Rating: 5

somedude20 Doug's Automotive & Alignment

Doug's is a class act. I have had my chit car there 4 times in the last few years (all different reasons) and he and his crew put it back together in a timely manner and for a very fair price. I highly recommend his place. You keep my zombie car living!

Rating: 2

somedude20 23rd Street Brewery

Ho-hum at best. Over the years I have tried the place 5-7 times and each time that I order real food (steaks, pastas, burgers) I have been rather disappointed with the quailty of the food and the service. Really, if it was not for friends that use to work there I would have stopped going years ago because it really is just that bad!! Now, having said that they do a good job with foods that are hard to mess up (pizza, fries, humus, nachos, mini corndogs) and they have 2-3 killer beers (really do love the barley wine and red ale).

Rating: 2

somedude20 Burger Stand at The Casbah

I gave this place three tries wanting to sample the greatness that I have heard about and have been thoroughly disappointed each and everytime!! The burgers are a little dry and sometimes like rubber with little flavor. They have these little fries that are kind of like Steak and Shake's (not a fan of Steak and Shake either) but only worse,like a limp old greasy midget finger. The sauces seemed watered down and it way way over priced. I believe one time I had a Tank7, burger and limp fries and it was over $16.00 (that was the first time but I tried it twice more) and the service, huh, don't get me started on the service or lack there of. I am thankful that Dempsey's can fill my burger void as this place is on par with Burger King but ten times the hiss! Best of luck though!

Rating: 5

somedude20 Dempsey's Burger Pub

Best burgers in Lawrence!!!!! The burger is always juicy and cooked to perfection. The truffle fries as well as the (salty) sweet potato are amazing and the sauces, GREAT! I always forget the name of the pink spicy sauce but that is my fav. The staff is always so nice and helpful because Morgan sets the bar so high. I was meeting a special lady friend who only chomps on veggies there one night and asked an employee what would be good. They had a special of collard greens with raisins and nuts with a great sauce and he recommended it. Well, he was the head chef and was kind enough to bring out a plate of them (free of charge, thanks again) for her to try and it was very good. They have killer beer specials (all pints $3 on Wed/Sat) and the selection is great (a $3 Tank7). I have watched many-a-games there and the atmosphere there is always energetic! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!!

Rating: 4

somedude20 Zen Zero

This place is hot spit! I enjoy a number of things from their menu but I like the #33 Nepalese chicken curry the best. True, if you hit it at a super busy time the quality could suffer a bit (rice has been over cooked once or twice or a lesser amount of meat in the dish) but still a great meal for the price. Many times I have ordered and had my food brought out to me in under 4 minutes (and it was made perfectly)

Rating: 3

somedude20 Panda & Plum Garden

Pretty good food and they give you a ton of it at an affordable price. I have had their delivery about ten or more times and have not had a bad experience. They say it will take 45 minutes but they seem to have it at my door in 20

Rating: 1

somedude20 Esquina Restaurant

I did not care for this place all that much. Food was ok but light with the meat (had the steak tacos about 3 clumps of meat on each and two inches of red caddage) and the service was just dreadful. The place was not very busy but took the better part of 15 minutes for my friend and I to get tacos. I will say that I liked the salsa so if you go with someone let your friend order food and you stick with the chips and salsa

Rating: 5

somedude20 HOUSE OF CHá

Hands down the best tea shop in the L-town!! Great Service and that service boy Gary is really knowledgeable about different teas. They also do noodles but their tea rocks!!