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Hot topic in City Hall - Lawrence as a bedroom community?
April 1, 2007
U.S. census data shows 25-30% of the people who live in Douglas County work elsewhere.
Police looking for man who robbed dollar store at gunpoint
April 1, 2007
Sunday night, at the Lawrence Dollar General on 6th Street, police say a man went into the store, fired one shot into the ceiling, then demanded money.
Area residents gather at Blanton’s Crossing for celebration
April 1, 2007
Several area residents gathered at Blanton’s Crossing for a celebration of the anniversary of Humbolt officially becoming a town.
Annual race helps to raise money for people with Cystic Fibrosis
April 1, 2007
While you probably have heard of Cystic Fibrosis, do you know who it affects or even what it is? An annual race, Brew 2 Brew, raises money for the illness.
Jayhawk football team looking for tough defense this year
April 1, 2007
After a solid performance last year, James McClinton has been named one of the team captains and hopes to help guide the KU defense this season.
Another manufacturer warns of possible pet food contamination
April 1, 2007
Del Monte foods has announced that they received wheat gluten from China that contained a chemical not approved for food.
KU-MU football game move may hurt several local businesses
April 1, 2007
The Kansas Athletics Department looks to make at least a million dollars this fall by moving the Missouri vs. KU football game to Kansas City. However, the move is expected to hurt many local businesses.
Annual ‘Soul Food Dinner’ featured a new element this year
April 1, 2007
The annual ‘Soul Food Dinner’ featured artwork for local artists in the Douglas County area with proceeds going to a scholarship fund.
KU baseball team falls up short against MU
April 1, 2007
One day after KU rallied to beat Missouri, they found themselves trying to rally again, only this time coming up short, losing 10-9.
U.S. Regional Diving Championship were held at Robinson Natatorium in Lawrence
April 1, 2007
Regional divers from ages 9-18 came to lawrence for a day of diving competition.
KU softball team looks to rebound from first conference loss
April 1, 2007
On Saturday, the KU softball team tasted conference defeat for the first time this season, but hopes to bounce back against the Bears.
Armitage homecoming wows Lied
April 1, 2007
Armitage, whose impressive credentials as an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer embrace everything from classical to brash forays as a “punk ballerina,” brought us a trio of challenging new works tethered to the deeply evocative neo-classical music of Annie Gosfield, Gyorgy Ligeti and Bela Bartok.
Fire alarm forces evacuation at Naismith Hall
April 1, 2007
Around approximately 2 a.m. this morning, Lawrence Fire and Medical responded to a fire alarm at Naismith Hall, 1800 Naismith Drive.
Get in the car and go’
Commuting affects many facets of life
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A1
Most days Mary Beth Hill pulls out of her driveway in northern Lawrence by 7:15 a.m. It usually takes her 25 minutes - through speedy Kansas Turnpike traffic - to get to her office in Topeka, the Frank Carlson Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse where she’s a jury administrator.
Easter egg hunts scheduled around area
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
Egg hunters, grab your baskets.
Sydney cuts lights to register global warming concerns
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A6
The Sydney Opera House’s gleaming white-shelled roof was darkened Saturday night along with much of the rest of Australia’s largest city, which switched off the lights to register concern about global warming.
China calls new U.S. tariffs unacceptable
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
The Chinese government on Saturday criticized a proposal by the U.S. to set new tariffs on some paper goods, saying the move goes against recent trade talks.
KU rowing canceled
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C3
Today’s regatta featuring the women’s rowing teams from Kansas University, Tulsa and Drake has been canceled due to a fast current and flooding.
No one is touting plans to continue Bush legacy
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B7
Condoleezza Rice is one. Alberto Gonzales is another, though he may be gone by the time this is published. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas might be one, too. It’s hard to think of a fourth.
Clinton has best spring training pitch
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B6
This stage of the presidential race is a lot like spring training in baseball. Names that may never be heard again, once the season begins and games really count, fill the box scores and occupy the news columns.
Dog Years’ musings should have been put on a leash
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D3
Mark Doty’s friends think he’s lost his mind: You’re taking care of a man who can’t get out of bed and you’re adopting a golden retriever? They have a point, Doty admits, but that doesn’t stop him from adding Beau, a malnourished golden retriever, to his family, which already consists of Wally, his dying partner, and Arden, a black retriever.
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D6
For Sunday, April 1, 2007:
Plan to relocate Arabs from Kirkuk endorsed
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A8
Iraq’s government has endorsed plans to relocate thousands of Arabs who were moved to Kirkuk as part of Saddam Hussein’s campaign to force ethnic Kurds out of the oil-rich city, in an effort to undo one of the former dictator’s most enduring and hated policies.
Elizabeth Edwards draws flood of friendly e-mails
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A10
Tammy Davis has not decided whom to support for president, and she never before felt compelled to write to a public official. But watching Elizabeth Edwards smile reassuringly as she described her incurable cancer touched so close to home for Davis that she sat down and wrote Edwards a lengthy, revealing e-mail.
Woods, Mickelson new Palmer, Nicklaus
Just as legends defined Masters in 1960s, Tiger, Phil swapping green jacket now
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C12
They were the two dominant figures in golf, one of them inspiring adulation from his adoring army of fans, the other evoking awe and appreciation for his sheer skill and display of power. The green jacket fit both well.
Coaching changes should sound alarm
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C2
He is the biggest name astride the whirling carousel, which each spring finds numerous coaches thrown from their horses or trading in their old nag for a new one.
Campaigns look to hybrids, flex-fuel cars to save energy
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A7
This year’s presidential candidates are trying to get good mileage out of getting good mileage.
Dice-K is mysterious rookie
Four squads have title hopes in rugged Central
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C6
Everyone is curious about Daisuke Matsuzaka, which makes perfect sense. He throws something like seven or eight pitches for strikes, and the Boston Red Sox coughed up $103 million to import him from Japan before he even set foot on a major league mound. Spiced up that ol’ Yankees-Red Sox rivalry in a hurry.
Major league capsules: National League
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C8
Capsules of National League teams, listed in order of finish last year:
Bonds on brink of milestone
Phillies poised to make run at Mets
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C6
Barry Bonds is approaching 755 homers, Craig Biggio is closing in on 3,000 hits and Tom Glavine is nearing 300 wins.
K.C. hoping bigger payroll pays off
Free-agent signee Meche is centerpiece of Royals’ revamped pitching staff
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C7
Dayton Moore took the worst pitching staff in the major leagues and did the only sensible thing.
Pump patrol
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
Patrol seeks fuel deals
Climate report maps out ‘highway to extinction’
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A6
A key element of the second major report on climate change being released Friday in Belgium is a chart that maps out the effects of global warming, most of them bad, with every degree of temperature rise.
Fouls shackle ballyhooed bigs
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C4
Ewing vs. Olajuwon this wasn’t. The most anticipated battle in decades between two of college basketball’s best big men, Ohio State’s Greg Oden and Georgetown’s Roy Hibbert, never quite materialized in Saturday night’s semifinal. Thank three guys whose names you wouldn’t - and probably shouldn’t - know.
Pritchard worked way up
Ex-Jayhawk rose rapidly to Blazers GM
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C1
Kevin Pritchard paid his dues in climbing to the top rung of professional basketball.
Web site helps find licensed contractors
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
Lawrence residents now have a new way to determine whether their home contractor or remodeler is properly licensed by the city of Lawrence.
KU welcomes notable painter to campus
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D2
Painter Johanna Jackson will come to Kansas University this month as part of the art department’s 2006-2007 Visiting Artist Series.
Few ‘Idol’ fans know man behind the music
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D2
“American Idol” fans know Paula, Simon, Randy and Ryan. But there’s a fifth star who’s rarely seen: Rickey Minor, the man behind the music.
House, governor split over repair costs
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
With time running out in the 2007 legislative session, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and House Republican leaders are far apart on how to pay for repairs at regents universities.
Five tricks for the record books
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D5
From the Museum of Hoaxes’ list of Top 100 April Fools’ Day Hoaxes of All Time at
Lawrence Datebook
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B2
April 1, 2007
Brewer UF’s reason to smile
Grinning Gator guard wills Florida to halftime lead
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C4
Before Chris Richard turned the rim into a chin-up bar, before fans in the upper deck started chanting, “It’s Great to be a Florida Gator,” even before John Wooden threw his remote control at his TV back in Los Angeles, only one Gator was smiling.
1st black West Point graduate honored
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B3
Henry O. Flipper stoically endured hate and harassment to become the first black graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, only to be drummed out of the Army after white officers accused him of embezzlement.
Flag represents spirit in devastated town
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B5
Like the Marines on Iwo Jima, residents of this tornado-devastated town began declaring victory over nature days after the storm damaged 164 homes and took one life. American flags went up on crumbling structures.
U.S., Brazilian presidents talk ethanol
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
President Bush and Brazil’s leader plotted cooperation on freer global trade and increased use of alternative fuels in talks that brought the allies together for the second time in less than a month.
Major league capsules: American League
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C9
Capsules of American League teams, listed in order of finish last year:
A glorious nothing’
National Geographic features Flint Hills, a subtle landscape often dismissed
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D1
Poll a group of average Americans about the national park they’d most like to visit, and you’re certain to get answers like Yellowstone, Glacier Bay and Yosemite - places where massive heaps of ice and stone cut dramatic jags across the sky.
Graceful moves sweep Lawrence
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
Ex-mayor and current city commissioner Mike Rundle learned how to dance “Crazy Legs,” “Sexy Mamas” and the “Prance Pop,” during a hip-hop lesson Saturday.
Bush calls for Iran to release Britons
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
President Bush on Saturday said Iran’s capture of 15 British sailors and marines was “inexcusable” and called for Iran to “give back the hostages” immediately and unconditionally.
Gallery told to shut down chocolate Jesus display
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A12
A planned Holy Week exhibition of a nude, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ was canceled Friday after Cardinal Edward Egan and other outraged Catholics complained.
April Fool’s joke gets 8th graders in trouble
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A12
Some eighth graders got an early start on April Fool’s Day when they handed out doughnuts laced with laxatives to classmates, but it was no laughing matter when five were ticketed by police.
Barbie Bandit’ charged in bank heist is released
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
One of the two young women dubbed the “Barbie Bandits” after they were accused of holding up a bank has been released on bail, authorities said Saturday.
Jayhawks can’t finish ninth-inning repeat
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C3
This time, the ninth-inning runs weren’t enough to help the Kansas University baseball team rally for victory.
Contaminant believed more deadly to cats
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A9
A greater sensitivity of cats to a chemical found in plastics and pesticides could explain why they’ve died in larger numbers than have dogs after eating contaminated pet food, experts said Saturday.
Oakland’s Loaiza, Cincy’s Milton ailing
Sosa officially named to Rangers’ 25-man opening-day roster
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C7
Esteban Loaiza and Eric Milton are struggling to stay healthy at the end of spring training. NL batting champion Freddy Sanchez hasn’t fully recovered from his knee injury, so he’s headed to the disabled list.
22-year-old found guilty in student’s murder
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B2
Twenty-year-old Christopher Edwards has been found guilty of murdering 19-year-old Jessica O’Grady.
People in the news
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A2
¢ R.E.M. to unveil tracks from new album at gigs in Ireland ¢ Snoop Dogg surprised about being denied British visa ¢ Marie Osmond, husband divorcing after 20 years ¢ Former ‘Family Ties’ child star Bonsall arrested ¢ Lennon unfazed by attention because of famous parents
Rutgers’ balance key on both ‘O’ and ‘D’
Starless Knights enjoying the ride
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C5
There’s no feisty point guard, slam-dunking virtuoso or shot-blocking giant on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.
Bello the clown pleads for little bike back
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A12
There was a $1,000 reward, a toll-free tip line and a news conference - all for a lost little bike.
FSHS baseball rolls
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C3
E.J. Swanson finished 2-for-3 with a two-run homer and Andy Petz was 2-for-3 with a double and two RBIs as the Free State High baseball team beat Springfield (Mo.) Glendale, 10-2, on Saturday to wrap up the Firebirds’ weekend trip to the Sooner State.
Rabbi not allowed to make matzos in bus
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A12
A rabbi’s school bus retrofitted into an oven to bake matzos for Passover may be out of business.
Oden out early, but Ohio State rolls
April 1, 2007
Not even three minutes into the game, and the whistle blew. Greg Oden dropped his head and started a slow walk to the bench. Two quick fouls, and he was done for the half. The turning point in the game, for sure. But not in the way anyone expected.
Long balls sink KU softball, 8-2
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C1
Rare is the day when Kassie Humphreys struggles in the circle. Saturday, however, was one of those days for Kansas University’s standout senior softball pitcher.
Dirk’s done enough
D’Antoni: Mavericks forward deserves MVP
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C10
In case we didn’t get the message the first five months of the season, Avery Johnson wants to give the lowdown on showdowns one more time.
Vacuum expertise turns 12-year-old into TV star
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A12
A 12-year-old boy who has collected more than 150 vacuum cleaners says he is learning to identify them by sound.
Iraqis find unlikely unifying force
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A8
By early Friday night, families here were hunkered around their televisions, nervously awaiting the election results that would come hours later. In the northern Iraqi town of Irbil, thousands packed into a shopping mall courtyard and stood before a massive screen, shouting for the victory of their candidate: “Shada! Shada!”
Ralliers demand release of Afghan interpreter
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
A few hundred people gathered in downtown Rome on Saturday to demand the release of an Afghan interpreter kidnapped along with an Italian reporter weeks ago.
More churches choose eco-palms
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A7
All palms are green, but some are greener than others. So say churches that are paying a little extra for “eco-palms” to use in Palm Sunday services today.
Soul Food Dinner attracts hundreds
Money raised funds high school scholarships
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B5
In past years, serving smoked brisket, fried chicken and sweet potatoes was enough to draw a large crowd to the Lawrence-Douglas County Soul Food Dinner.
Today’s capsules
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C5
¢ LSU vs. Rutgers ¢ Tennessee vs. N. Carolina
Not guilty plea entered in stolen fetus case
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B2
Kansas woman accused of killing an expectant mother and cutting the baby from her womb has pleaded not guilty to a new version of her indictment.
Artillery fire, mortar shells rain down in 3rd day of fighting
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A11
Artillery fire and mortar shells rained down on Somalia’s capital Saturday, killing and wounding untold numbers of civilians as government and Ethiopian troops tried to wipe out Islamist insurgents.
Royals fall in final tuneup
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C7
Wandy Rodriguez had his best outing of spring training on Saturday, and then the Houston Astros said the left-hander would be their fourth starter.
U.N. chief says arms smuggling from Syria could threaten cease-fire
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A11
The U.N. chief said Saturday that arms are reportedly still being smuggled over the border from Syria to Lebanon, and he urged all sides to fully comply with a United Nations resolution that ended the summer war between Hezbollah militants and Israel.
Festival option
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B6
To the editor: When the rapidly growing Burning Man Festival first moved to the Nevada desert north of Gerlock in the early 1990s, security was handled by sympathetic volunteers from local law enforcement agencies.
Car hits Greyhound bus head-on, killing 1
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
A car going the wrong way on a divided highway collided head-on with a Greyhound bus early Saturday, killing the driver of the car and injuring 20 others, police said. Panicked passengers crawled out the bus’ windows after the crash.
Lifelong initiative
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B6
To the editor: In a recent meeting with the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging, the Lawrence/Douglas County Advocacy Council on Aging was informed of the Lifelong Communities Initiative by Blanche Parks with the Kansas Department on Aging.
Making final preparations
Without vital documents, incapacity can be crisis
April 1, 2007 in print edition on E1
For years, Sandy Myers prodded her parents without result to plan for “when they got really, really old.” With her mother losing ground to Alzheimer’s and her father to Parkinson’s, she pressed harder: Let’s see a lawyer. Let’s go over your assets with an accountant. Still they didn’t budge.
Judge rules prosecution can use all DNA evidence
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B2
A judge ruled Friday in favor of prosecutors in a dispute over DNA evidence gathered in the case against an Arkansas City man accused of killing a member of a college dance team.
Cowgirls take WNIT
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C5
Not making the NCAA Tournament doesn’t feel so bad anymore.
Woman who stole $415,000 from newspaper gets probation
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B8
A former newspaper cashier convicted of stealing more than $400,000 from the company to fuel her gambling habit has been placed on five years’ probation and ordered to pay restitution.
University Theatre to stage ‘Keely and Du’
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D2
University Theatre, part of Kansas University’s theater and film department, will stage Jane Martin’s volatile drama “Keely and Du” this month.
Follow these tips to sharpen your financial IQ
April 1, 2007 in print edition on E1
Skills fade with time. You know you’re not going to become a major league ballplayer at 30 or start a career as a math genius at 40. But chances are you weren’t going to do those things anyway, so it’s no big deal.
Slime rules at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A2
Justin Timberlake gave up his burping title, but took home a trophy as favorite male singer Saturday night in a raucous, slime-drenched 20th Annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.
Standoff on Iraq hurts both Bush, Congress
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B7
The tragedy in the escalating confrontation between President Bush and the Democratic Congress over Iraq is that each has something the other needs.
Clapping complaint
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B6
To the editor: On Wednesday, I attended the concert at the Lied Center presented by the National Symphony Orchestra. It was a splendid program.
Homeless shelter’s permit extended
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
Lawrence-Douglas County planning commissioners are recommending that the Lawrence Community Shelter be allowed to operate in its downtown location for at least the next three years.
On the record
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B2
Indoor furnishings taking over outdoor space
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D8
We may look back on the summer of 2007 as the year the bed moved outdoors. Weatherproof mattresses in hardy teak, metal or woven resin frames are landing this season at major retailers across the land, ready for snoozing al fresco.
Gambling bonanza
It’s clear that Kansas lawmakers will have no trouble spending whatever revenue is produced by expanded gaming operations in the state.
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B6
Kansas legislators and the governor have lots of plans for the money they hope will be raised by state-owned gambling operations.
Try preparing pet’s food yourself
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D8
Panic. That’s been the reaction of many owners to the recalls last week of 95 pet-food brands manufactured by Canada-based Menu Foods.
Campus showcases gay pride
Events to feature panel discussion on U.S. military policy
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
The U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuality - in the news recently with controversial comments by the nation’s top general - will be the subject of a panel discussion next week on the Kansas University campus.
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D5
¢ Watch out for work friends ¢ Fun fact ¢ Couple care
Lawrence’s loss
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B6
To the editor: Journal-World readers, I hope you remember the reporting and stories in this paper about American Eagle Outfitters and their full-court-press endeavor to locate a new distribution center in Lawrence’s East Hills Business Park.
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D3
LHS in tourney final
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C3
Stef Stuever scored from the right side at the 37:10 mark of the second half, and the Lawrence High defense made it stand in a 2-1 victory Saturday night against host McPherson in the semifinals of the McPherson Invitational girls soccer tournament.
Old Home Town - 100 years ago
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B7
From the Lawrence Daily World for April 1, 1907: “Failing to obtain new wage scales, all brewery workers in St. Louis went on strike yesterday. Nobody knows how long it might last but it has gained considerable attention throughout the region.
Old Home Town - 40 years ago
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B7
The Lawrence City Commission authorized $500,000 in industrial revenue bonds to acquire land and to build and equip a building for the Lawrence Paper Co. in the Santa Fe Industrial Tract northwest of the city.
Poet’s Showcase
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D3
Acting Like a Parent - By John Clifford
ShopSmart warns about chemicals in cosmetics
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D5
ShopSmart, a new publication from the publishers of Consumer Reports, warns of hidden chemicals in cosmetics.
Emerson Quartet to visit KU
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D4
The Emerson String Quartet, winner of eight Grammy Awards, including the 2007 Grammy for Best Chamber Music Performance and proclaimed “America’s greatest quartet” by Time Magazine, will perform at 7:30 p.m. April 20 at Kansas University’s Lied Center.
Old Home Town - 25 years ago
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B7
Citing the progress of the Lawrence community over the past 25 years, law professor Martin Dickinson took over the presidency of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce. He pledged to work for the “expansion and enrichment of Lawrence’s business and industry.”
What looks like trash can become collectible
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D4
There is a saying: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Collectors understand this better than most other people. Old ads, milk bottles, worn shoes, spark plugs, barbed wire, insulators, credit cards, swizzle sticks, key-chain tags and empty boxes that once held bullets all are seriously collected by groups who have even formed clubs to trade information.
Good news and bad news about getting older
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D1
1. Mounting health risk: Alzheimer’s disease now surpasses diabetes, influenza and pneumonia as a cause of death for people age 65 and over, according to the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics.
Candy dandy for Vols
Parker has thrived in new role this year
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C5
When Tennessee played North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament a year ago, Candace Parker had to do it all, no matter that she was a redshirt freshman coming off a year lost to knee injuries.
OU’s Paris women’s player of year
Duke’s Goestenkors claims coaching honor
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C2
Duke coach Gail Goestenkors was the driving force behind the Blue Devils’ perfect regular season. Oklahoma sophomore Courtney Paris, too, showed consistent excellence.
Wicked waves crush surfer girl dream
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D1
I am standing on the beach, ready to live out my lifelong Gidget fantasy. When I was 11 years old, I had a dream. It was a flight of fancy shared by every starry-eyed, landlocked, adolescent lass in mid-‘60s America. I wanted to be a surfer girl.
Moving game to K.C. means ‘major business opportunity’ lost
Economist’s analysis confirms fears of area business owners
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A1
Moving this season’s Kansas-Missouri football game to Arrowhead Stadium will cost Kansas, Douglas County and the city of Lawrence a combined $713,000, according to an economist’s analysis commissioned by the Journal-World.
The ‘Invisible’ man
Author waits until age 96 to write first novel
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D3
Into his 90s, decimated by the loss of his beloved wife, and alone at night with the memories of a rough and sad childhood spent battling an alcoholic father and vicious anti-Semitism, Harry Bernstein decided to write.
Lawmaker asking for Gonzales’ resignation
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A3
A Republican congressman on Saturday urged Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign, citing what he said were Gonzales’ contradictory statements about his role in the firing of eight federal prosecutors.
Florida dominates rematch with UCLA
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C1
First, an instant replay. Next, a classic repeat? Florida and its in-demand coach, Billy Donovan, moved one win away from a second straight national championship Saturday night, defeating UCLA, 76-66, in a game that looked very much like the meeting between these two in last year’s Final Four.
Several coaches starting to sweat
April 1, 2007 in print edition on C10
With the NBA regular season in its final month, some head coaches are growing a little uncomfortable wondering whether they’re about to receive a phone call to meet with their team owner or general manager.
Annual Boy Scout drive boosts city’s food pantries
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B1
Cans of food clanked across the floor, boxes of Cheerios flew through the air and a bag of navy beans broke on impact, generating sounds of a percussive symphony at The Salvation Army on Saturday.
Reporter’s diary adds new clues to Earhart mystery
April 1, 2007 in print edition on A4
For nearly 18 hours, Amelia Earhart’s twin-engine Lockheed Electra drummed steadily eastward over the Pacific, and as sunrise etched a molten strip of light along the horizon, navigator Fred J. Noonan marked the time and calculated the remaining distance to Howland Island.
Shows like ‘The Office’ keep pranks in limelight
April 1, 2007 in print edition on D5
Your stapler is encased in Jell-O, your desk has been moved to the bathroom and you start receiving faxes from yourself … from the future.
Course to teach computer safety
April 1, 2007 in print edition on B2
A six-day course next month at Kansas University will teach participants how to better protect their computers and their computer networks from hackers.