottom center are Laura Parkinson, Lindsey Kennedy, Tiffany Kwak and Sarah Kelly.

Graduating seniors who were on the Journal-World Teen Board clockwise from bottom center are Laura Parkinson, Lindsey Kennedy, Tiffany Kwak and Sarah Kelly.

Laura, daughter of Mary and Wayne Parkinson, Lawrence, plans to take her clips to the University of Missouri, where she will pursue a degree in journalism.

Is she being heckled for her college choice? Yep.

As a Governor's Scholar, Laura met Gov. Kathleen Sebelius who asked where she planned to attend college. After Laura's reply, the governor asked, "Why would you do that?" But Laura said she is ready for change and touted the journalism program at MU.

Her advice for underclassman: "Be involved and find something that interests you and go with it. Find that unique thing about you that you are good at to have a certain edge in high school."


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