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Answers to the Journal-World’s Harry Potter predictions survey, sorted by question

July 15, 2007


Answers to the Journal-World's Harry Potter predictions survey, sorted by question:

1. Is Snape good or bad?

Kim Patton, young adult specialist, Lawrence Public Library: "I think that in the end, Snape will turn out to be good. I think that he and Dumbledore planned a 'fake' death. I think they tried to trick Voldemort into thinking the only one more powerful than him was dead so he wouldn't find out how powerful Harry really is."

Alison Chi, sixth-grader, Raintree Montessori School: "Good, because he protected Harry so many times, sometimes Harry didn't even realize Snape was saving his life."

Philip Nel, associate professor of English at Kansas State University and author of "J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Novels: A Reader's Guide": "No. Snape is a true Slytherin, which means that he will act in his own best interests. I expect we'll see him do something unexpected in the final book, but I would not expect a definitive pronouncement on whether he's good or bad."

Mike Neighbors, rural Lawrence, co-producer of the Pottercast podcast: "I think Snape is BOTH good and bad. I also think that the final answer to that question will be pivotal to the outcome of book seven."

Connor Dyer, eighth-grader, South Junior High School: "I think he is bad because he killed Dumbledore in the last book."

Elisabeth Jobst, eighth-grader, Tonganoxie Middle School: "I think Snape is good. There are some things that happened in the sixth book that led me to believe that Dumbledore had a plan the entire time and knew that he would have to die and that Snape would have to do it for future things to work out the way Dumbledore wanted them to."

Camille Lechliter, cataloguer, Lawrence Public Library: "Snape is a mean guy still behaving like a teen-ager with grudges that have lasted since he last was a teenager. But he has done too many good things - in saving Harry umpteen times throughout the books (I'll list them only if you want me too!) - to be considered really 'bad.' He's not 'evil' like Voldemort is - he has redeeming qualities - to save him from that branding, but he's definitely not likable. (He was compared to Dr. House in Border's 'The Great Snape Debate!')"

Karin Westman, Kansas State University associate professor of English and author of the upcoming "J. K. Rowling's Library: Harry Potter in Context":

"Like most people, Snape is both good and bad - and this complex character is one of Rowling's best and most frustrating creations. Like most Slytherins, Snape puts himself before others, which often means that his motives are selfish. We have seen evidence that he can act for the good of others before himself, however, which suggests that he might do so again before the end of the series."

M. R. Patrick, Parsons, psychologist: "Decidedly bad."

Maria Carvajal, sophomore at Lawrence High School: "Snape is good."

Joyce Bohling, sophomore at Lawrence High School: "Snape is good. Most of the books have centered around mistaken identities; a 'good guy' who turned out to be a Death Eater and vice-versa. This is one of those times. My craziest theory is that when Dumbledore said, 'Please, Severus, please,' to Snape just before he died, he was actually pleading Snape to kill him in order to save Malfoy from Lord Voldemort's anger when he doesn't succeed in killing him."

David Shannon, Lawrence, mutual funds investor: "I feel that Snape is good, but cannot allow the either side to see it. In order to bring down the Death Eaters, Snape must prove his 'loyalty' to them."

Daniel O'Neal, fourth-grader at Deerfield School: "I really think Snape is good."

Jessica Foulke, Lawrence, student at McPherson College: "GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! There are an incredible amount of clues leading one to believe that either (a) Dumbledore is not actually dead, or at the very least (b) it was a plan concocted by the two of them together."

2. Will Harry live?

Kim Patton: "Gosh, I'm not certain. I really want him to! But you can make a horcrux out of hate or love, and his parent's are really good at making them. They were the best. I think that Harry has a horcrux in him. What I'm not certain of but guess is that Voldemort also secretly has a horcrux of Harry inside him. Wouldn't THAT be special? That way Harry would live on, no matter who dies and one of them HAS to die: VERY CLEVER!"

Alison Chi: "Yes, because it just doesn't seem right for him to get killed."

Philip Nel: "Yes. But there will be complications. In other words, he'll survive, but will be marked in some way."

Mike Neighbors: "I think it is very likely that JKR will find a brilliant and unexpected way to kill off her hero so that the series will be officially over at the end of book seven. I don't like thinking that Harry will die, but I really think he will."

Connor Dyer: "Yes, I need to think positive."

Elisabeth Jobst: "That is one thing that I really have no answer for. I truly hope that he does, but I just don't know."

Camille Lechliter: "Yes, he will. I haven't had any feelings that he'd have to get killed off just for the story's sake. I think Snape will die saving Harry at the end - I don't see any need for him to continue after Voldemort dies. He still has so much to learn about the wizarding world, that he can't die. According to literary tradition, or whatever, AC Doyle killed off S. Holmes and had to bring him back. There's going to be such a rich library of sequels (like Star Trek and Star Wars) that it would be a pity if they could only write pre-quels!"

Karin Westman: "I think so, but Harry's 'saving people thing,' as Hermione calls it, will continue to put him in harm's way."

M.R. Patrick: "This one can go either way - dying goes along with other hero/martyr myths, but the prophecy leaves this open to go either way. I am hoping he lives ... and Voldemort doesn't."

Maria Carvajal: "Harry WILL live."

Joyce Bohling: "I'd really like Harry to live. However, I think it's highly probably that he'll die. More about this in questions 6 and 7."

David Shannon: "Undecided. I believe that he will, but not without great sacrifice. It is possible, however, that Rowling decided to end the life of Harry."

Daniel O'Neal: "I bet he will live."

Jessica Foulke: "I think it would be the most fantastic story telling if Harry does in fact have to die at the end of the series. However, I don't know that JK Rowling could do that to all of us. Well, I hope that she can't."

3. Is Dumbledore really dead?

Kim Patton: "No, I really don't think that he is. And even if he is, he will still be around because all of the former head masters live on in their portraits. So in any case, he will still be there to give advice and guidance. But I really don't think he's dead. I think it's a transformation spell from Snape and that he's the Phoenix and that when the time is right he will regain his normal appearance."

Alison Chi: "Yes, because I found revealed answers on Although, I originally believed that he was still alive."

Philip Nel: "Yes. In Rowling's series, death is always final. We will of course see Dumbledore in portraits - at the end of book 6, his portrait is already in the headmaster's office, and I expect he has many around the wizarding world."

Mike Neighbors: "Yes. JKR has said he is and I believe her. I do think that Dumbledore will be able to guide Harry in book seven through the use of his portrait or the pensieve however."

Connor Dyer: "I think he is going to come back during a final showdown between Harry and Voldemort."

Elisabeth Jobst: "In an earlier book Dumbledore tells Harry, 'No one can escape death ...' and, '... to the well organized mind death is the next great adventure.' So, personally I think that he is dead."

Camille Lechliter: "Yes, definitely. He showed up in his portrait already and the tombstone was created over him, so he's dead. He wasn't much help to Harry in the last few books but he will be able to help Harry from the portrait and any other portraits in any other place. He had to die so Harry could stop depending on him to get him out of scrapes. There are other characters that can fill him in on his past now."

Karin Westman: "Yes. As Rowling has said in several interviews and through her series, death is final. The dead live on, however, especially in our memories; in Rowling's series, the dead also live on in portraits. Dumbledore will continue to offer Harry support, then, in many ways."

M.R. Patrick: "Perhaps not - see 'what happens to Fawkes.'"

Maria Carvajal: "Dumbledore really is dead."

Joyce Bohling: "Yes."

David Shannon: "I don't think so. I believe that in order to give Snape 'credibility' with the Death Eaters that he had to fake his death. Either that, or he sacrificed himself and has left behind horcruxes."

Daniel O'Neal: "Yes, but he can still help Harry."

Jessica Foulke: "Have you been to There are some seriously convincing arguments. In any case, there is definitely more there than meets the eye."

4. Is Sirius really dead? What happened to Sirius?

Kim Patton: "Well, he did pass beyond the veil, so that would make you think that we was dead what with seeing the light and all : HOWEVER! There was that spell that Bellatrix Lestrang threw at him that was a stunning spell not a killing spell like everyone thought at first. It's just a hunch, but I think that even if Sirius is dead, he made a memory of himself in front of the mirror and we may see him again in this book."

Alison Chi: "I really have absolutely no idea. There are just too many possibilities."

Philip Nel: "Yes. When he stepped beyond the veil, he died."

Mike Neighbors: "Yes, Sirius is dead. He died when he went through the veil."

Connor Dyer: "I don't think he is dead. I think he is behind the veil in suspended animation."

Elisabeth Jobst: "For the first question, Sirius IS really dead again Dumbledore says no one can escape it. For the second Sirius went behind the veil, there is no more I can elaborate on that for that is all I know."

Camille Lechliter: "Sirius is alive and waiting to return from behind the veil. I hope, I hope, I hope! I don't think death is the result of disappearing behind the veil but can't find anything definitive about that. However, according to Egyptian mythology (maybe JKR has delved into that culture's myths, too!), Sirius, the dog star, is very important. The dog star disappears from the sky for 90 days - in the spring(?). The sky is watched closely for its return because when it does, (about July (?)) the rainy season starts and the Nile floods and drops its load of nutrients and the Nile valley continues. I was hoping he would return in the next book because that would be about 90 days from when he was sent 'beyond the veil' but that didn't happen. I really want Harry to have someone around who knew his parents well. And it's now July isn't it?!"

Karin Westman: "Yes, I believe Sirius is really dead, having gone 'beyond the veil' in an echo of Tennyson's long poetic elegy, 'In Memoriam.' However, as I mention above, no one ever completely leaves us, and Harry will continue to feel Sirius's presence."

M.R. Patrick: "I think he is dead, but like Harry's parents will appear when some magical occurrence brings his spirit about."

Maria Carvajal: "Sirius is not dead, he is temporarily trapped."

Joyce Bohling: "Yes. Sirius was killed Bellatrix's spell, and his body just happened to fall behind the veil because it's cool and metaphorical."

David Shannon: "No. Sirius is not dead, he is just existing on another plane/realm."

Daniel O'Neal: "No, I think he is trapped behind the veil. He'll be back."

Jesica Foulke: "As much as I loved him, Sirius is dead. I believe Rowling once said that characters don't come back to life."

5. Will Harry date Ginny?

Kim Patton: "OK, here's my thought: I know it's a popular assumption that Harry and Ginny are going to end up together, but I disagree. I have always felt that Harry and Hermione were meant to be together. I do think that Ginny has more than a crush on Harry, sort of a Hero's worship so to speak, and I do think that Harry has feelings for her, but more as a 'guy thing' - she likes me so I guess I like her (you know how guys can be) than a serious relationship thing. I think Hermione is Harry's love for all time. BUT the only way to make this happen is for Ron to not be in the picture somehow because neither of them would ever hurt Ron. (How's that for Tragic Hero Romance?)"

Alison Chi: "Probably, at the end of the book."

Philip Nel: "I hope so. They're a great couple. After several books of dating the wrong people, Harry and Ginny have each found the right person. So, I'd like to see them together. Even though Harry has told Ginny that they need to be apart (lest she risk becoming a target of Voldemort), Ginny has a strong will of her own. They still love each other."

Mike Neighbors: "I hope so. If he does I think it means he survives."

Connor Dyer: "No, but I think he would like to. He can't date her until Voldemort is dead."

Elisabeth Jobst: "I think J. K. Rowling has made Harry a noble and brave person and if he thinks he will put Ginny in danger by dating her he probably won't, so no."

Camille Lechliter: "He has already. He'll have to take Dumbledore's advice to heart and keep his friends, including Ginny, around him in this last book. Hope he remembers that! But that might be the tension that is created in the beginning, and that he has to overcome in order to defeat Voldemort. See also my added question below."

Karin Westman: "Yes, because Ginny wants to date Harry, and it's hard to imagine that she won't get her way, regardless of Harry's concerns about her safety."

M.R. Patrick: "No. Which is really too bad."

Maria Carvajal: "Harry will eventually date Ginny."

Joyce Bohling: "Once Voldemort is defeated, and if they both survive, then yes, Ginny and Harry will date each other, but not until then."

David Shannon: "Most likely, yes. This will permanently connect the Potter and Weasley families."

Daniel O'Neal: "That one I really don't know."

Jessica Foulke: "The least favorite part for me from the last book! I think it's creepy! Unfortunately, I think that they will date, but I do believe that Ginny is fated for death."

6. Which, if any, of the main characters will die?

Kim Patton: "I don't know ... I keep going back and forth. My first inclination is to say that Harry almost HAS to die. He has a horcrux. I do think Voldemort also has one of Harry's so Harry won't completely die: If Harry lives, Ron would have to die. Ginny will probably die trying to protect Harry. OK, gotta stop ... I'm making myself sad..."

Alison Chi: "Hagrid and Hermione because they seem the most likely."

Philip Nel: "Now, there's the $64,000 question. I don't know if she'll kill a Weasley. She seems to flirt with the idea of killing a Weasley (Mr. Weasley in book 5, Bill Weasley in book 6), but they seem too dear to her to actually kill one of them. I think she wants us to know that they're at risk, but can't bring herself to kill one of them. If she were to kill a a Weasley, Percy would be a good candidate - perhaps he'd redeem himself, and end up dying in the process.

I would expect a main character to die, but I don't know which one. I feel that she'll spare the trio - Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But I don't know. Ron does have an ability to sacrifice himself (witness the giant chess game, near the end of the first book), and he his Harry's best friend - this, too, makes him vulnerable."

Mike Neighbors: "I have no real examples to explain why I think this, but I think both Harry and Neville will die in book seven."

Connor Dyer: "Voldemort."

Elisabeth Jobst: " I do know for a fact that at least one main character(s) will cease to exist in this world. I think Ron or Hermione might die though. I think it would make an extremely interesting twist, which is what HP is all about ... extremely interesting twists that is."

Camille Lechliter: "Voldemort and Snape. Maybe Neville Longbottom and/or Luna Lovegood - they seem to volunteer to help Harry in his fights. I think Luna is expendable and Neville is so much like Harry in so many ways, I can see him dying in Harry's stead. I can't see Ron or Hermione dying - Harry has lost so many important people in his life already. But, it would be a relief for Peter Pettigrew to die, and Lucius Malfoy, too, although I'll miss his blond hair!!!!. I think Draco will be so lost after not succeeding in killing Dumbledore that he may do something that results in him being heroic - by accident - and end up dying, too."

Karin Westman: "Several of the characters we've seen throughout the series will certainly die because the wizarding world is involved in a civil war, and Rowling consistently offers realism as well as fantasy in her series. It's likely that other father figures or guardians to Harry - such as Remus Lupin - will die because, like Harry, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for others. It's also likely that at least one close friend to Harry will die. We've learned recently from Rowling, though, that she has spared two characters, so we can rejoice in their reprieve."

M.R. Patrick: "Well, this is wishful thinking, but hopefully it will be Snape and Voldemort ... but not likely. If not Snape it will likely be one of the core group - Ginny, Ron, Hermoine or Nevel. I can't even guess at this one."

Maria Carvajal: "Hagrid will die and maybe one of the trio."

Joyce Bohling: "Voldemort and several Death Eaters will die.

Also, if Harry doesn't die, then I think Neville probably will. Neville is, in many ways, in the same boat as Harry, and although it's certain that the prophecy refers to Harry, I think it's likely that he'll end up fighting just as bravely as Harry. I think one of the two will probably be killed in a sort of final battle between the good and evil.

And I imagine at least one member of the Order will also be killed."

David Shannon: "Perhaps Ron or Hermione, Tonks, Snape, Draco Malfoy."

Daniel O'Neal: "I think Snape and Voldemort will die. Harry, Ron and Hermione will live."

Jessica Foulke: "Hagrid (ugh, can't bear to think it almost), Ginny (or at least one of the Weasleys - perhaps Mrs. Weasley?), Draco (almost certainly) and probably Ron."

7. Where are the horcruxes?

Kim Patton: "Harry, Malfoy (he's gotta be good for something), RAB's locket, maybe Godric's Hollow?"

Alison Chi: "Harry might even have one, but he doesn't know it. That's just a guess though."

Philip Nel: "Slytherin's locket was removed by R. A. B. - presumably Regulus Black (Sirius's brother). So, I would expect to find it at 12 Grimmauld Place (a similar locket appears at this location in book 5). However, keep in mind that Mundungus Fletcher has been stealing items from the Black household. It's possible that Mundugus either is in possession of Slytherin's locket or knows who bought it. So, the locket will either be at Grimmauld Place or can be located via Mundungus Fletcher.

At least one horcrux should be at Hogwarts, the only place to which Tom Riddle (Voldemort) has any sentimental attachment. We learn in book 6 that Riddle sought items connected to the founders of Hogwarts. If one item from each of the founders serves as a horcrux, there's Slytherin's locket, Hufflepuff's cup, an artifact of Godric Gryffindor, and an artifact of Rowena Ravenclaw. I would guess that at least one of these latter two items might be in Hogwarts itself. Having said that, one wonders why Dumbledore might have failed to locate a horcrux that was actually in Hogwarts. Still, Dumbledore acknowledged his capacity to make mistakes, so there may be a horcrux at Hogwarts.

I'm going to guess that Harry will locate Hufflepuff's cup via Mundungus Fletcher, but this is a guess.

Nagini - Voldemort's snake - may be a Horcrux. She and Voldemort are unusually close. And yet placing part of one's soul in a snake - a mortal being - seems a bit reckless. But Voldemort can be reckless. So, it's possible that Nagini serves as a Horcrux.

One other possible location for a horcrux: the Riddle House."

Mike Neighbors: "I really haven't given this much thought. I imagine JKR will reveal the location of the horcruxes in ways that us readers haven't really expected."

Connor Dyer: "I think one may be in the old orphanage, one is the snake, one is at Borgen's and Burks, and I am not sure where the rest are."

Elisabeth Jobst: "I think it's obvious the horcruxes will be in significant places for 'You-Know-Who,' but exactly where they are, I'm not particularly sure ... at all."

Camille Lechliter: "The locket must be in Kreacher's quarters at #12 Grimauld Place. Since he is now Harry's 'property' he'll have to give it up to him. Maybe he has other items that could be horcruxes, too. I don't think Voldemort had time to make Harry a horcrux in Godrick's Hollow so that theory isn't valid for me. I haven't scoured the books looking for other clues, so I have no other ideas."

Karin Westman: "Hogwarts houses at least one, and it's likely that another resides in Godric's Hollow. The Black family home and the shop, Borgin and Burkes, of Knockturn Alley are other possible locations."

M.R. Patrick: "One is Harry - the others are somewhere in the school."

Maria Carvajal: "The horcruxes are hidden in places that are important to Voldemort and will be very hard to find."

Joyce Bohling: "A couple of the horcruxes are at Hogwarts. The rest are probably in Knockturn Alley, the Riddle house, or a faithful Death Eaters' home. I think it would also be cool (although perhaps not very likely) if Harry is the final horcrux, and it was the seventh splitting of his soul that brought Lord Voldemort's original demise."

David Shannon: "One is hidden in Hogwarts, one is in the old Riddle mansion, and perhaps Harry's scar is one."

Daniel O'Neal: "Nagini, Hufflepuff's cup, Slytherin's locket and Tom Riddle's grave."

Jessica Foulke: "I am in the camp that it would be fantastic storytelling to make Harry himself a horcrux. However, since this means he would have to die to kill You-Know-Who, it's probably unlikely. As far as the others - your guess is as good as mine."

8. What is behind the veil?

Kim Patton: "Death? Kind of a purgatory between heaven and hell:"

Alison Chi: "Nothing literally, but if you fall through I don't know, because there are too many possibilities."

Philip Nel: "The voices of the dead."

Mike Neighbors: "I think the veil is extremely important to what will happen in book seven but I really don't want to try to guess why."

Connor Dyer: "It's a place where one is held in suspended animation and he is not actually conscience."

Elisabeth Jobst: "Ooooh, very difficult question, and it's something I have been wondering myself for a very long time. In 'The Order of the Phoenix,' Harry hears whispers when he comes across it, and it is also in the Death Chamber in the department of mysteries which leads me to believe, it might be a place where bits and pieces of people who have died are held."

Camille Lechliter: "It would be great if all the dead characters were living there and could come back. But that would mean Voldemort could really come back, too, and I hope that's not possible. I would think that only those people who were pushed beyond the veil will be allowed to return to the earth. I hope someone with a background in Greek drama and mythology has some answer for you."

Karin Westman: "Whatever is behind the veil is a mystery, given it's location in the Ministry of Magic. This profound space that echoes with voices may be a kind of limbo on the way to death, since, as mentioned above, 'beyond the veil' echoes Tennyson's long poem, "In Memoriam," that Tennyson wrote to honor the life and death of his close friend, Arthur Hallam, as well as Tennyson's Biblical source."

M.R. Patrick: "Spirits of the dead ... some kind of magical afterlife place or something."

Maria Carvajal: "People who have fallen through."

Joyce Bohling: "We'll never know."

David Shannon: "Darkness. It's like a 'black hole' to another plane or realm."

Daniel O'Neal: "I have no idea. Someplace we don't know about."

Jessica Foulke: "All them dead people!"

9. What happens to Fawkes?

Kim Patton: "He'll come back when Dumbledore comes back. Trust me."

Alison Chi: "He goes to his habitat, but comes to Harry if he needs help, I think."

Philip Nel: "He's still around and will appear when Harry most needs him."

Mike Neighbors: "Fawkes seems to be the symbol or mascot of Gryffindor house. JKR made it sound in book six that he would not be heard from at Hogwarts again but I think he will play an important role at some point in book seven. He saved the day in book two so why not book seven?"

Connor Dyer: "He is going to join up with Harry and help him."

Elisabeth Jobst: "There are many possibilities. Fawkes could go with Harry when he looks for the horcruxes. On another hand, he could disappear altogether, as did his owner, Dumbledore."

Camille Lechliter: "He's a phoenix so he should be coming back. It'll be interesting to see what part his tail feathers in both Harry's and Voldemort's wands will play in the seventh book. He's helped Harry in the Chamber so I think he should ally himself with Harry again."

Karin Westman: "For all of its dangers, the Forbidden Forest on the Hogwarts grounds often provides safe haven. I believe we'll find Fawkes there along with other magical beings like the Thestrals and the Centaurs."

M.R. Patrick: "I think Fawkes is Dumbledore's only horcrux."

Maria Carvajal: "Fawkes will be gone until he is needed by Harry, he will come back at a very key moment."

Joyce Bohling: "Fawkes will assist the Order, and when the war is over, will fly away in a touching ending."

David Shannon: "I'm thinking that he will somehow attach himself to Harry and protect his and the other members of 'Dumbledore's Army.'

Daniel O'Neal: "Fawkes will fly free."

Jessica Foulke: "I guess we'll have to read to find out!"


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