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U.S. court puts up roadblock on Sunflower Electric Power Corp. coal-burning power plant in Kansas

Delay, delay, delay.

Keystone XL pipeline and it's 20,000 jobs? Delay it.

Power plant with new technology? And jobs for hard-hit western kansas? Delay it.

Delay it all.

Thanks guys.

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Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire primary; Ron Paul runs second

Look for the mainstream media to start focusing their guns on Romney. Should be a fun ride.

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South Carolina should fight voter ID ruling

You're right. The Supreme Court also already has ruled on this:

Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, 553 U.S. 181 (2008)

"In a 6-3 decision, the Court upheld the constitutionality of the photo ID requirement, finding it closely related to Indiana's legitimate state interest in preventing voter fraud, modernizing elections, and safeguarding voter confidence."

Eric Holder and the Justice Department will lose this - and they know it. But Holder has politicized the Justice Department =/

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Lawrence man, 32, ordered to about 10 more years in prison for role in murder

I'm sure this is the only time he's ever committed a crime. Don't expect more charges.

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New Lawrence police sergeant encouraging officers to engage with public in more proactive, positive way

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Kansas Democrats unveil jobs, gambling proposal

Borrow and spend. Its *always* the dems plan for everything.

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Fears about closure of Wichita Boeing plant return

"shoveling the public's hard earned tax dollars at your big business buddies"

Letting a business keep more of what they earn is not shoveling money at them.

Solyndar, the auto union bailout - THAT is shoveling the public's hard earned tax dollars at your buddies.

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Jaeger conviction upheld by appeals panel

Pedro's out of Topeka

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Brownback says lieutenant governor will welcome Obama to Kansas

Most Democrats won't get within a country mile of Obama now.

Witness Claire McCaskill's contortions to explain why she's always in a different part of the State when Obama comes to visit.

He's upside down (43% approval, 51% disapproval according to Gallup). Not many are going to be seen with him.

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White House announces Obama's speech Tuesday in Osawatomie to focus on economy

It doesn't create jobs. It is very, very good at destroying them however.

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