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The top five unanswered questions

July 15, 2007


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Who's the most likely character to die in the final "Harry Potter" book?

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5. Is Sirius Black lost forever?

Yes. Several characters from the books have all answered that question. After entering the veil, which could represent the afterlife or heaven, there is no return. So far in the series, all the deaths have been final. In addition, there is no spell or incantation that can reawaken the dead.

No. Although Nearly-Headless Nick, Remus Lupin and Dumbledore all said Sirius was gone, there is still a glimmer of hope for his return. Also, the spell which sent Sirius behind the veil was not one of a killing nature. It was a "red jet" of light, or stunning spell, not one intended to inflict bodily injury.

4. Will Ron and Hermione end up together?

Yes. At the end of "Half-Blood Prince," Ron and Hermione seem to have come to terms with expressing their feelings for each other. Their relationship was foreshadowed as early as their third and fourth years in both the movies and books.

No. Ron and Hermione ending up a couple depends on both of them making it through the book alive. It is definitely in Ron's nature to sacrifice himself for the good of his friends. In the very first installment of the series, "The Sorcerer's Stone," Ron gives himself up for dead during a live-action chess match.

3. Is Albus Dumbledore truly dead?

Yes. Snape and Dumbledore either planned the scenario, or Snape carried out his promise to Narcissa Malfoy for personal benefit. Dumbledore knew he could not help Harry forever, and with his death at Snape's hands gave Harry a supporter who was close to Lord Voldemort.

No. The phoenix always rises from the ashes, and part of Dumbledore's journey is confronting death. Dumbledore's plea with Snape was not meant to spare his life, but to fulfill the promise that Snape had made to him - a promise to kill Dumbledore so that he could, in fact, return more powerful and more able to help Harry than before.

2. Is Harry Potter the Sixth Horcrux?

Yes. Lord Voldemort was unable to kill Harry when he was a baby because when he killed Lily Potter, Voldemort unwittingly made Harry into a horcrux. Harry lived because Voldemort "marked him" as an equal. In this case, an equal portion of Voldemort's own soul.

No. Harry's curse scar is nothing more than a link between him and Lord Voldemort. According to Professor Slughorn, the creation of a horcrux not only necessitates a murder, but an incantation as well. Lord Voldemort would have had to consciously use that incantation against Harry and would know what he is.

1. Is Severus Snape good or evil?

Snape is good. Albus Dumbledore pleaded with Snape not to spare his life, but to do what he promised and finish Dumbledore. Many believe the curse inflicted upon Dumbledore's hand was spreading and his death was inevitable. By commanding Snape to perform the Avada Kedavra curse on him, in front of several Death Eaters, Dumbledore made sure Snape would be trusted by Lord Voldemort and would be in a position to help Harry during the final battle.

Snape is evil. Severus Snape has always hated Harry Potter, mainly due to the actions of Harry's father, James. Removing Albus Dumbledore from the picture, the greatest supporter and protector of Harry, would allow Lord Voldemort much easier access to the boy and would cement Snape as one of Voldemort's most trusted advisers. Snape was placed in the Slytherin House for a reason, and as the Head of House he is most dedicated to its ideals. He will act in his own best interest at all times, and will side with whomever he feels he will benefit from the most. After killing Dumbledore, Voldemort will most definitely bestow considerable honor on Snape.


123smilie 10 years, 11 months ago

question number 3 is answered. dumbledore is really dead. JKR said so on her website.

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