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Have you already or will you donate to a Haitian earthquake relief effort?

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55% 403
44% 320
Total 723


skinny 7 years ago

No I didn't, to many scams coming in from that country for years.

beawolf 7 years ago

I'd like to help the people of Haiti. I'd like to give to the United Way, The Red Cross, UNICEF, The Salvation Army, St Judes, The United Children's Fund, The American Cancer Society, Jerry's Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Food for the Hungry, CARE, Doctors without Borders, Save The Children, The Breast Cancer Fund and the American Humane Society.

But, I have no extra money. Count my contribution as part of the $100,000,000 the US is sending to Haiti.

A20271 7 years ago

Beawolf, you could always contribute your TIME for alot of those organizations.

terrapin2 7 years ago

There are scams yes, but that should not stop you from donating to reputable agencies like the red cross. I have no extra money either, but I can not get a coffee for 2 days and send 5 bucks. I would love to donate to all the causes beawolf listed as well, but can't. This is different. There is such an immediate and desperate need for help that the others can wait for now.

naturalist 7 years ago

Oxfam says: "We will ensure that every penny is used to directly help the people of Haiti overcome this disaster." So there's another reputable option for the Haiti crisis, along with Doctors without Borders.

notit 7 years ago

This may sound a little selfish, but really I am not a selfish person... I would love to give. But... How can we give so much money to them when our own country is struggling, help ourselves, The homeless, the people that have lost their homes and jobs recently, I just don't get it.

tomatogrower 7 years ago

beawolf, you probably wouldn't contribute to these causes anyway if you didn't pay taxes, because you can pay fewer taxes, if you did donate. So don't try to pretend to be generous.

barlowtl 7 years ago

Kansas has not been immune to Nature's wrath & we have been on the receiving end of our neighbor's help, can we do less. 100 million sounds like a lot till you add up al lthe bonuses on Wall Street. In the end each must do what they truly feel is right.

bankboy119 7 years ago

If you are looking to contribute to Haiti but want it to go through a local, not national, charity look at My friend runs it and has for over a year.

They are based out of Eudora, KS and there are only 3 of them (I think.) They have worked with people across the nation but are obviously a small organization. The president/CEO is Allen Barker.

Hope this helps.

beawolf 7 years ago

tomatogrower (Anonymous) says… "beawolf, you probably wouldn't contribute to these causes anyway if you didn't pay taxes, because you can pay fewer taxes, if you did donate. So don't try to pretend to be generous."

If I don't have the out of pocket money to donate, any tax reduction is pointless. I'm not pretending to be anything but cash poor.

A20271 (Anonymous) says… "Beawolf, you could always contribute your TIME for alot of those organizations."

I do. Whenever possible. Most recently, Habitat for Humanity and the Lawrence Animal Shelter.

Shockem211 7 years ago

Yes, I was only able to donate 15 dollars to the Red Cross, but that's better than nothing.

RKLOG 7 years ago

Greedy jerks, just donate to Doctors Without Borders or something. Lawrence, Kansas; narcissism at its finest.

denak 7 years ago

Anything is better than nothing....which is exactly what the people of Haiti have right now.

I don't have a lot of money either but I went through my house (which is still standing unlike those in Haiti) and collected a bunch of things I don't need right now( extra cans of food, clothes, extra hygiene products) and donated them.

Do you seriously expect anyone to believe that you can't go to the store and buy some band-aids or alcohol or gauze?

The people of the world reached out to us in the aftermath of Katrina and 9/11, why can't you do the same for the people of Haiti?


denak 7 years ago

It is not a knee-jerk reaction to immediately respond to a catastrophic act.

Yes, it is going to take a few days to set up the logistics but that is to be expected in a situation such as this.

People will still need help on April 15 but they won't need as much help then as they need now.

When all is said and done, I don't care when a person donates. Just don't wrap your lack of empathy up in a bunch of selfish rhetoric about how you..or this country... is just too poor right now. If you chose not to donate, own up to your selfishness... and then hope to God that Mother Nature doesn't decide to bring you low one day.


JS82 7 years ago

If you give to the Red Cross and designate it for Haiti it will go to that work. They are very careful to keep funds separate so that you know your money goes toward the efforts to help in this tragedy.

gphawk89 7 years ago

Anyone know how much the people of Haiti donated to us in the aftermath of Katrina?

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