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Wittig is sentenced to 18 years

Ask anyone who ever was around Wetting for much time - he is one of the MOST egotistical arrogant rude people ever. No one who worked around him or for him was/is surprised to find out that he thought he was above the law. One has to hope he has learned hard and valuable lessons about greed, truth, and pride; but it's highly doubtful.

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Volunteers needed for Community Resource Expo link doesn't work...

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Obesity epidemic hits child safety seats

Oh come on ... Fat people aren't all sloppy or inconsiderate. Some of the nicest and kindest people I know and have ever known have been overweight. They aren't all whiners and blamers any more then all skinny or fit people are mentally healthy and sweet natured!!

However, that is not to say that parents aren't responsible for breeding and then feeding a whole generation of overweight kids - who (unfortunately) will turn into obese adults.

We all know that some people are "Big boned" (taller and wider) by nature....and that there are medical conditions that cause people (children and adults) to balloon up unnaturally.

But...taking that into consideration, with all people together, the increase in obesity in this country is largely due to (a) eating food that causes weight gain - e.g. fast food, soft drinks, candy, high-fat fried food, etc.) - instead of healthy foods (lean meats, tofu, raw vegetables, fresh fruit). and (b) lack of exercise (how many hours per day does an average child spend running around outside versus sitting in front of the TV or a computer?).

If your kid drinks a coke or more a day, eats chips and/or candy daily, and doesn't play outside 2-3 hours per day, you too may have a lard ass on your hands, all too soon!

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Sebelius sees another special session ahead

Even if no one is willing to admit it, the under-current at the state-house is buzzing with the fact (?) that the lobbiests for the gambling industry have all made (or promise to make) such huge-large contributions to legislators (and Governors) who favor the bill. It might make a nice news story for some enterprising reporter to follow-up on..... Is the real concern funding education, or with making sure those campaign coffers are full?

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