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Have you been to the Lawrence Arts Center in the past year?

Response Percent Votes
58% 388
41% 270
Total 658


JaneQ 8 years ago

Wow, people. This is kinda sad. The Arts center is SUCH a fantastic resource. They have affordable classes and performances, awesome kids programs, and fresh new art displays regularly. There's always something there to see. It's one of my favorite things about the Lawrence community. I cannot fathom living here and having not been in the last year....

ozzynbn 8 years ago

JaneQ, I've been to the LAC and like what I see when visiting. But, it's not on my top 100 things to do annually in Lawrence. Lots of artsy things to look at in this city.

mr_right_wing 8 years ago

Weren't the new Lawrence Arts Center and the new Douglas County Jail built in the same year?

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