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State House of Representatives races: Kansas House District 38

November 2, 2008


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One is the incumbent, a small-businessman and former teacher who wants to make his home district the best place to do business and raise a family.

The other is an economist who has published dozens of articles on public policy issues.

Both want to be elected to represent the 38th Kansas House District, which stretches from Johnson County to northeastern Douglas County.

Anthony Brown, the Republican incumbent from Eudora, has represented the district since 2005. Challenging him is Stephanie Kelton, an associate professor of economics at University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Democrat from Lawrence.

Brown says being a lifelong resident of the area is part of what makes him most qualified for the job.

"I am a business owner, and when the economy is slow, our family feels the crunch, too. I want desperately to make this the single best place not only to do business but to raise a family," he said.

Kelton draws on her academic and real-life experience as a selling point to voters.

"I have 10 years of experience as an economist who solves public policy problems. : I know many Kansas legislators - Republican and Democrat - and we have already begun discussing the ways in which we can work together to address the projected shortfall in state revenues," she said.

With budgetary issues likely to be a major topic next year in Topeka, the two opponents had different ideas about where the state budget could be cut.

"The demands of a global economy require an educated work force, and our most vulnerable citizens - over 340,000 uninsured Kansans - cannot be denied emergency room care," Kelton said. ": We can attack the rising energy costs that are exacting a huge toll on state budgets, and we can pass meaningful health care reform."

"I would first cut the legislative budget and the governor's budget and then start to look into the Kansas Department of Labor and start downsizing the Kansas Department of Revenue. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks owns a great deal of property, and I would like to see this property returned to the tax rolls and therefore reducing its obligations to maintain the property," Brown said.

An issue from the 2008 Legislature that's likely to reignite in 2009 is construction of new coal plants in western Kansas.

Brown supported construction of the plants. Kelton said the state must expand its energy portfolio beyond its reliance on coal-fired electricity.


Ann Hamil 9 years, 4 months ago

If you live in 38 like I do (and it may be difficult to know because it is an incredibly silly gerrymandered thing--that includes a neighborhood in se lawrence, n lawrence, nw lawrence and all down the k-10 corridor to parts of Lenexa.) Please consider voting for Mrs. Kelton. I think it is time to let a trained economist who wants to work for us have a turn, instead of Mr. Brown (Anthony not Tony--further adding to the confusion) who seems to be in the pocket of the national "Americans for Prosperity" Tabor crowd as evidenced by all the flyers I have received from them. Mrs. Kelton has a website if you would like further information. Please give her your careful consideration.

Frank Smith 9 years, 4 months ago

Rep. Brown consistently gets substantial campaign funding from corporations supportive of using water and burning coal in western Kansas to supply Colorado's electrical needs. This year is no different. Brown reportedly has received 22% of his donations from Sunflower Electric and its CEO and the Kansas Chamber, a stooge of the notoriously polluting Koch Industries and its billionaire brother owners. Who would expect him, therefore, to vote in the interests of his constitutents?

biasedmedia 9 years, 4 months ago

the idiots who think energy can come cheap and pure through wind and solar aren't the only constituents of the 38th district. brown supported a compromise bill to give incentives to alternative energy as well as provide the best in clean coal technology. tha'ts good enough for a lot of us who aren't buying the rhetorical lies out of lawrence. kelton's negative campaigning attacking brown and his family is crap; she's just defensive about her associations with Marxist economic groups and ideas to increase taxes in a recession. ridiculous!

Ann Hamil 9 years, 4 months ago

Yes, she is endorsed (and funded) by several unions including the carpenter's union which previously supported (and funded) Mr. Anthony Brown, but found that he could not be counted upon to support the working men and women of his own brotherhood (Mr. Brown is also a member) let alone other working people. I have been a lifelong Kansan, a constituent of district 38 for four years (before that I lived in Davis' district), and I have met her, have gone door to door with her, have walked in 3 parades with her, have sat with her at Eudora days festival. She is the real deal; she has worked hard in this campaign and will continue to work hard if given the chance to work for you in Topeka.

jarde 9 years, 4 months ago

Talk about being in the pocket of special interest groups. Take a look at Stephanie Kelton's campaign report and look at all of the union donations to her. Wow I bet it's at 80% or better. Looks like there's an agenda there. She also said she's been door to door in her campaign for 6 months (from her website) but I've talked to my neighbors and no one's ever met her. I've seen her at a parade but not in my area. Google URPE and Stephanie Kelton and it's scarry what it talks about for her views.

true_patriot 9 years, 4 months ago

Marxism? Really? That's the kind of mental illness that's been getting in the way of solving the real problems that confronts Kansans, and things are only getting worse while the lunatics rant and rave.I'm ready to try someone who's grounded in reality and is ready to change the corrupt, misguided status quo before things fall even further apart than they already have.

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