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Would you pay a $1 toll to drive the full length of the South Lawrence Trafficway?

Response Percent Votes
76% 1351
23% 426
Total 1777


RogueThrill 7 years ago

Sometimes I need to get to one Wal-Mart from the other Wal-Mart and I just have the time. We should just call it the China Express.

Of course I wouldn't.

AS 7 years ago

I agree with (canusayduh).

Robert Schehrer 7 years ago

I say make ther entire K-10 route, from I-70 to Lenexa, a toll road. Upgade the SLT to a four lane road and the rest of it, from a four lane road to a six lane.

kujayhawk7476 7 years ago

I agree completely. The days of new roads that act as freeways for no user cost are gone thanks to the federal and state governments inability to cut non-essential spending.

overthemoon 7 years ago

its not the spending, its the revenue. look at the simple graphs of periods of economic strength related to tax rates. If its not gathered from all taxpayers fairly, we end up with pay as you go roads which cost a higher percentage of income to the lower and middle class than to the upper income brackets that pay little tax at all.

notorious_agenda 7 years ago

How do you get on I-70 from K-10? and btw I-70 is already a toll road.

Clovis Sangrail 7 years ago

I think a toll is a good idea. Let the west Lawrence professionals cough up an extra buck or two on their way to work in Johnson County.

As for me, I think the only time I have been on it was once when I was lost. It doesn't really go anywhere I need to go.

Even if I were going from Walmart to Walmart, I would take surface streets. At least on Iowa, when crap falls off trucks, it doesn't come rocketing toward you at a closing speed of over 100 mph.

jlzack 7 years ago

It doesn't even cost that much to take the turnpike from east to west or Lecompton... why would anyone pay $1.00 to drive on a 2 lane highway?

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

It should be toll road.

Absolutely the users should pay!

In fact forget this plan and use the existing new toll road being built off K-10 to I-70. Gotta make use of the new bridge crossing the river.

LHS56 7 years ago

Why is this question even being asked????? Reminds me of the Kansas Turnpike. For you that don't remember, we (the public) were told that in 20 years the bonds would be paid and the road would than be toll free. Ohh...and that was in 1954. Must be that new math.

average 7 years ago

Not very often if ever. But that's honestly because it doesn't fit into where I need to get to/from. I'm not opposed to it being tolled not would I object to paying the toll on the once-a-blue moon occasion I'd have for using it.

Unfortunately, I think we'll find that the SLT doesn't really serve the specific needs of the great majority of people who are on 23rd today and will be on 23rd when it's done. But, even with a toll, it will help pull traffic off the current I-70 turnpike and even out the truck ratios (K-10 currently has less semi-truck traffic than many 2-lane roads in Kansas, and that would immediately change when the SLT is finished).

pizzapete 7 years ago

That seems excessive to me, but I'm not going to be using it.

kshiker 7 years ago

Local access to the road will not be charged a toll. The toll would only apply to traffic entering at I-70 and traversing the entire distance of the road to K-10 at Noria Rd. Even if a toll was charged, I would pay a $1 to bypass 23rd Street. You will spend at least that much idling in traffic on gas.

overthemoon 7 years ago

How does that work? if you get on at Haskell and head east, are you charged to get off at Noria Rd?

palmettostar 7 years ago

I live at Alvadora and take K-10 to the Iowa Walmart and that area all the time because it's faster than going through the city, sometimes. I wouldn't pay a dollar to drive on it if that's as far as I'm going.

If I was going to travel the full length or enter at I-70 like Kshiker said, then maybe I would pay but they'd have to figure out a way to make it work because currently you pay the exit toll when you get off at 197 and if you don't continue on...what then ?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 7 years ago

No. I have been using the existing South Lawrence Trafficway, 31st street. Why pay more??

kernal 7 years ago

LHS56, the math is in 1954 our population was only 163,000,000 and most households only owned one car, if any cars at all. There weren't many freeways and not much of an interstate highway system yet - it was just beginning. Most goods were still be transported by train.

Now our population exceeds 300,000,000, most households have at least two cars, and we have a huge trucking industry. Consequently, the turnpike requires much more maintenance than civil engineers dreamed of fifty-seven years ago. That's the math.

Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

Kernal? There's another factor also, and that is that freight trucks are now much heavier, and there are many more of them.

LHS56 7 years ago

kernal - the bond issue was for twenty years, not 57 years. The turnpike became part of the interstate road system but continued to charge a toll. There was an opportunity of the federal government taking over the "ownership" and maintenace of the road. I've thought that the Board (remember the trips to Italy?) voted to retain ownership. I agree that we now need six lanes between Topeka and KC and it does require much added cost. My point is that the turnpike should have been added to the interstate system and the toll deleted when the original bonds were paid. It could have been done!

Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

"the toll deleted when the original bonds were paid."

It's been claimed that once the government has enacted a tax, it is never revoked. We may as well consider the toll on the turnpike to be a tax.

Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

The citizens of Lawrence are not the ones to be asked this question!

Instead it should be asked of travellers who want to get to their destination as quickly and easily as possible without getting lost in a maze of unfamiliar streets.

My aunt and uncle used to need to take I-70 to K-10 in order to visit my cousin and her family. They did not like having to find their way through Lawrence. In fact, my aunt was quite proud when they finally figured out how to do it. But, it wasn't a very good way, and so I provided her with a map that showed a much quicker route.

irvan moore 7 years ago

how about to get on the turnpiike? both the west exits/entrances are on the end of it. will the kids going to play soccer have to pay to cross it to get to the soccer fields?

overthemoon 7 years ago

Yet another example of amazing forethought and planning. How do you do a highway with multiple access and crossings and still call it a highway...or bypass, even.

irvan moore 7 years ago

how about to get on the turnpiike? both the west exits/entrances are on the end of it. will the kids going to play soccer have to pay to cross it to get to the soccer fields?

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Will they throw in a leaf-nosed womp rat?

Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

Maybe in a cage in the middle of a round-a-bout!

pace 7 years ago

Not on topic but will there be a celebration for a solid decade of orange barrels on the local turnpike. Should be some sort of recognition. Also in my prayers is a light at the entrance and exits of the sl and hw 40.

jonas_opines 7 years ago

No to tolls! It isn't America if you can't make everybody pay to shorten your commute time by a quarter hour.

woodscolt 7 years ago

No, I wouldn't pay a toll but the people who want it should pay a toll until they have covered the cost of it. Isn't it amusing how were out of money and then we're not out of money. If its arts were soooo broke and when it comes to pavement we have an extra 192 mill laying around. I see the message in there. People with the mentality of pavement want pavement not arts. In a way, I can see how pavement probably is the polar opposite of art.

How about just taking enough money out of the pave it over budget to fund arts and education and leave the rest for the pave it over bumpkins. If they can't make it, pay a toll till they can.

nut_case 7 years ago

Only if the SLT actually linked I70 / 40hwy on the west with I70 and K10 in the east and all intersections were high speed interchanges.

Sylvie Rueff 7 years ago

If they build it, all of the tolls should go to Haskell. It might begin to pay for the theft of their land. The theft that would happen with the build, and the one in the late '60's which diminished the campus to 1/3 of it's former say nothing of the thefts of lands from previous generations. But, no amount of money would restore the promise of an equal quality education for their children the U.S. made to the Nations who were here first.

There is a better route, by the way: better geology, better functionality, less dangerous to Lawrence, and ultimately cheaper to build.

Liberty275 7 years ago

Make it a 75 MPH toll road - with a single spot suitable for cops to set up a speed trap so all the locals know where to slow down.

Also, why does Bozo hate the environment so much?

Kaw Pickinton 7 years ago

So, now we have to pay $25 bucks a week to get the kids to soccer games an practice. That seams fair.

grandnanny 7 years ago

I live near Monterey Way and have no use for the trafficway. I can't imagine that most people in Lawrence ever use it. People coming from Topeka and going right past Lawrence to get to Johnson County will certainly find it helpful. They won't even have to consider stopping in Lawrence to buy anything. And I doubt that it will take any traffic off of 23rd Street as most of us know how to avoid it already unless we actually need to stop at Dillons or McDonalds for something. The highest traffic levels are for KU basketball games and the SLT won''t help that much - and if it does, now Iowa will be clogged from the south. Traffic congestion does not get any better by building more highways. I actually learned that in an economics class.

kef104 7 years ago

So for those who want to save a buck, drive from Topeka, exit in the middle of Lawrence, then immediately re-enter. Thus no toll. If no booths exist at every Lawrence exit, anyone and everyone will be able to say they they just entered in Lawrence anyway. Somehow I see trying to make this a toll road a serious and expensive mistake.

LawrenceBoy 7 years ago

Hey Lawrence, perhaps you should not have manufactured a mythical frog to stop the completion of the project in the first place. How much was the project going to cost then, versus now? This city is its own worst enemy. No, I won't pay the $1, either. But out-of-towners will.

handley 7 years ago

A toll would be 0.k. a $1 toll is a little expensive when you can drive from the Lecompton interchange to the south Topeka interchange for $1.05. Or to the east Topeka exit for $.75.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Face it folks the real estate industry built their high tax dollar bedroom community on the wrong side of town. Then they went fishing for a $200,000,000 - $300,000,000 million dollar tax dollar moochin bail out plan.

The bail out plan turned out to be another wrong decision. It merely compounds the high cost of living in Douglas County problem.

A pork barrel spending bail out plan because back door politics could not leave well enough alone.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Developers and cars are very expensive budget items. They in turn buy very expensive commissioners who support very expensive requests put forth by developers. Now we have tons of new development which is not paying back the community aka no economic growth. Something went wrong.

Higher taxes and user fees are financing the new wealth for the real estate industry. This is not economic growth. This is you and me paying for what should be paying for itself

What do new roads bring with them? Development which seldom provides long term relief from traffic congestion. New development brings new and more traffic congestion then higher taxes and user fees.

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Grab your wallets!

This news will likely get some commissioners itchin to add another $100 million project to our tax bill. It's known as the $100 million dollar sewage treatment plant AGAIN for the real estate industry.

Then more tax dollar spending by way of New Housing Projects - If residential growth paid for itself we might not be in a budget crunch. Increased numbers of residential create increased demand on services. Historically revenues generated by residential housing do not pay for the services they require from a municipality thus increased taxes.

Grab your wallets again! Think of all the services new neighborhoods want: fire stations,schools,parks,water and sewer lines etc etc etc.

mellowyellow 7 years ago

If it's just here in town I would pay 25 cents - put a basket out there for us to throw our quarters in from time to time.

HRCJJ 7 years ago

No, because the whole point would be to make my trip faster and the toll booth would slow everything down. I drive 1-70 5 days a week and have a K-tag, but it never fails at least once a week the k-tag lane gets backed up because someone without a tag gets in the lane or the gate doesn't work.

George_Braziller 7 years ago

If all you are interested in is a quick commute to KC, why do you live on the west side of Lawrence?

I really am asking an honest question.

Barry Watts 7 years ago

I will pay $10, just build the thing!!!!!!!

Russell Fryberger 7 years ago

I'll buy that for a dollar. If they would hurry up and finish the darn thing.

gorilla10 7 years ago

Well not many people in Lawrence will pay for it because it's only if you drive the entire distance.........If asked if anyone in Lawrence will use the road that should be close to 90% of Lawrence. Some people are just idiots and will say they won't use it when everyone knows they will!!!

George Lippencott 7 years ago

I am holding my breath to see how they can fairly collect tolls from only part of the traffic . Does that mean getting on at 59 of off at 59 makes you local??

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