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River City Jules: Saying farewell
November 26, 2012
After three years and more than 150 columns for the Go! section, I have decided it is time to move on.
River City Jules: Thanksgiving, then and now
November 19, 2012
Like many of you, I am very much looking forward to a feast of an obnoxiously delicious magnitude Thursday, mine prepared by my favorite brother-in-law.
River City Jules: Homonym headaches
November 12, 2012
“Spell-check is great for words like ‘enumeration’ and ‘effervescent,’ but it isn’t going to help you distinguish ‘your’ from ‘you’re,’” I interjected. “And you can’t go into the world without knowing how to spell. No one will ever want to date or hire you.”
River City Jules: Rooting for Americans this election
November 5, 2012
“Mom, who do you want to win the election?” my favorite child asked. “I want the American people to win,” I replied.
River City Jules: Justifying my love for Madonna
October 29, 2012
Like so many others this week, I am dressing up with my friends and heading out for some fun. But my road to Tuesday’s Madonna concert stretches much longer than 45 minutes on I-70.
River City Jules: Costume doesn’t add up
October 22, 2012
While trying to come up with a costume for Halloween this year, my sister had a recommendation. “Why don’t you go as Three-Four-Three?” she offered with a smirk. I had hoped she would forget by now …
River City Jules: Guitar hero
October 15, 2012
It was a crisp autumn night. My husband had just treated his loving wife to dinner in Westport before strolling over to The Beaumont Club to see one of his favorite guitarists, Mark Tremonti, pair up with one of his favorite bassists, Wolfgang Van Halen, at this intimate concert venue. The tickets were free, the air was cool, his date was hot.
River City Jules: The Nielsen family
October 8, 2012
“I have exciting news!” I exclaimed, settling into my parents’ kitchen with my mom and sister. “Uh-oh,” Mom said, bracing herself.
River City Jules: Step up to the plates this month for a mammogram
October 1, 2012
Now that I am nearly 41, I have noticed the conversations my friends and I carry taking a different turn. Talk about cute sunglasses, high heels and push-up bras has turned to reading glasses, sensible shoes and mammograms.
River City Jules: Unleashing a teenage driver
September 24, 2012
Sitting in the dealer’s office negotiating a car for our daughter to drive (someday, when we teach her how to use a stick shift), the room started spinning. I rubbed my eyes, trying to focus on our dealer’s face as words like “six-cylinder” and “1.6 liters” tumbled from his lips. But the only thing I could see was the face of the nurse who wheeled me to the hospital exit over 15 years earlier with my newborn daughter in my arms.

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