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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

If you don't have anything nice or encouraging to say about this HUMAN BEING making a full recovery after this terrible accident that was in no way his fault, then don't say anything at all.

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District seeks input on shifting graduation date

That would have been nice when I was graduating. The sooner high school is officially over with, the better! Go for it.

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Duplex catches fire; residents uninjured

Actually, Johnson County people are the drivers to steer clear of.

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Fool-you foods: Added nutrients give processed snacks unexpected perks

Yoplait yogurt has high fructose corn syrup..

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Harris Construction Co. closes Lawrence office, plans to partner with K.C. company

Gootsie--I'm guessing that you are much older than me, yet you still have not grown out of gossiping. Why do you need to know every little detail? So you can go gossip some more and find amusement in someone else's downfall, whom you don't like? Honestly, it's just sad. Your life obviously hasn't been affected by this merger, so save your Klondike bar and go enjoy it with everyone else here who has too much time on their hands, allowing them to post multiple times on an article that in reality, they are clueless about.


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Harris Construction Co. closes Lawrence office, plans to partner with K.C. company

redmoonrising, it is apparent that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Attempting to bash Bo Harris' character, as well as saying he has ruined his father's legacy is unnecessary and utterly distasteful. You make Bo Harris seem like the bad guy in this situation, but you could not be more off. As you said, you do not and have never worked for him, so you have no room whatsoever to make such harsh remarks. This article does not even begin to paint the full picture here and it is indeed far different than described, so I would recommend that you and anyone else who feels the need to put in their two cents to stop and think before rattling off terribly uninformed arguments.

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Harris Construction Co. closes Lawrence office, plans to partner with K.C. company

Mark Fagan, did you even attempt to make sure your "facts" were correct? This story sounds like this is a happy ending for almost everyone at Harris Construction, but it is far from that. First of all, more than 6 employees work at Harris Construction Company--there are several who work out on the job site and not in the office; second, way more than 3 employees lost their job in the event of the merger, and you neglect to acknowledge all those who were laid off previously at the start of the new year; third, this story does not even begin to express the true devastation that many are suffering from since this merger, myself included. Once again, the Journal World has produced a poorly written, certainly rushed (seeing as you called the office just yesterday in a desperation to speak with the owner), and perhaps just badly spun story.

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