Roger Martin

Longer days arouse animals in Lawrence
February 13, 2005
I’ve braced for months against the cold and been sobered by the long, dark nights.
Eureka moment’ prompts authors to tweak book
January 30, 2005
We call human beings Homo sapiens, but I think there might be more than one species of us.
Poe edition divulges sources of ideas
January 16, 2005
If you remember Edgar Allan Poe, it’s probably because of these lines from his poem “The Raven”:
Making science sexy should be goal in ‘05
January 2, 2005
I have some New Year’s resolutions to suggest. They’re not for myself but for the nation — pardon the grandiosity.
Discovery of burial sites can provide window into past
December 19, 2004
Three years ago, Chris Widga found bones and tools that had spilled out of a grave and down a slope.
Altruism alluring to do-gooders
December 5, 2004
I ran into this biologist the other day at the library. We’ve both worked at Kansas University for decades, and I’ve interviewed him several times about dragonflies, midges and that sort of thing.
Therapy helps counter trauma
November 21, 2004
Some kids are more easily traumatized by shocking events than others. This raises two questions.
Glacial melting on the increase, study shows
November 7, 2004
I have some bad news, good news and bad news.
Commentary: Arbus’ creepy family photos reflect wartime stress
October 24, 2004
“Family” is a wonderfully pliable word, referring both to a group of people living under one roof and, more broadly, to any group of things that are more or less alike.
Women scientists faced barriers, blazed trails
October 10, 2004
Mary Creese just finished the second volume of a study on a thousand 19th-century women of science.
Signals can help employees predict layoffs
October 3, 2004
Your job is not secure. A change of management or a reorganization may knock you off your perch. Shrinking consumer demand or an angry supervisor could do you in.
Scientific victories can be hard to swallow
September 12, 2004
It was an ugly win. That’s how a former Kansas University basketball coach put it when little went right but his team still came away with a victory.
Assumptions have history of trumping law in rape cases
August 29, 2004
All the questions typical of date-rape cases are hovering around the criminal trial of Los Angeles Lakers’ star Kobe Bryant.
Commentary: Automobiles made tourism accessible to Americans
August 15, 2004
The summer my family finally got a car, I was 14. We strapped a johnboat to the roof, threw a five-horsepower motor in the trunk and meandered hundreds of miles over Missouri roads.
Martin: Literacy helps people celebrate differences, honor commonalities
July 18, 2004
Literacy ain’t what it used to be. I’m serious.