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'World' Party

30 March 2006

The melodic FM-friendly pop rock purveyed by The Jayhawks, The Gin Blossoms and Matthew Sweet lives on the capable hands of Red Guitar. The KC-based seven-piece is a collective of friends whose lineage dates back to the mid-'90s Lawrence music scene. The band recently released "Beauty Will Save The World," a keenly produced follow-up to 2003's "Based on a Blue Story." Songwriter and keyboardist Nick Nave stopped by to preview the new record and discuss the band's past and present journey.

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Ad Austin per aspera

26 March 2006

The annual South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, TX, offers independent bands like Lawrence's Ad Astra Per Aspera a chance to perform for a concentrated cross-section of industry movers and shakers. With a full-length album nearly completed, the five-piece band journeyed to SXSW to audition for record labels, grab some free sneakers and catch a few of their favorite bands.

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The Appleseed podCast

13 March 2006

Two years ago, it looked as though Lawrence's pre-eminent experimental emo rockers were calling it quits. With lead singer Chris Crisci pursing Old Canes, The Appleseed Cast took a long hiatus that eventually ended with the addition of drummer Nathan Richardson and a renewed interest in creating expansive guitar-rock soundscapes. The result is "Peregrine," a seventh full-length album that will be toasted with fellow Lawrence bands White Whale and Black Christmas on March 25 at The Granada. Guitarist and vocalist Aaron Pillar phoned in from the Appleseed tour van in the midst of an Atlanta hail storm to discuss the new record, the rumored breakup and the evolution of his decade-old band. Included are portions of the following tracks from "Peregrine": Here We Are (Family in the Hall), Silas' Knife, Mountain Halo, Sunlit and Ascending.

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To Wit

7 March 2006

Lawrence quartet <a href="http://www.lawrence.com/bands/the_yards/">The Yards</a> conjure mind-bending polyrhythms and tantalizing horn arrangements and fold them into a funky format reminiscent of The Meters and Medeski, Martin & Wood. Inspired by the powerful growl of the Hammond organ, lead songwriter Bradford Hoopes churns out chart-busting melodies that are nimbly interpreted by guitarist Michael Hamm, bassist Dave Shelton and drummer Kelly White. The group's new album "Wit" showcases these elements along with Tom Johnson's epic horn arrangements and Colin Mahoney's slick production skills. All four Yards hopped in our podcast booth to preview tracks from the new record and discuss Lawrence's funked-up music scene.

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