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After KU’s loss to Texas Tech, how would you describe your level of concern for next week’s game against Kansas State?

Response Percent Votes
Extremely concerned
40% 621
Somewhat concerned
32% 498
Somewhat confident
12% 198
Not Sure
6% 107
Extremely confident
6% 105
Total 1529


Jeff Kilgore 9 years, 7 months ago

I am totally in support of Mangino and our kids when I say this: although our secondary has shown weakness throughout the season, they do play hard, and remember: who has stopped TT and OU this season? Very few have done very well here at all. I do think that our team because of injuries and a tougher schedule are in for a tough month. The only games we can win are KSU and NU, and to me, those games are toss ups at best. We should probably be the underdog when you consider how close the Huskers played TT in Lubbock. But again, this is really no fault of Mangino--he's the same coach, the same guy, and right now is when you find out whether or not you're a Jayhawk.I remember when T A&M beat us in bball at home during Acie Law's senior year. Radio idiots were all over Self, wanting him fired. I didn't and called in. All KU did was reel off 13 straight and then the nat'l championship the next year. Sure, Mangino's challenge is tougher, but I don't think that the expectations are so high. They shouldn't be if recruiting rankings mean anything.

John Hamm 9 years, 7 months ago

And the days of high priced near stadium parking (except for K-State fans) are over.

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