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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

why do people who love their cats so much keep them cooped up in small apartments and never allow them to see the light of day? Cats deserve to be able to have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

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Care home workers charged with abuse

Quite a few of us commenting were there! While Taylor's charges are not as severe as Eric's, there are witnesses who saw him do innappropriate things with the men and women. And guess who trained Taylor! None other than Eric Wyatt! While Taylor's crimes may not be as severe, he still is guilty of abuse and should be punished. Emtid4u, obviously you weren't there, so who are you to say who has a right to comment?

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Care home workers charged with abuse

The truth to all of this is that while both men are likeable and even good people at times, their actions were unacceptable and they are now going to be punished. I know for a fact that stophammertime is NOT lying. I was there too and saw it. I don't think people can really say what happened unless they were there. The unfortunate thing is that CLO will probably not be help liable for any of this.

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Care home workers charged with abuse

CLO advocate-
I can't believe that you can defend the actions of a company that continually ignored an abuse problem until a teacher had to report it to SRS. I agree with you that there are some great people working at CLO, but it seems unfair to me that the issue of CLO not taking action soon enough is not being addressed. If Eric Wyatt would have been fired after the first (or third or fourth) time that he was written up, it may not have escalated into what it did!

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Care home workers charged with abuse

I worked at Ponderosa house with one of these men. There were quite a few times when staff members notified the supervisors of the home that the abuse was happening. When he was fired, it was not the first time that CLO had heard things about him. He had actually been suspended before due to an abuse claim. He was able to return to the same home after that and the people who turned him in were removed from the home and sent to another home. The reason he finally was fired is because a staff member of the house informed the team leaders of the home that unless something was done, SRS would be contacted. It was a staff member, not CLO that contacted SRS and that is when something was finally done about the abuse.

Ponderosa house has, and still does employ some very caring and hard working teachers and staff members. The men and women are being very well taken care of now, and because of some loyal staff members, the abuse was put to a stop.

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