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The day in photos, October 5, 2009
If given the choice of one or the other, would you rather have your high school have a successful football team or a successful marching band?

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Successful football team
Successful marching band
Total 1130
What do you think of KU coach Bill Self's decision to suspend Brady Morningstar for the first semester after Morningstar was arrested on suspicion of a DWI?

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The punishment was about right
The punishment was too harsh
The punishment was too light
Total 1602

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12:00 a.m.
Garrett Kelly, center, and Chris McGillivray, right, rehearse a fight scene for University Theatre’s production of “Macbeth.” Sword play: Success of KU production of ‘Macbeth’ draws heavily on fight scenes
October 4, 2009 in print edition on 1D
Alex Salamat plops down on a seat in the Crafton-Preyer Theatre, sweat beading on his bald head.
6:00 a.m.
Lawrence High School Hall of Honor inductee Joe Flannery, LHS class of 1968, talks during a reception following the induction ceremony on Sunday at the high school. Flannery, president of Weaver’s Department Store, was inducted along with Ben D. Hall. Lion pride swells with new inductees
12:00 a.m., October 5, 2009 Updated 11:34 a.m. in print edition on 3A
What do a local department store executive and a pioneering scientist have in common? The graduates of Lawrence High School now have a place in their alma mater’s Hall of Honor.
10:00 a.m.
Lawrence mother Shelly Howard is pictured with her 2-year-old son, Manning, and her newborn daughter, Reesing. The children are named after Jayhawk basketball great Danny Manning and current quarterback Todd Reesing. Howard and her husband, Doug Urish, have even decorated Reesing’s room with a giant version of the Jayhawk logo. KU couple name kids after football, basketball heroes
October 5, 2009 in print edition on 1A
Two of the littlest Jayhawks fans in Lawrence have some big KU names to live up to.
2:00 p.m.
Kansas University students Blair Tudas, Jeff Katz, Brad Stephenson and Lorenzo Murray lounge on a rooftop in the Oread Neighborhood during KU’s Stop Day May 8. Committee addresses alcohol abuse at KU
October 5, 2009 in print edition on 3A
Kansas University is seeking input from students on how to address alcohol abuse on campus through a committee open to all students enrolled at KU.
6:00 p.m.
Steam rolls in the air as Regan Lehman receives a skin treatment from Pam Biemick, licensed esthetician and owner of Amazing Skin and Makeup, 719 Mass. Regular skin treatments could save time in the long run on day-to-day makeup application.
Prompt primping: Cut down on the time it takes to get ready and still look good
October 5, 2009
Kristie Wilson says the days of roller sets and spending an hour and a half getting ready to go out the door are long gone. With two kids at home and another on the way, Wilson, master hair stylist at Salon Di Marco, 733 Mass., has adopted some simple tricks that cut the time she spends on her daily beauty routine. “I think that women now are realizing that looking good makes them feel good, too,” she says. “But sometimes it’s like there’s not enough time in the day.”

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Rockin’ and rollin’
Gearheads, Deadheads not so similar
October 5, 2009 in print edition on B1
A NASCAR race and a Grateful Dead concert share some similarities, but not many.
Pump patrol
October 5, 2009 in print edition on A3
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.16 at several stations.
Two-tire gamble pays for Stewart
October 5, 2009 in print edition on B1
Tony Stewart took just two tires on a late pit stop, and he went on to win the Price Chopper 400.
Giants down Chiefs, but Manning hurt
October 5, 2009 in print edition on B1
The New York Giants beat the Chiefs, 27-16, but Eli Manning hurt his right heel.
Divorces granted
October 5, 2009 in print edition on A4
Divorces granted by the Douglas County district court.
Lazy assumptions
October 5, 2009 in print edition on A7
To the editor: Cal Thomas, you’re missing the point.
October 5, 2009