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Sleepy Sunday Morning

quite unless you live on 7th and someone almost killed your family and you spend all night wondering why she is not in jail

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All quiet Monday morning

The "neck injury" on the 500 block of 7th st. was actually a messed up woman crashing through my yard, totaling my neighbor's car, and hitting my tree. She was bleeding, and when the police came, she almost wouldn't go with them.

She was let go later on that night.

This totally baffles me because this woman was obviously under the influence of something, and I heard her tell her friend that she was messed up. The neighbors heard her swerving down the street, and she must have been going really fast because my neighbor's car is in my yard now... If my kids would've been in the back yard, which we normally are on nice nights like last night, the story might have read 2 babies killed by inebriated driver.

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Have you ever gone Dumpster diving?

I like free, too! You can find all sorts of things at the ends of people's driveways, that have no trash juice whatsoever on it. I don't mind either way if others do it, more free stuff for me!

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Victim’s family sues over hit-and-run fatality

I read through about as much of this as I could without seriously getting upset.

You guys talk about these people as if they were characters in your sick comics you read before breakfast.

That kid, who killed Tom (that is the man who was killed), should have been in jail for much longer than just a mere matter of days. Yes, both of them were drunk, but one of them left the scene and allowed the other to die.

The difference between Tom and that kid was that Tom was an excellent neighbor and part of the block that I live on. He was the nicest man I have ever met, and on numerous occasions went out of his way to take care of me when I was pregnant. He made life living next to him feel like there were always people around you to care about you.

It was Tom's birthday celebration the night that kid hit him and killed him. He may have been drunk, but if it were him who hit that kid, he would've stopped. He would've helped him. He would've done something, because that is who he was.

I remember the morning after he died. Everyone on this block was missing someone important to them. And his sons were missing their father. His sons are some of the nicest people I know as well, and I can only conclude that this was because their father was the same.

For those of you who think you know everything, who believe you are educated and make unbelievably ignorant remarks about the case being closed, or that the sons are greedy, or that Tom was just as much to blame as this kid, you need to think about WHO HE WAS. His children have families of their own, and probably need this money to pay for all the crap this kid put their family through.

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