Leaders across state weigh in on Hemenway’s impending resignation

News that Kansas University Chancellor Robert Hemenway would step down from that job in June elicited reactions from man people on and off the KU campus.

“I think we should expect that Chancellor Hemenway will continue to do a very effective job for the time he has remaining in office. I think you will see the Regents put together a very effective search plan to find his replacement.”
— Del Shankel, who has served twice before as KU’s interim chancellor, in 1980-81, and again in 1994-95.

“I found him delightful to work with. He’s had a pretty good tenure here, and I have nothing but good wishes for him.”
— Howard Mossberg, a former longtime KU dean of pharmacy and current director of the Self Graduate Fellowship program.

“He’s been a great chancellor to work with for all 14 years. For every event that we would hold, he was always open to taking all questions from donors. Everybody always knew they could approach him”
— Dale Seuferling, president of the KU Endowment Association

“He stabalized the Med Center, which was his major role initially, and then really took on the task of making the university better. He definitely upgraded the quality of education at the university.”
— Frank Sabatini, who was chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents when Hemenway was hired 14 years ago.

“I was not surprised this morning when I heard that Bob was announcing his retirement. That job is a job that wears hard on you, and I think Bob has worn very well.”
— David Ambler, former KU vice chancellor for student affairs.

“Chancellor Hemenway has done a tremendous job. You have seen the university grow in so many areas as a result of his leadership. Even though we are in tough financial times right now, the university is very strong and a lot of the credit for that goes to Chancellor Hemenway.”
— State Rep. Paul Davis, D-Lawrence.

“Chancellor Hemenway has served long and well, and he richly deserves an opportunity to teach and write. His long tenure underscores his deep commitment to students, faculty, staff and alumni. He has earned our thanks and lasting respect.”
— Former KU Chancellor Gene Budig.