Marsha Henry Goff

Dogs something to be thankful for in holiday season
December 2, 2007
Susie/Pepper - our neighbors’ little gray-and-white dog who husband Ray and I feared was chasing celestial bunny rabbits - is alive and well! We were delighted when she came out to join us on a recent walk. As was her custom before she became ill, she trotted up our long drive to check out whether Ray had put out a few tasty meat scraps for her or the coyotes … whichever got to them first.
Any woman can become a Wonder Woman
November 18, 2007
Chances are that if you keep your head while others about you are losing theirs, you don’t fully understand the situation.
Even mowing the lawn can be a risky business
November 4, 2007
I am grateful that husband Ray waited until the last mowing of the season to set the lawn mower on fire. Chances are I never would have known of the conflagration had the garage not smelled strongly of smoke. “Something’s on fire,” I shouted to Ray, who was digging gladiolus and tuberose bulbs in preparation for winter. “Was,” he answered succinctly.
High school mischief: Even today, we’ve got our secrets
October 21, 2007
At a recent gathering of high school classmates concluding a series of weekend activities, several friends and I played a tamer version of Madonna’s truth or dare. Much, much tamer. The raciest question was, “Who was your first kiss?”
Expert advice: Neither a tenant nor a landlord be
October 7, 2007
With apologies to Shakespeare, I’m convinced the best advice is this: Neither a tenant nor a landlord be. We’ve all heard horror stories about landlords from hell, slumlords who won’t fix up their properties and charge outrageous rents.
Husband maintains long-running grudge against squirrels
September 23, 2007
Uh-oh … squirrels! Just when husband Ray agreed to feed half the raccoon population in southeast Douglas County, another mammal decided to raid the birds’ sunflower seeds. You can’t blame the little squirrel who scaled the deck in broad daylight to help himself to the seeds. I think he just became weary of waiting for the seedling nut trees Ray planted to produce.
School daze: It isn’t like it used to be
September 9, 2007
I didn’t walk miles to school through rain and snow - only a block and a half. Husband Ray, who lived a good three miles from his country school, didn’t walk that far, either; he rode a horse. So I was surprised to learn that students who lived less than a block from granddaughter Zoe’s Missouri elementary school are bused.
Alaskan adventure tests local couple’s mettle
August 26, 2007
No one was more surprised than husband Ray and I to find ourselves winging toward an Alaskan wilderness adventure - especially one that involved nine days on a small cruise ship. We are consummate landlubbers, and I personally have suffered seasickness on ocean ventures of less than an hour, and occasionally in the bathtub.
Couple’s walk takes a turn to the blond side
August 12, 2007
Granddaughter Zoe, age 10, recently spent a few days at our home and opted to play “Spider Solitaire” on my laptop rather than accompany Ray and me on an early morning walk. When I reminded Ray to set the alarm as we headed out the door, he asked, “Are you sure you want to do that?” “Sure,” I replied, “I told Zoe we’d set it.”
When traveling, ditch the cowboy boots and Crocs
July 8, 2007
“When we traveled with kids, where did we put them?” I asked my husband as he piled the back seat full of trip necessities: carry-on packed with cosmetics, hair spray and extra undies, cooler filled with water bottles, AAA maps and tour books, jackets and - the most essential of all - bunches of munchies.
Wartime anecdotes unveil new perspective about father
June 10, 2007
We know our fathers for all of our lives … but not for all of theirs. While Grams told me what Dad was like as a boy - mischievous, adventuresome and a risk-taker - and Mom described him as a young man - caring, fun-loving and an avid sportsman - neither knew much about his service as an Army Ranger officer in World War II.
It might be time to pull plug on phone
May 13, 2007
I once read about a woman who became so angry at her rural electric company that each night she would unscrew every lightbulb in her house and let the company’s electricity run out all over the floor.
Sibling relationships often rocky in the beginning
April 8, 2007
Our 9-year-old granddaughter Zoe recently watched a home video that showed her older brother Gabe kissing and cooing to her when she was a baby. A tear slid down her cheek as she cried out in surprise, “He used to like me!”
Who says getting there is half the fun?
March 11, 2007
Anyone who thinks we’re a classless society hasn’t flown coach lately. And coach is no longer called “coach”; it’s “economy.” Economical for whom? I’m guessing for airlines.
Parents’ antics inspiration for love
February 11, 2007
Remember “Love Story,” that 1970 tear-jerker film? If you don’t, I’ll bet you remember the movie’s tagline: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”