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With FBI’s help, police profile suspect in killing

Tonganoxie woman was slain last year at store

May 15, 2006


With help from FBI profilers, police are putting out a description of the traits of a possible suspect in the slaying of a Tonganoxie woman last year at a Dollar General store in Bonner Springs.

The suspect in Robin Bell's death, according to the Bonner Springs Police Department, may have shown the following behavior since the killing:

¢ Having extra money on hand.

¢ Missing appointments and being absent from work.

¢ Showing an unusual amount of stress or anxiety.

¢ Disposing of a vehicle or having it detailed.

¢ Increasing alcohol or drug abuse.

Bonner Springs detectives developed that profile after traveling last month to Quantico, Va., to seek input from FBI analysts. The department is asking people to call in tips if they think someone matches that description by calling (913) 422-7800 or a "Tips" hotline, (816) 474-8477.

In some murder investigations, police deliberately put out bits of information to the public as a way to put stress on a suspect they already have in mind - but whom they don't have enough information to arrest. That's not the case here, Lt. George Collins said.

"We don't have any particular suspect in mind," he said.

Bell, 44, was found dead with severe head trauma Nov. 12 inside the Dollar General store in Bonner Springs, where she worked as a manager. A team of detectives with Kansas City's "Metro Squad" initially investigated, but it was later turned over to the Bonner Springs department.

Robin Bell's husband, Don, who had reported her missing, did not return a telephone call Friday seeking comment. In a previous interview, he said in the days after the death, police took a DNA sample from him, questioned him sharply and gave him a polygraph exam.

"They hounded me like I knew something before she was killed," he said.

He said police tried to suggest the couple were having money problems and that he had made remarks to other people about wanting to collect on life insurance. But he said if he ever made a remark like that, it wasn't serious.

"You could give me $50 million," he said. "I'd rather have her back."


Kelly Powell 11 years, 8 months ago

well the warning signs pretty much are anybody having a good/bad month.....This shows you how little they have to work with.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 11 years, 8 months ago

Their profile is a drug addict who happens to have some money on hand? I'm guessing that this "profile" won't lead them to the perp.

It's unfortunate that this wasn't released in a more timely manner. If she was killed on a Monday, and someone was acting like this on a Tuesday, then it would be advantagous to get this information on Wednesday, not half a year later. "Gee, it seems I do remember that Bob went to the car wash in November, and that he took a couple of sick days...".

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