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Do you think Allen Fieldhouse needs renovations?

Response Percent Votes
51% 141
42% 116
Not sure
6% 18
Total 275


davidsmom 10 years ago

NO, no, no, Allen Fieldhouse should never be replaced. It is almost synonymous with KU. There is no arena in the country with the history of Allen. Fix it up if necessary, but never replace it.

chapdaddy 10 years ago

yes, renovations to the ticket prices would be nice........................................

jbaby0687 10 years ago

Allen Fieldhouse is a historic place and a huge part of KU and Lawrence. It needs renovation because it is old and KU basketball is growing... the bigger the place the more fans to fill it and the more money the campus would make. It's a win win. Or just fixing it up helps too because it is old.

Celeste Plitz 10 years ago

Perish the thought. Allen Fieldhouse is unique in so many ways-that is what makes it special. Replacing it would be a travesty.

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