Special Message from KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway

Sent this afternoon to KU students, faculty and staff

Dear KU Students:

I write this letter as part of the “Monday Message” series that I have shared with you in the past whenever matters of special importance have confronted KU.

From evolution to budget cuts, from basketball championships to tuition compacts, from cancer care to hospital affiliations, these Monday Messages have been a way to communicate directly the affairs of the University and my feelings about them.

I hope you will grant me a personal use of this medium to share a special announcement.

I am in my 14th year as Chancellor of the University of Kansas. The privilege of being your Chancellor has been a special honor, a destiny and duty that I take very seriously. You have been kind and generous in your support for me and for the goals I have proposed for our collective efforts.

We have had good times and hard times, much success and occasional failure. But in the end, our efforts have been rewarded and recognized. KU is a better place today than it was 14 years ago, and a university with greater promise than ever before in its history. You have every right to take satisfaction in the collective accomplishments surrounding you.

I believe it is time for me to take a new role. That role can be simply stated. I believe June 30, 2009, will be an appropriate time for me to step down as Chancellor. I will continue as Chancellor until June 30, after which I will transition to scholarly duties, writing and teaching. I have spoken with the Board of Regents and they will develop a transition plan. I will be on sabbatical for the 2009-10 school year, working on a book about intercollegiate athletics and American values.

I will remain in office through June 30, 2009, vigorously working with you to find a path through the national economic turmoil that will affect the University. I will perform all the duties of the Chancellor, just as I have always done, as we work together to mitigate the financial challenges which face us.

I thank the Regents for their support; they have embraced the vision we have had for KU. But day upon week and week upon year, you have made that vision reality. I thank you for the joy of that. I dedicate my strongest efforts to the successes which you have created.

Bob Hemenway, Chancellor