Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

Fliers provide false information about Yellow House probe

April 14, 2006


A prank flier distributed around Lawrence is the latest twist in a police investigation of an alleged fencing operation at a local used-appliance store.

Fliers popped up around Lawrence in recent days stating that Lawrence police detectives "are conducting interviews posing as FBI Agents in their effort to pressure people into taking stolen property into the Yellow House Store."

The signs give a phone number for people to call for more information - but the number actually is for the cell phone of one of the Lawrence detectives involved in the case.

The detective, Lance Flachsbarth, said he'd been getting a lot of calls related to the flier on Thursday and that he was telling callers the information on the sign was false.

Lawrence Police Department spokeswoman Kim Murphree said it would be a crime for one of the department's officers to impersonate an FBI agent.

"There's no truth to that piece of paper," she said.

Guy Neighbors, one of the owners of Yellow House, said he didn't know who printed the fliers.

On Dec. 2, Lawrence police raided the store and Neighbors' home at 1104 Andover St. with assistance from the IRS, postal inspectors and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. At the time, Lawrence Police said it appeared to be one of the largest, most sophisticated fencing operations they'd seen.

No charges have been filed, and police say the investigation is ongoing.

"They haven't told us anything," Neighbors said. "They gave us back some of our stuff. Right now we're just waiting to see."

Last month, Neighbors and his wife, Carrie, invited the public to a party at the store as a way to thank supporters.


roadkill 12 years ago

This case is getting a little out of hand. Did the police take guns without making an inventory with serial numbers and descriptions? Has some of the evidence, such as laptop PC's been lost? Will the police give back items that have been proven to be legit? Will the police give Neighbors back his family heirloom firearms? I am very confused. Will Sarah Swain the attorney give a public statement soon or is she saving it for a trial if there is going to be a trial? Is the FBI involved in this case?

hammysammy 12 years ago

Off the topic-But can anyone recommend a GOOD family physician in Lawrence? My family and I have had bad luck in our pursuit thus far.

erotomania 12 years ago


You know everything about everything! Evil P*GS!

rousseau108 12 years ago

owning a firearm "150 miles" away would not make a burglary someone commits an aggravated burglary.

21-3716 Chapter 21.--CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS PART II.--PROHIBITED CONDUCT Article 37.--CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY 21-3716. Aggravated burglary. Aggravated burglary is knowingly and without authority entering into or remaining within any building, manufactured home, mobile home, tent or other structure, or any motor vehicle, aircraft, watercraft, railroad car or other means of conveyance of persons or property in which there is a human being, with intent to commit a felony, theft or sexual battery therein.

  Aggravated burglary is a severity level 5, person felony.

No mention of having a gun making it aggravated, and no mention of "constructive possession," whatever that is. But keep the rants coming.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 12 years ago

No charges filed says a lot. They ain't got squat on them.

dozer 12 years ago

Marion - there you go again, providing readers with false information. Must be like that so called "evidence" you have of illegal dog fighting in Lawrence.

dozer 12 years ago


Still way off base with your so called "landmark cases" there Marion. In the KY case, the firearm was "mere inches" from the felon, and was found on the seat after he had made movements which appeared he was removing something from his person.

In the OK case, the gun was in the hotel room and the guy was out in the parking lot of the hotel. He and his girlfriend were the only occupants of the room.

Trying to equate those cases with your hypothetical that the gun is 150 miles away in Salina and will constitute "constructive possession" is simply misleading.

Let me know if you actually have anything on point there Kansas Law Dog.

mutpuppy 12 years ago

The lady in the article said that "it would be a crime for the police officers to pose as FBI agents" during an investigation, but I am a customer of the Yellow House and they came to my house and said that they were the FBI. They offered me $50 to bring something into the yellow house to sell that was stolen.

The spokeswoman also said that there is "no truth in that piece of paper." My question is how does she know it's truth or not unless she follows all the police officers around and sits in on all of their conversations as they question the witnesses. All she can say for sure is that the police TOLD HER that there is no proof in that piece of paper. I guess by logical conclusion the lawrence police are liers because I know what they said to me, and it was exactly what that flyers says. Of course they are going to deny it, it's illegal...but the truth will come out, they know if they ever file charges all these people that they lied to are going to get on the stands and someone's going to get burned.

dozer 12 years ago

Marion - cutting and pasting links to cases that mention "constructive possession" doesn't bolster your argument. Do you actually read the stuff you cite, or do you just perform a search term and think that because you get a hit the case is on point.

Like most of your posts, this one also lacks any factual backing.



Linda Endicott 12 years ago

I hope you didn't go along with didn't say. Are you SURE they were even police officers? Fake badges and IDs these days can look pretty real.

Asking people to take stuff there that's supposedly stolen? That's entrapment, isn't it?

christie 12 years ago

The cops said 'At the time it appeared to be one of the largest fencing operations they have ever seen.' Yet to my amazement no charges have been filed.

The big question here is why the owners haven't slapped a lawsuit against these clowns. If it was the largest fencing operation they've ever seen then get on with it. What a joke. If the LPD would spend 1/2 amount of that time on real crime this town would be as safe as a nuns virginity.

Linda Endicott 12 years ago

I would think that if they really thought it was such a huge fencing operation, they would have totally shut them down, wouldn't you? But they didn't.

dozer 12 years ago

Insiderinfo - Do you think perhaps one of those 11 guns was used by the gunman on the grassy knoll? I'm sure the Lawrence FBI used their black helicopter to track individuals that received parking tickets, and then attempted to flip them to sell stolen property.


Thanks Dozer

hk45 12 years ago

Who said the wheels of justice move fast? I'm sure time will tell how it will all work out. I would laugh if all of you who think Yellow House did nothing wrong eats a plate full of crow when it is over.

mutpuppy 12 years ago

Dozer and Smitty, I don't understand the black helicopter thing. Are you two being racist? If so, I'd be willing to bet either you are a part of or married to someone who works for the lawrence police department. Kind of funny how this black and white couple keeps getting picked on... HK45, no one said the wheels of justice move fast, but this is a little rediculous that this "largest fencing operation" doesn't even have charges... Last time I checked, all you needed was a little bit of evidence and a reasonable suspecion to file charges...if they don't have that after 6 months of investigation, then we either need to hire smarter cops or agree that taxpayer money is being wasted here.

cowboy 12 years ago

Marion , they charged Carrie with selling weapons or some such crap for selling ornamental throwing stars , the same ones which were sold at all the habib markets in town.

bizarre 12 years ago

IF THey are the biggest fencer in the history of Lawrence, where is the warehouse? the semi-trucks? I want to know what auction site will the police be selling all the thousands of $$$ in confiscated goods on?...perhaps Ebay?

unite2revolt 12 years ago

No offense to anyone here, but couldn't it be possible that the people saying that they are FBI are really with the FBI? They basically exist to assist in criminal investigations, and even if they were be driven around by LPD, that wouldn't change the fact that they themselves were FBI.

PS I dont think anyone at Yellow House knowingly accepted stolen goods for a minute. But I could easily see how a stolen item or two could have ended up in their inventory with out them being aware that it was stolen.

oxandale 12 years ago

mutpuppy - the idea of use of black helicpopters are not a racial reference.Black helicopters are part of a conspiracy theory, especially prevalent among the US militia movement, that claims that special unmarked "black" helicopters are used by secret agents of the New World Order, United Nations troops and/or the Men in Black preparing to take control of the United States, or for other nefarious purposes.

mutpuppy 12 years ago

Smitty, sorry to insult you. To me this does look like a racial issue, based on all the history it seems that is the case and that upsets me. I would not be suprised if some of the LPD pushing this weak case are racist. Not saying that they are a part of the klan, but this is getting a little out of control.

Besides, I can't imagine a regular citizen looking at all of the stuff about this case and not being disgusted at how the LPD have handled it. They told the paper on the day of the raid that they siezed "hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen goods" Yet not one thing that they took was reported stolen. They made comments about the yellow house being the largest fencing operation in the history of lawrence before they even got the evidence back or investigated. They should not have said any of that until they did their homework. To me it looks like they are just out to make the Yellow House look bad and insiderinfo, you are right, that is known as defamation of character. Especially when you are the police department and under the public eye!

badger 12 years ago

I think OldEnuf summed it up:

No charges.

Whether or not a crime has been committed, the lack of charges indicates pretty clearly that the cops can't seem to put together any proof of wrongdoing.

That, to me, is fairly cut and dried. If they can't prove they did anything wrong, then stop harrassing them and let them get on with their lives and run their business.

yellowhouse 12 years ago

just wanted to say thanks for all the support guys!

According to: THE INTRODUCTION TO CRIME SCENE ANALYSIS--A Police training document. http://faculty,

For liability reasons, the following information should be withheld from the media: Amount of money or property loss, ....any statements impugning the character or reputation of parties involved.

Where are my rights to privacy? Where are my rights to not have my dollar amounts revealed whether they are true or untrue--nothing has been proven, Most people are considered innocent until proven guilty, In my case allogations were made without merrit, In most cases (with an ongoing investigation) the typical police comment would have been "NO COMMENT" but for me I was accused before the investigation even got started! I was even kicked off ebay (along with my family members) without a single crime even being proven! All it took was a call from our local Law enforcement. PRETTY SCARY!

yellowhouse 12 years ago

Insiderinfo, I dont appreciate your comments, I have requested journal world remove your comments.

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