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Which area of work at KU do you think departing Chancellor Robert Hemenway will be remembered for most?

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KU’s medical advancement.
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Climate bill could cause energy revolution
If passed, legislation would affect lives in number of ways
June 28, 2009 in print edition on A7
Congress has taken its first step toward an energy revolution, with the prospect of profound change for every household, business, industry and farm in the decades ahead.
Audit raises questions regarding Snyder
June 28, 2009 in print edition on C5
When people say Bill Snyder altered the landscape at Kansas State, it is literally true.
Tuition commitment
Kansas higher education officials may have something to learn from a neighbor to the south.
June 28, 2009 in print edition on B6
The comparison may not be exact, but the contrasts between the way tuition matters were handled this year at Kansas University and Oklahoma University are worth noting.
Obama struggles with Democratic inheritance
June 28, 2009 in print edition on B7
Iraq and the economy are hard problems.
Pastor welcomes guns and their owners to church
June 28, 2009 in print edition on A2
For one day, at least, it was OK to pack heat in church.
Hornaday wins again
Leader dominates second straight race
June 28, 2009
Camping World Truck Series points leader Ron Hornaday dominated his second straight race.
Catering to a new market
Wal-Mart aims to keep the bigger spenders it has won over during the recession
June 28, 2009 in print edition on E1
The recession steered a new type of customer to Wal-Mart — deeper in the pockets and suddenly looking for bargains. Now the world’s largest retailer has to figure out how to keep that customer when the economy recovers.