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Chancellor Robert Hemenway’s Career

Kansas University chancellor Robert Hemenway announced his retirement on Monday, surprising many.

December 9, 2008


Chancellor Robert Hemenway press conference

Chancellor Robert Hemenway announced he will step down from his post effective June 30, 2009. Enlarge video

Robert Hemenway's career at KU

KU's 16th chancellor, Robert Hemenway, announced Dec. 8, 2008, that he would retire at the end of the current academic year. He's been chancellor for 14 years.

• June 1995 — Robert Hemenway takes over as Kansas University’s 16th chancellor after being hired in January.

• 1997 — KU establishes the Center for Teaching Excellence.

• 1998 — KU Hospital becomes an independent state authority, and in the next decade the hospital, KU Medical Center and KU’s research efforts all make strides.

• 2001 — KU student Shannon Martin is stabbed to death in Costa Rica after leaving a nightclub during a research trip there. Two people were eventually convicted of her murder.

• 2002 — Hemenway criticized for a five-year tuition plan that would double tuition rates over five years; KU and city officials look for a compromise after a battle to tear down three houses in the 1300 block of Ohio Street to build scholarship halls.

• June 2002 — Hemenway named chairman of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors and served until 2005. During his tenure, the board initiated recruitment reforms.

• April 2003 —Hemenway fires Athletic Director Al Bohl, but basketball coach Roy Williams leaves for North Carolina anyway. The chancellor hires Bill Self to replace Williams after a whirlwind month in KU athletics.

• May 2003 — The chancellor cites academic freedom and defends social welfare professor Dennis Dailey, who drew fire from Kansas Sen. Susan Wagle, who accused Dailey of using pornographic videos and making crude comments in a human sexuality class.

• June 2003 — Hemenway hires Lew Perkins away from the University of Connecticut to be the new athletic director.

• Summer 2003 — Dole Institute of Politics opens.

• 2004 — Hemenway announces an integrated marketing campaign that includes adoption of royal blue as KU’s official color and the Trajan font; the campaign cost about $250,000.

• September 2004 — KU releases the details of Perkins’ contract after an eight-month court battle with The World Company. The Associated Press and Kansas Press Association later joined. The Legislature later passed reforms to open records laws.

• 2005 — Hemenway leads the KU First campaign that raises $653 million. Efforts ramp up for KU to become a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center, and KU will apply for it in 2011.

• February 2006 — Hemenway announces Richard Lariviere from the University of Texas as the new provost and executive vice chancellor to replace David Shulenburger, who stepped down at the end of the school year.

• 2006 — State legislators raise concerns about KU Medical Center having an affiliation with St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., a rival to KU Hospital. Talks continue through most of 2007.

• June 2007 — Regents approve KU’s four-year tuition compact.

• January — Mark Mangino’s football team wins KU’s first Orange Bowl.

• March — KU Hospital, KU Medical Center and KU Physicians Inc. sign a five-year affiliation.

• April — Self and the KU men’s basketball team win the NCAA championship.

• September — KU’s fall enrollment surpasses 30,000 students for the first time.

• Monday — Hemenway announces he will step down on June 30, 2009, take a one-year sabbatical and return to teaching.


Tammy Copp-Barta 9 years, 5 months ago

Now maybe we can holiday decorations back!!! and celebrate all the holidays (every culture)!!! I miss the lights on the buildings at Christmas .. I know it costs .. but it was beautiful .. as was the tree in Strong Hall ...

jeffds01 9 years, 5 months ago

give the guy a break, he has done wonderful things for KU, and served through some hard timesthe college is a better place since he has been there, it has shown through acedemics, athletics, and even the buildings everything is done inthanks for your time robert, you did a wonderful job!

Tammy Copp-Barta 9 years, 5 months ago

WHATever ... I am giving him a break .. there were many more things I could have said .. but decided not to ...

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