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Who do you think is KU’s most improved player this year?

Response Percent Votes
Jeff Withey
67% 2098
Tyshawn Taylor
16% 497
Thomas Robinson
14% 439
Travis Releford
1% 48
0% 11
Total 3093


Bob Forer 5 years, 10 months ago

It's a tough call, although Withey certainly has surprised all of us. Part of the problem is that with the exception of TT, none of the above really played a whole lot last year, so its hard to judge.

I will say this. Each and every one of the players mentioned have made marked strides under the guidance of HCBS and staff. That speaks highly not only of our coaching, but also player effort. We are where we are this season not because one player stepped up, but because an entire team emerged from last year's remnants.

A remarkable coaching job, as well as tremendous player effort. The tourney should be fun.

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