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What's the best type of person to work with?

Pssssst--Allen Press employees: A boss who doesn't fire employees for wearing pumpkin earrings on Halloween!

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Judge gives convicted rapist maximum prison sentence despite plea agreement

Hope he has a good time in prison!

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Parenting model

I wonder how the players pay child support. They certainly can't afford it on a player's scholarship money, and they're not allowed to work. So when KU recruits these guys with kids (and some have several), they are actually putting the player in a position where he can't pay child support for four to five years. Is something wrong with this picture?

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Obama: ‘Time to get serious’

@Polly: not only does he not understand what "survival of the fittest" means, he doesn't know what a metaphor means either! Sheesh!

@bp--maybe you should get educated instead of acting like you are! You are the "poser" sir!

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Obama: ‘Time to get serious’

@barrypenders: as someone who has taught and studied evolution for years, your "darwin bless" is annoying. most of your comments have nothing whatsoever to do with darwin, natural selection or anything of the sort. maybe you should come up with a new saying.

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Need is now

So, okay, KUAC is private and separate from KU, but why is it a non-profit and donors get tax breaks? Seems to me it's a for-profit business. Can anybody explain? Is it non-profit educational? I wouldn't think so. Non-profit philanthropical? Non-profit religious? Don't think those fit either. Does anybody know what its non-profit status is?

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Lawrence Community Shelter withdraws plans for homeless shelter at Don's Steakhouse site

I counsel in a corrections agency. I happen to know of homeless persons who have no desire whatsoever to do anything BUT panhandle on the streets for their daily dose of alcohol. So, while there may be those who are on the streets due to job loss, the majority are there because they just want to drink all day and be free from responsibility. Sorry, I'm not compassionate when it comes to them.

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Total ban on panhandling not likely

I offered to buy food to a woman who was panhandling with her toddler; she didn't want it. She wanted money to feed her habit. Where is child protective services?

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Total ban on panhandling not likely

My job brings me in contact with Lawrence homeless who have been arrested. I have learned through my interactions that Lawrence is indeed a "haven" for the homeless and many come from Texas, Colorado, and even further because the "bank" is so good in downtown Lawrence. Just a few hours on Mass St sets many up to drink all day. It's disgusting and they need to be removed. Come on people; we're just enabling them. I'm talking about the professional homeless who live to drink and/or do drugs, not those who are truly deserving of help.

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Sen. Pat Roberts says health care reform bill will raise taxes for middle-class Americans

Would someone please tell Pat Roberts to STFU!

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