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On the street
Do you think its a good idea for the city to raise its bed tax on hotel rooms?

Poll results

Response Percent
Yes, it raises revenue without hurting residents
No, the City should pay for programs without raising taxes
No, it could hurt tourism
Yes, we need more money no matter where it comes from
Total 77

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On the record
July 28, 2003
Autism article
July 28, 2003
SAT will boot analogy questions in 2005
July 28, 2003
The SAT is to college admission …
Letter: Not concealed
July 28, 2003
Sosa moving up all-time homer list
Cubs slugger ties Williams, McCovey with No. 521 in 5-3 win against Astros
July 28, 2003
When Sammy Sosa tied Ted Williams and Willie McCovey for 12th place on the career homer list, he let his bat speak for him.
Watson wins major in playoff
Veteran claims Senior British despite bogey on 18th hole
July 28, 2003
Tom Watson credited more than his putter for his victory at the Senior British Open.
NAACP can’t get meeting with Bush
Since Harding, group has been invited to discuss issues at White House
July 28, 2003
Since the days of Warren Harding, presidents have met at the White House with leaders of the NAACP. Not President Bush — at least not yet.
Fetish nights
July 28, 2003
Ill-fated mirror
July 28, 2003
Only adaptation
July 28, 2003
Memory of flight
July 28, 2003
July 28, 2003
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