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Cold October weekend of Youth Sports
Do you think the city should begin eliminating 17 business entrances on 23rd Street between Louisiana and Iowa Streets to improve traffic safety?

Poll results

Response Percent
No. The city should instead build the South Lawrence Trafficway as the solution to improving traffic problems on 23rd Street.
Yes. The city should work with business owners so that reducing access doesn’t hurt those businesses financially.
Yes. There are far too many curb cuts on that road, leading to too many accidents.
No. Businesses need to have access to 23rd Street and the city should not cut their access.
No. Safety can be improved on 23rd Street with traffic calming devices, such as islands, speed bumps or roundabouts.
Total 1068
Are you going to play sports next fall?

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Total 63

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October 26, 2005
For Wednesday, Oct. 26
October 26, 2005
Giants owner Mara dies at age 89
He shaped nearly every rule and philosophy we have in our league today’
October 26, 2005
Every NFL fan owes a huge debt to Wellington Mara, who died Tuesday at 89.
Daily ticker
October 26, 2005
Cement shortage misses Lawrence
LRM Industries president, city director say prices increasing
October 26, 2005
A growing shortage of cement hasn’t reached Lawrence, experts said Tuesday.
Lawrence datebook
October 26, 2005
On the record
October 26, 2005
Commentary: Don’t fault a policy that stresses class
NBA’s new dress code - despite protests from some players - isn’t such a bad idea
October 26, 2005
Alarmists would have you believe that the NBA’s new dress code will turn Allen Iverson into a robot.
Harrington might be history in Detroit
Lions quarterback has been benched - and could be released when season ends
October 26, 2005
Joey Harrington might have a future in the NFL. It probably won’t be in Detroit.
Gadgets, gizmos in the kitchen
Peeler Corer Slicer carves out time for applesauce
October 26, 2005
Kitchen gadgets for the sake of kitchen gadgets don’t do it for me.
Getting ‘Honest’
Josh Kelley heads into Lawrence on heels of success to promote his newest album
October 26, 2005
Josh Kelley is living the rock-star dream.
Chicago prevails in 14th
White Sox take 3-0 series lead
October 26, 2005
Ten, 11, 12, 13 innings. No one could break through.
Baseball’s lack of black players visible
Astros first Series team since 1953 with no black players on its roster
October 26, 2005
Joe Morgan worries about the face of baseball. Watching the World Series, the Hall of Famer is troubled by what he sees.